Life is so vulnerable

I am really feeling very emo today. My 4th uncle passed away in an accident. I was really shocked to know that. When my mum told me in my half sleep mode, I suddenly remember my ah gong. Somehow I become very sad. It is also about this time. 4 years ago April 1st.

I have been quite close to them because my little brother used to tution there. So when he finished his tution, my mum will have a chat with my 4th autine in Mac or at the coffee near there.

My heart feel bits and pieces of pain. How come such a thing happen? He is still okay when we see him during Chinese New Year. I do not know what happened that caused this accident but it was definately a heart breaking news.

Finally… Last pile

I have finally completed my last pile, P26 for my site. I feel relieved but sad. I have to go back to office. Which I am really not that happy. I have the face my f pm. How I wish to stay site forever, despite the tough conditions and long working hours.

It has been a very fun time. I really enjoyed myself. Even though I sort of messed up my spree reputation. Well, that’s not a problem. I can built it back but it might take sometime. 🙂

Went KFC with Mr Ang today. I really think the kfc here taste very nice. I really envy them. Not like the kfc near my home. OMG!! So not fresh, did I mention that KFC now have egg tarts? I think it is really not bad but really cannot eat too much… I find it a bit 腻.

Will still be on site because I will be having meeting next week. Then will be back to office forever… I wondered if I will have increament? I am thinking of resigning… But…

Jack Neo Affairs

Well. I decided that I would like to blog something about Jack Neo also… Well, I think somehow I should have guess it when I was reading the uweekly magazine.

Anyway, somehow it did not really shocked me that much as I know being such a famous and well reputated director, of course there will surely be some butterfly hovering around him. But I am really disgust by him. How can he even think of having a 22 year old gal as her mistress? He is old enough to be her father. How can he do it with a young gal? It feels so pervert la….

When I saw the news of his 记者会,I seriously think that it is just another drama.

1st point: Why would he want his wife to face the media? It is not fair to her to face the media and lie. It Jack really love her that much, he shouldn’t have done that…

2nd point: Wrong time to bring his wife also. Since this 记者会 is to tell the reporter what happen or maybe say sorry, I think bring your wife is not suitable since reporter will surely asked her immediately.

3rd point: Ah nan. I seldom see a 记者会 with some gangster. Well, we are not having some 7th month concert why him. Portarying a wrong image that if the reporter asked the wrong question, ah nan will beat them up.

4th point: Too short. 5 min 记者会 is lack of sincerity. Dun go and say u intend to have a longer one later. If that’s the case, Jack should not stand up. Maybe mark direct Mrs Neo out.

5th point: If he wants to have his wife coming, get the gal to come too. Settle once and for more.

I think Jack is not ready for this 记者会, since that’s the case, dun open one and let the your showbiz get affected by this. Dun plan his lies well. Even though I feel disgusted by the rest of the woman coming out after the affairs is out, but I am really even disgusted by how Jack is answering the question. What prove does he want from them? I think it is at least 70% true that he dated them. Anything after that, not up to anyone to say. Since only 2 of them know the answer.

Come take a look at the press conference below:

East Coast Meeting With Collegue

Tomorrow meeting that guin guin and the rest. It’s been sometimes since I meet them… Seems like Arthur, Alan and might be going, not to forget that tp. Really missed all of them since I haven’t been seeing them for the past one week… Yohoo~!

First time lunch in

Well well well…

Quite busy but still decide to snake a while since it is my lunch time now. I am pondering to resign or not. Since there is really nothing much for me to stay. After knowing so much, I dun think I can stay. My pay still okay, to me really hoped that they raise my salary a bit. Is 2K really too much for me? Why am I still stuck with 1.95K. Haiz…

Bonus always disappoint me a bit every year. My direct boss also disappoints me. I do enjoy my time here, esp on site when there is no ppl to niam me. Nowadays I prefer to work and relaxing job. Maybe, I somehow know that I am stuck in my job. I do not have a degree, a lot of time even if I am better than those degree people. It is still useless, this is what Singapore is. A city of qualification. I know by saying that, I sound like some useless people. But I really want to find some admin job where I can work 5 days and leave on time. I want to lead a more relaxing life, maybe this job have make me realise that working too hard is useless.

I am considering resigning, this time I am serious. I need to know what I want to do. Suddenly, I lost my goal. I dun know what I want. I dunno what I want to achieve in my life. I like to do spree but I wun be doing for a time being. Since I dun want to work for the sake of work. I know I sound spoilt. I dun have burden in my life now. I have finished paying my poly school fees. I dun need to support my kids. I just give some allowance for my mum to spend only.

But seems like I dun have very high pay and I can’t further my studies too. Stuck somewhere not high not low. That’s why I dun mind doing a lower job. I dun prefer working a higher job but god is good to me. So far, my job usually is okay for me.

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