Due to some reasons I closed down my previous blog. I really regretted closing it. Actually I deleted it. I am very upset that I no longer can read my past. At different stage of life, the way u look at things changed. Hence, it is always amusing how I can think so simple in those naive days.

I decide to do a blog. Since I do not have much friends left, I think my honesty doesn’t matter anymore. I dun need to bother how other people think of my strange thinking. I decide to separate my blog into 2. This blog shall be only about me and any other things except the love part. I have opened another blog as a record of my love. It is more of a love journey blog. I might have some love to share here from time to time.

So let’s put our hands together to welcome me, Lady Airmeli to start my blogging again. 🙂

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