Sickening Feeling

I am feeling sick again. I got that kind of sick feeling. I think I caught a flu and I am not feeling so well these few days. I wonder is it menses is coming again. It has been quite long since my mense came. Don’t even think that I am pregnant okay!?!

My throat have been like this for a few days, seems like the sick feeling come and go. Lucky my bf bring me go and eat the frog leg porridge. I did feel much better now. I must go gym tomorrow.

Trying Hard

Nowadays I discover that actually I am quite stubborn at times. I really don’t want to overwrite other people’s rights but I think some way that they do does not seems to be right. Just because it is troublesome now, they chose the easy way out and this easy way out will cause a lot more problems. I really don’t understand. But I choose to respect since he is experience enough for me to trust that he is doing the right thing.

I slowly know that actually I don’t like to work in my company because there are some issue here and there. I was in my cozy office and I hate it for doing the same thing over and over again. However, man to man issue and politics is obvious on site. I left my holy office and land myself in this mortal site, I do learn more but I start to think I am too kind that’s why everyone take advantage of me.

At least I am trying very hard to be a good engineer but I can’t pleased everyone. I just hope my work is smooth and no more funny site for me…

Aqualabel in Singapore

I saw this brand in Taiwan magazine and even bought one of the items 2 years ago. If I am not wrong, I bought the White Up Liquid Foundation. Have to dig out this bottle one of these days. I am very excited seeing news that it will be in Singapore. I did not really think it will be coming at all. Since I thought bringing DHC is consider a blessing to me even thought it is much more expensive than in China and Taiwan.

Anyway, it is sold exclusive at Watson. Below is the price list of the Aqualabel.

Aqualabel White Range (Blue Colour)

  • Deep Clear Deep Clear Oil Cleansing S$18.50
  • White Clear Foam S$16.90
  • White Up Lotion S$26.90
  • White Up Emulsion S$29.90
  • White Up Cream S$31.50

Special Care

  • Reset White Mask S$24.90
  • Bright White Ex Essence S$35.50
  • Aqua Enhancer WT S$26.90

Sun Protection

  • White Protect Milk UV SPF30 PA++ S$26.90
  • Perfect Protect Milk UV SPF50 PA+++ S$28.90

Makeup Base

  • White Up Base SPF25 PA+ S$24.90

Base Makeup

  • White Up Liquid Foundation SPF25 PA+ S$25.50
  • White Up Compact Foundation SPF23 PA++ S$28.50

Aqualabel Moist Range (Red Colour)

  • Creamy Oil Cleansing S$17.50
  • Milky Mousse Foam S$15.90
  • Moisture Lotion S$24.90
  • Moisture Emulsion S$27.90
  • Moisture Cream S$29.50
  • Moist Aqua Enhancer MO S$24.90
  • Moist Net Essence S$29.90
  • Moist Charge Mask S$22.90
  • Moist Protect Milk UV S$24.90
  • Moist Coat Essence S$27.90

Aqualabel White AC (Turquoise Colour)

  • White AC Lotion S$26.90
  • White AC Emulsion S$29.90
  • White AC Essence S$29.90

Nothing better to do.

Well… I really hate to complaint and make my blog filled with hatred smell… But I really don’t know why sometimes people are so fucked up but can be at such a high place. Today I am complaining on that client officer and my business director. Those that know who I am and where I am working will know who I am referring to.

Lets start with the client officer first.

Put things in a harsh way, he is just working for client like I do. No doubt all inspection will be confirmed by him. But ya… I do have the qualification that you have too and so do the rest of the 3000 + Singaporeans. But he is really a problematic fellow who thinks he is very good. I know I must respect you but sometimes I find it hard to talk to you. How come you got so many WHY?!? Best of all, he dun accept your explanation!! Always like to pick on things here and there.

Same goes my business director, I know he is very thrifty but sometimes I think money for entertainment cannot be save. He also think I nothing better to do, still want me do that irritating updating. It is really a waste of my time and not user friendly at all. But what can I do if the bosses wants it?

Where have my money went to?

I really dun know why I got increment but my money seems to disappeared. I think I must have buy too much online things. But then I did not spend a lot, maybe my daily spending is a lot already so..

No choice lor… What to do? ~ Borrow money from kk again.

But I think I must control my spending and clear my stock first. Hope to get back at least S$400 from the stock. No sure if I can or not. Now so packed with things to do. Working life is like shit to me. That MC is one big shit!! But I really dunno what is wrong with him. He wants money, beer or woman? We can all satisfied him but then he dun say a thing and keep on delaying and make small fuss here and there.

I think I must transfer my money back to the respective account and maintain their minimum S$500 which might take me 3 months to do so. I heard my boss is going to have another round of increment. Will I be part of it?

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