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    Cozycot Workshop: A Beautiful ME (brought to you by Panasonic, Majolica Majorca & Shiseido Professional)

    Registration details:

    – $10 registration fee
    – Receive a Beauty Bag worth $60


    Venue: Wisma Atria Indoor Atrium, Level 1

    15th May 2010 (Saturday) **FULLY BOOKED**
    – Session 1: 1.30pm to 3.30pm
    – Session 2: 4.00pm to 6.00pm

    16th May 2010 (Sunday)**FULLY BOOKED**
    – Session 1: 10.30am to 12.30pm
    – Session 2: 1.30pm to 3.30pm ** I WENT FOR THIS SESSION!!
    – Session 3: 4.00pm to 6.00pm

    I went to this cozycot workshop since I think it is time for me to know more about makeup and learn how to make myself look better. Due to my job, I do not need to dress myself up. I can always nua to work. My typical working outfit will be T shirt/polo + Jeans. No skirt no shirt. The only day I dressed up is Sunday and my bf also same as me. We don’t dressed up unless we have some event or function. Since it is only S$10, I told myself why not?

    Reached there early, I end up becoming the model for the hair demo since my hair is mid long and straight. Yup, this is my first time doing curves hair. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of me with the nice hair. After the 1 hour of hair curving, I did not manage to try since I find it wasteful to redo the curves that is done by the hair stylish. I do feel funny since it feels like my hair are all entangle together. 🙂

    The later part of the workshop is done by Majolica Majorca. They introduced their latest chapter “She was a doll”

    Products used:

    Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On @ $25.90
    Has an innovative double comb that transforms your lashes into ultra-thick lashes! Two types of combs allows you to control the desired thickness of lashes. Together with the new advanced mascara liquid formulated with thick short jet black fibers, volume fix wax, volume up poweder and waterproof polymer giving you full and defined lashes of maximum volume and smudge resistant.

    Lash Bone Black Fiber In @ $24.50
    Mascara base to be used before any mascara application to enhance the lashes. This new jet-back fiber formula is a semi-transparent liquid that coats each lash for more thickness, length and fullness.

    Jeweling Eyes in BL711 & BL722 @ $27.50
    Translucent pearls of diverse sizes, glitters from every angle. Eyes shimmer and glimmer like jewels with the new pastel eyeshadow colors.

    Skin Lingerie Pore Cover @ $20.90
    A makeup base that thoroughly covers pores for porcelain doll-like skin.
    Conceals skin’s imperfections such as pimple scars and redness with its pearlescent effect.
    Achieve the effect of flawless skin like a porcelain doll.

    The makeup base’s secret to creating porcelain doll skin…
    1) Shine-catch Powder absorbs shine.
    2) Putty Silicon Powder evens out skin surface instantly
    3) Lustrous pearlescent conceals redness and gives skin a beautiful glow

    I will be getting this chapter in the upcoming month. Currently running low in money. 🙂 I like the effect is has to my eyes. I tried BL722 (A doll’s stumble) on my eyes due to my tan skin tone. If you are fair, you can use BL 711 (A doll’s Blink).

    In addition, the ZA toner and lotion that they use is great not oily and sticky. It is very water based and suitable for my oily oily face. I strongly introduced this White ZA series.

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    IPL Hair Removal

    Finally I decided to go for permanent hair removal after some research at cozycot forum.

    Bing and I signed up yesterday. It was a very last min event that we decide to try. I called about lunch time yesterday and I called for an appointment. We make an appointment at 7pm because there is customer in front of us.

    Bing and I wear casually so felt a bit out of place since Raffles Place is filled with office lady. I came down from my site so I was like wearing my safety boots.

    Then our consultant, Nikki, gave us a form to fill in with some question on out health and life style. After the form feeling, a nice hot tea is serve. The tea is very nice.

    Then she gave us a consultation talk as to what to expect later for the skin check and let us know hair growth cycle, hair structure, pre-treatment instructions and the hair-removing process. I am really a noob. She further informed me that I might need more time to see results due to my irregular mense and my exposure to sun.

    Then I was sent to a room. Initially was a bit worry and embarrassed to let other see my armpit since I never exposed my armpit after hair start growing. (It was then I stop going swimming and wear sleeveless). Then the therapist asked me to change into their clothing (Towel wrap) Then asked to to lie down on the bed.

    Then asked about my feeling and assure me that it is not that scary and painful. She try 2 pluses of light on me. First try no pain and feeling at all. Second try not pain but have some small feeling like rubber band shooting on your arm pit from a distance. I do not have any red red so I am alright to do the IPL.

    Then she asked if I want to continue or not. Wear goggle to protect my eyes.Then she shave my hair, apply cooling gel. Then ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP….

    Then Tatada~~~ The next side… Then asked me to press a cooling pad under my arms. Then apply the cooling lotion again…

    I was surprise then it is so fast. From consultation to the IPL treatment take about 1 hour only.

    The whole process not painful as all. Just at times I will frighten myself at times because even covering the eyes I can still see the flash light.

    I will update after 6 – 8 weeks later after the next treatment. I do not experience and red or pain or any itchy.

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