Win Fabulous worth of Talika Products!

I have a fabalous afternoon with CozyCot team and ion-spa at CHIJMES for the Talika Bloggers Event last Saturday! However, the goodies aren’t just limited to the us. CozyCot team together with ion-spa have prepared Talika products as shown below!

1. Lucky voter of winning plaque ($260)
– The Spa-Lon Sparkling Eye Treatment
– $100 The Spa-Lon Facial/Body Treatment

In order to stand a chance to win the goodies, all you need to do:

1. Join CozyCot at
2. Go to our album.
3. Just click “like” to vote for us.

What are you waiting for? Quick start voting now!

2. Blogger with the most comments ($360)
– Talika Unique Eye Ritual
– $150 The Spa-Lon Facial/Body Voucher

I will be posting the journal this few days. I have been religiously using this eyelashes tonic and really hope that it work. I hope that you will just comment if I have taken a good shot and I will try to answer all the questions if possible. I really do hope I get more comments on the things I blog even if it is not for Talika post entry.

3. Lucky reader of winning blogger ($120)
– Talika Eye Detox Treatment
– $50 The Spa-Lon Facial/Body Treatment

I believe you need to read and comment in order to fulfill this part. So if I happen to win, you will stand a chance to win too. 🙂

Hosting Problem

I wonder anyone is like saving my website in their favorite but I am really very upset this few days. My website have been block because I am getting popular! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ Okay, I must be humble ar. I am not becoming popular but I am very cheapskate to buy a beginner hosting with limited traffic. Nowadays I am getting more and more people viewing my blog which I am very happy. But of course more traffic brings problem to by beginner hosting.

I will be upgrading it soon. But in the meantime, more or less the website will be up and down again and again.

[Cozycot Event] Talika Beauty Talk

Firstly before I start posting anything, I would like to thank cozycot for allowing me to attend the workshop at CHIJMES. I did not managed to find even one friend to accompany me. Anyway, I really have fun there and learn more about eyeslashes as well as some beauty tips on taking care of my eyes and reasons that cause panda eyes.

The talk is divided into 2 parts. First part is a small introduction of their star product, Lipocils Eyelash Treatment Gel 10ml (Retail Price: S$89).

About Talika
Since its creation in 1948 by a young woman Doctor, named Danielle Roches, develops an anti-bacterial cream made of plant extracts and used to cure people suffering from face and eyes burns due to war casualties in Parisian hospital. She noticed that the product not only helps in healing the wound, it also have a excellent effect on eye lash growth

History of them

If you can’t read them, below are the details from the photo:
1948: Discovery of eyelash growth cream by Dr Danielle Roches.
1994: Acquisition of the company by Alexis de Brosses
1998: Launch of Lipocils

It was also used by a lot of star, like 大S, 張曼玉, …

In order to boose our confident, they are clinically proven results from a team of specialize dermatologist at Salpertriere Hospital in Paris. In addition, currently there is no reported side effect of continued use of the product.

Talika provide very specialize treatment to specific area like eyes, face, hands and feet.

Concept of Talika

1. Specificity
– Natural formulation.
– 28 days treatment.
– Specific targeted treatments.

2. Efficacy
– Clinically proven results by a team of dermatologists at the Salpetrière Hospital in Paris.

3. Originality
– Unique niche in the market.
– Uncompetitive products.
– Innovative protocols and formulas.
– Ingenious and attractive packaging.

4. Treatment
– Every product from the line is dedicated to treatment.

5. Nature
– Like the original cream created by Danielle Roches, the whole Talika range is made of natural ingredients.

How to use it?
Apply on your lashes twice a day. (day and night)

Eyecare Tips
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5 – For busy and lazy ladies

Some of the other products of Talika on the shelves

After the talk there is s small break and cozycot provide some snacks and refreshment.

During the break, I have a small chat with Shekin. She also came to this talk alone. So we chat about some beauty stuff and also some cozycot thing. Later, Carnellin join in our conversation too.

After the short break, cozycot crew arranged a small DIY session where we decorate this plaque.

This is really nice of them, so that we can not only attend talks and receive some facts and information. We can also have know each other more and have fun. We are then divide into groups of 4. When I know more about the other ladies that is also attending the talks.

Photo of us (Group 1)

Our own DIY masterpiece

Before we leave, we took a group photo of everyone participating. It was a interesting and fun workshop. I really hope I will get invited more often!!

No doubt I find the speaker, Lena, a bit nervous. She still did a very good job in introducing this star product to us. The updates on the eye lashes trial will be update later.

This event is brought to you lovingly by

Kinokuniya Magazine Haul (September 2010)

I spend my last drop of money yesterday. I bought like S$180+ of things from Kinokuniya and regret a bit. I should have bought them online. 🙁

Anyway, I bought all the magazine I bought is Japanese ones. Taiwan ones I shall buy at Malaysia.
1. Mercury Duo Brand Magazine (Retail Price: S$28.70)

After thoughts: The first look at this bag is quite disappointing since this is my first time buying Mercury Duo Brand Magazine. However, after several looks, it seems to be one of the best looking ones. In addition, I love their clothing matching. Seems like I fall in love with this brand.

2. Vivi November 2010

After thoughts: I regreted buying this one. The fur pouch doesn’t seems nice. But the good thing is that it is soft. Basically too small for my usage. But it can be used for dinner whereby you just need to bring your lipstick and handphone.

3. Cecil McBee Autumn and winter

Black Fur side

Leopard side

After thought: This flur is tougher than the fur pouch from Vivi. But the good thing is both side of the bag can be used. You do not need to worry the fur if u think after winter, fur might be out of fashion. The clothing are nice. Cecil Mcbee items are my all time favourite, I really like them as they are feminine and classy.

4. Spring November 2010 (Retail Price: S$17.50)

The magazine with the free gift beside

The bag with the magazine inside

The rubber shoes “SWATI” Keychain

After thought: The bag is very nice. Much better that those fur bags but the only disadvantage is it is doesn’t really fit the magazine size that well. If you see in my photos, I have tried my best to fit the magazine in but still part of it sticking out. The texture is also great. It is made of cotton and polyester. But I do not like the rubbery handle. They could make it slightly better.

5. Jill Stuart 世界中が We Love Jill (Retail Price: S$31.00)

Front Page

The makeup pouch (Front)

brand name in silver glitter

Cute Silver Ribbon

Snapshot of the insides

The makeup pouch (Back)

After thought: I myself find this Mook to be too expensive. But then I do not have extra time to buy for bing as her birthday present. The surface is not like the previous satin ones. I thought it would be of the same material so I was a bit disappointed. Moreover, last year’s free gift other than a pouch, there is also a mirror. This time round only a small silver ribbon was given. I prefer the last year pouch to this one.

Talika’s very first bloggers event

Ladies and gentleman, I am really very very happy that nowadays, I am getting more and more invitation to movie and beauty events. I am one of the blogger who is invited by cozycot to Talika’s very first bloggers event.

** Terms & Conditions (rather, what we hope you can do)
1. Commit to participate in CozyCot’s Facebook contest where you are to encourage your readers
to be fans of CozyCot’s Facebook in order to vote for the winning activity showcase at the event.
A prize worth $260 will be awarded to one lucky voter.
2. Commit to partipate in the 28-day efficacy test and journal the process, in which a grand
prize worth $360 will be awarded to the winning blogger who garners the most comments in
the challenge period.A lucky reader of her blog will also win a prize worth $160.
3. Required to include “Brought to you lovingly by” at the end of each blog post.

PS: There is a mistake in the dates, I am checking it now. Will update later. But if it is Sunday, I might not be able to go. Since I might be going to F1 this weekend. T^T

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