I can get you Gatsby, Gatsby~ Gatsby~

Suddenly, heard this advertisement song. It is so so so catchy. Even though this song has been around on and off since my poly times. (about 4 years) I still have the ringtone in my computer.

The new ads is actually a 2009 Gatsby ad in Japan. I simply laugh when I saw this ads, so when you use the Gatsby facial form you will be as handsome as 木村拓哉

Current Gatsby ads

Gasby Spray

Gatsby Hair Dye

Gatsby Hair Wax

GATSBY – Quick Moving Mist *NEW from Japan*

Gifts from Heaven

Guess what is the gift from heaven?

It landed onto that 1930 and tataa!!!

This bird shit just simply drop from sky. While driving on CTE. It was really one big shit that I thought it was soil from the lorry in front. It happen when my darling was driving me back after the movie “Sherk forever after”. As usual, we watched the 3D version. 3D effect is so so like other movie. Story is educational but I think this is the Sherk series worst movie. A very predictable storyline and ending.

Apparently, the story goes this way, Sherk start to wonder that his happily ever after. He grew tired of the same daily routine. He is a orgy and no one is afraid of him anymore. Hence he signed a contract with Rumpelstiltskin for a day of being an orgy but little did he know that it is a plot that will cause far far away to be under Rumpelstiltskin (witch) and Fiona was not saved by Sherk. She become a warrior that intend to overthrow Rumpelstiltskin.

Ending is of course happily ever after. Very typical children cartoon ending. But was done is quite a good manner.

The moral of the movie is to treasure while u still can and be contented of what you have.

Shrek Forever After’ Trailer

The Nature View from site.

Just back from my short trip to my darling’s place. Still in holiday mood. I am clever to get additional leave even though there is no need for me to do this. I think the more I stay in this site, the more I need a break. (Have a kit kat)

Even though that guy really sucks. But there is also pretty things in a bad place.

Due to my protection to my work site. I decided not to name where am I working but most probably from photo, you might know where already.

Pretty right these nature works, make my mood slightly better. 🙂


I am quite suprise to actually see 林志玲 and 木村拓哉. Best of all they are acting as couple. OMG!~ Feels a bit strange. But I think 木村拓哉’s fans will be very jealous of 志玲姐姐.

I only watched the first episode, I think 林志玲 acting is still the same. I can see that she put in a lot of effort, but acting inner feeling of pain. She is still not that good. There is one scene that she have to fight with some gangster,  I think it was a disaster for her. Not only she was screaming like some low class auntie, I think her crying face is also terrible.

It is actually 10 years 木村拓哉 acted love story drama. The last love story drama he acted was “Beautiful Life” and 2 years since he acted 「CHANGE」. From young, I always wondered how long can 木村拓哉 be so popular. I think his times are going to be over. Based on statistic, the first episode of 月の恋人 rating it was 22.4% but 2nd epiode was only 19.2%. This is lower than 20% which was 木村拓哉 average viewship.

In addition, there is a kiss scene of 60 seconds whereby 林志玲 and 木村拓哉 will be kissing. This scene angered a lot of 木村拓哉’s fans. The previous love scene is actually in Engine (2005) and with 小雪. That was his first scene kiss and after 5 years he choose to kiss 林志玲. From here, we can actually see how much effort he put into this scene.

I will try to finish watching this drama since I really want to see if 林志玲 will progress in her acting. Of course, I want to see the STAR, 木村拓哉.

木村拓哉 is taller than 林志玲, can you believe it?

Learning from work

Yup. I am becoming more and more like 小人. I guess my parents did not teach me the right way. But making me so honest, so morally upright but I can’t survive in this evil working place. That asshole did a bad thing yesterday. He is really like some auntie, when it is making a mistake, it will push the blame to innocent others like me.

He did a bad thing yesterday, he stop our casting works. Causing us to waste S$2K on concrete just because he don’t want to let us cast. Why did I say so? First time, I told him this is a CBP taking lateral load and they is really not need worry even if it is a soft toe. Then he say he call the consultant Dr H, then apparently this Dr H told him to maintain 40m, he refuse to let us cast. Since we are doing dry bore and the water table is high, there is no way the bolehole can wait for him. My issue with him is why do he have to be like this. I know he is just a technical officer but I think he is just trying to be funny with me only.

I am still doing casting my pile now. I decided to treat my site staff despite the fact I am very empty now. Hope from then on it is peace at site.
My first treat to site staff

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