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    S$7+ Japanese cup noodle

    This is my first S$7+ noodle from Singapore. My usual cup noodle is those S$1 whereby I eat at times when I don’t know what to eat. But then few months back, Ang and me went to the cold storage near my site. We are like storing our winter supplies. I got sick of eating chicken rice and mix-veg rice so I bought some cup noodle to stock up.

    It was then I tell Ang that I got one S$4 Japanese cup noodle that I love because of the sweet tofu inside. Then we walk passed another cup noodle. Thinking that the most it will be S$5. We just take a put in the basket. We went to check out and to our shocking it cost S$7 plus. Shocking right!!

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    NEW Olay White Radiance Range

    I just saw from Haru aka Iris and Mag that Olay is also going to release the 2 new range (Regenerist and White Radiance Cellucent) in Singapore. I am so jealous that they are invited to the press event. I really do wanted to try it too. But today, my main forcus will be only introducing the Olay White Radiance as I am not too sure about Olay Regenerist yet.

    Let me just write more about this range that I see from 女人我最大. As explained by Niuer that the reasons why our skin cannot be perfectly white is because our brains create a kind of hormones call the MSH (melanocyte-stimulating hormones). This MSH is able to induce black colouring and creates black patches on your skin. This MSH is actually produced when we are stressed or during pregnancy and also during menopause. This range actually stop this MSH from even producing and form of black colouring.

    女人我最大 2010-07-06 美白從根本做起 讓妳白皙一輩子! (pt.1/5)

    女人我最大 2010-07-06 美白從根本做起 讓妳白皙一輩子! (pt.2/5)

    Olay White Radiance CelLucent™ White Essence (S$59.90/40 ml) is an essence that contains Containing high concentrations of Sepiwhite (acyl aniline), Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), glycosylated hesperidin and vitamin C glucoside and other precious white components. The texture of this essence is actually a combination of a serum and a lotion. This Essence is easy to apply and it absorbs in the skin quickly.

    Containing high concentrations of Sepiwhite (acyl aniline), Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), orange peel polyphenol, squalane, amino acids, and vitamin C glycosidic whitening components. It not only can whiten your skin, it can also providing ultra long-lasting moisturizing effect. After each using for a of period of time, your skin will will be moisturizing like never before.

    But i find it a bit over priced in Singapore. It is only sold at NT$890/40ml for Olay White Radiance CelLucent™ White Essence and NT$759/50ml for Olay White Radiance CelLucent™ White Cream. Since Olay is supposed to by a open range that is easily available in leading pharmacies and supermarkets. This will definitely be the considering factor for me to purchase this range.

    Advertisement Video endorsed by周迅

    PS: I am not paid to write on this. I just saw it from online and is really very interested to try it. Since I am a avid fan of 女人我最大 and Taiwan beauty products.

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    Jill Stuart New Items (September 2010)

    Jill Stuart is going to launch new items next month. If you are Jill Girl (Jill members), you can actually preorder slightly earlier on the dates as shown below:

    Hong Kong: 27th August 2010
    Taiwan: 20th August 2010 and collect it on 7th September 2010

    I am not too sure for Taiwan side offer but if you purchase from Hong Kong and exceed the amount of HK$590, you are entitle a 10ml pure lasting makeup base. The makeup base is good. I have tried it before, it creates a natural shimmery glow in your face.

    New Product includes:
    JILL STUART loose powder N (20g)

    A loose powder that feels exquisite, spreads easily and brings you the softest, purest skin.
    3 colors (HK$330/TWD1,350)

    JILL STUART pressed powder N
    A pressed powder that spreads at the slightest touch and brings you the most lustrous, purest skin.
    Total: HK$370/TWD 1530
    Consist of:
    3 Color Refills: HK$260/ TWD1050 each
    Compact Case: HK$110/ TWD 480

    JILL STUART face powder brush
    In 100% natural goat hair.A face brush that is unbelievably soft on your skin.

    Hong Kong (English): http://hk.jillstuart-beauty.com/news_hk/
    Taiwan (Chinese): http://jillstuart-beauty.com.tw/mt/news_tw/

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    Beauty Event this weekend!!

    All babes do take note of some major events going on this weekend:

    Fall collection is already on sale at Takashimaya! OG Orchard will also be having 10%+10% discount on this Thursday but only for cardmembers.

    Paul & Joe
    Latest fall makeup collection will be released this Friday. There is an event at Isetan Scotts this Saturday.

    Luxasia warehouse sale

    It will be 26th August 2010 to 28th August 2010. Timing will be 11am to 8pm for 26 and 27 August (Thur/Fri), and 11am to 6pm for 28 August (Sat). The office address is 12 Tai Seng Street, Luxasia Building Level 6, with access through the cargo lifts. The nearest MRT station is Tai Seng on the Circle Line.

    Why must I go?
    Do note that Luxasia is actually the distributer for following brands:

    1. Stila
    2. Ipsa
    3. RMK
    4. Guerlain
    5. Jurlique
    6. etc

    Perfume brands

    1. J Lo
    2. Sarah Jessica Parker
    3. Vera Wang
    4. Lanvin
    5. Annick Goutal
    6. Bulgari
    7. Calvin Klein
    8. Britney Spears
    9. etc

    Hence this warehouse sale is a must go event in your list.

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    Japanese Handphone like Toner/essence Spray

    I want to introduce this strange thing that is sold in Japan only. That’s the sad thing. I find it too expensive for me to buy to Singapore. Morever, it does not cost so cheap in Japan too.

    I first saw this item actually from Kelvin’s blog. (Kelvin from nv ren wo zui da). Not much info on this product was written. I recently saw an article online and decided to share with everyone again. This is actually a toner/essence spray. In case u don’t know how it works. You need to put in 4 AAA Battery and the toner/essence. Then when you slide it open, you will still need to wait for 30 seconds. It does not spray immediately when you slide open.

    This is a perfect thing for high tech and modern ladies who wants to keep their skin moisture. This spray is good because it creates a nano that can penetrate normal foundation.

    The disadvantage of this thing is try to avoid places that is wind and air conditioning.

    The set cost ¥ 18,900. It also include 4 AAA alkaline batteries and 1 50 mL essence. It is available in Pearl White, Shinny Pink and Champagne Gold. You can also buy the 50 mL refill ¥ 2,480.

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