I was facebook-ing when I saw a small group at the corner. See Below:

I was surprise what happen and who is this 周玉蔻? What got a group who want to ban her. I then google about it and saw some news about her. 周玉蔻 is some media plus political character in Taiwan.


Then she come out and create a fuss saying the other competetor in the election asked her not to join the election. If she dun join, they will exchange with her 3 terms.


And please, at the end of the election, she only got like 3,372 tickets which is the lowest. Why?

Even if she happen to be part of Singapore election, I will also not vote for her. Politic is always very ugly and dark. Even if people do this, you can reject and used other ways to win. Instead of back-stabbing your competitor and thinking that people will support you because you are the victim. I think she is too stupid for a political character. I personally think she is rash too.

Okay, back to 黑人’s incident. Yar… Like her rash character she commented that 黑人 was earning profit of the T shirt from his so call charity. A shirt which is NT580, he only donated NT100. I actually knew this shirt and I also like the design.

Nice right? Why must this lady be so petty. I was actually thinking so what if 黑人 is trying to earn? I mean at times when people do business, more or less need to earn. What matters is they have the heart to do charity. Like what she say can have tax rebate, he can just secretly donate it to the charity. Why do he have to do such a thing and let her criticize? He wanted to bring awareness. He knows by bring awareness, then the effect is better than him donating his salary.

Video that 小S VS 周玉蔻

I find 周玉蔻 very offensive against 小S. Especially she asked her to take back 小S’s words by saying that you are a mother, please take back. I feel so sad for your kids. I am really stunned by her words. She is not only rash but also selfish. She can’t stand people better than her. No doubt I also think 小S a bit KPO. But I think sometimes buddy will support each other. Hence, I think 小S action is alright in a big extend. But her action is surely very degrading for her.

黑人 clarifying the matter

I feel so heart pain seeing this video. 黑人 really did not think so much yet there is evil people like 周玉蔻 around to think that what he did is wrong which I dun really see the wrong. Even if he is wrong, at least he tired to do some charity. What about her? Nothing. Her life is full of criticism and I feel sad for her. Highly graduate but a hollow spirit.

Lucky still have friends support in the entertainment business:

Other than 小S, Jolin support

Please spare him

Outstanding things to do

Let’s see due to the unforeseen situation that happen to my bf. I went to his hometown for the past 2 weeks.

To do list:

  1. Review to Essential Nourishing Care Lotion (Orange)
  2. Watch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  3. Review on some other beauty products from cozycot
  4. Try out my company dry tech shirt if it is too small for me
  5. Go and see the HDB layout for the new Pungo housing

The most important thing is to finish the first 2.

Anyway, yesterday night went to see my granny at the hospital. She went for a operation at the new Yishun Hospital. The same one as my brother. I think her leg must have hurt so much that she rather go hospital then to take medicine. Actually old people dislike going hospital but I think my granny is doing fine. I went to ask her how is she feeling. She say okay. So let’s hope that she can get discharge soon.

Busy day

I am so pissed with the client MC. I forgot about blogging this. I was actually thinking how to do the beam design for the piles after the meeting with the builder and Client Rep. The builder sucks and like to push the blame to us. Anyway, I was thinking to go back office or not when I suddenly think that I still have to take my complementary ticket from Nuaffang. (*Special Thanks to them*)

I did a lot of think on Tuesday. I went to collect my tickets, then went to cozycot shop @ Orchard Central to get the daily free sample, I went to accompany my brother to the Starhub Centre next to cuppage plaza and then meet pei wen to discuss the layout of the new HDB. I shall not blog it out till I got my flats of the details. 😛

Apparently, pei wen went to take some feng shui course. I think I know some basic ones too since I got a mum who will ask me to watch some feng shui show. I think it is good to use and avoid some taboo, no doubt there is not really some reasons to certain concept but I think if can follow, why not?

That’s all for the add on. Lalala~


From time to time, this tired title will appear in my blog. I hate to fill my blog with my complain of my life and how bad is it. I know I should have leave my job but till date still stuck in the damn job. I like some ppl, who are fun and easy going. I really hate myself for having have to smile to people that I don’t like and act friendly with him.

At the end of the day, he just complain to my ex colleague and say my company sucks, talking to us is a waste of time, worst than talking to the wall…


I am not one who like to scold vulgarity but I think you deserve it. I really don’t understand why people like you exist and still living high up. Yar. I think this month I better lie low. I am really feeling things aren’t going smooth on me. But I hope this MC can leave this site. I heard he is going and sincerity wish he could go off ASAP.

I know I still have one very very urgent proposal to do. I need to submit it early tomorrow morning. Haiz… I go sleep liao… Tomorrow go office earlier.

I am back

Yup. I went to Malaysia and I am back now. Really is very tiring travelling. I wonder how johor people can travel to and fro daily. Anyway, I was almost stuck at the customs. I am very scared at the point of time. Can you imagine that damn customs officer asked me to write kk’s house address? I was like omg!! I really don’t know. I hesitate for a while before writing telling the officer, I don’t know the address. He give me the what the hell look and I tell him, I only know that I will be staying at Taiping. Actually to be exact, kk is staying at Kuala Sepatang. But don’t asked me where exactly.

The rest part I am quite tense up since I am a deep sleeper and I can just sleep the whole journey. That’s why I tell myself not to sleep too deep must wake up from time to time. I finally see kk. I really do miss him. Then I continue my sleep at his house. His mum did not wake up this time. I personally don’t have the habit to flip people’s stuff so I sleep without the blanket.

Morning was a chicken rice day. His dad sell Chicken rice. I must say one of the best. (I swear it is nice, not because he is my future father in law) Then afternoon was watching Astro TV and PSP-ing. I really like slacking at his home. Because there is nice food there too and people are very warm hearted and straightforward.

kk’s dog finally bit one of his relative. I got bitten but not hard, this time this uncle got bitten by 2 holes and kk’s mum and grandfather use a cane and hit that naughty dog. But his dog damn clever know hide la…

Then we go pray pray and burn burn…

Then have our dinner at his home and proof go back home again…

Tiring but I dun mind. I really wish my bf can recover faster. The good news is we get to ballot our HDB soon. It will be at Punggol Emerald and Punggol Waves, I do get a balloting chance for Floral Spring @ Yishun too. My numbering wise not so good.

Now feeling very sick maybe not sleeping for 2 nights. That’s all. This time did not take any picture because phone out of battery.

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