[Advertorial] Kose Skincare Event – 25th to 31st October 2010

It all started when Kose post a post on their facebook page to ask for a model for their event for 30th and 31st October 2010. Actually come to think of it, I also wonder how did I have the courage to say I want to go. My face is in a disaster now since I have bought a set of Mentholatum acnes 3 step sample kit after I finished my Kose and DHC range. I can confirm this range of product is harmful to your acne skin because both my brother and me is using it now.

I shall blog about this later.

Anyway, I was second in the posting for wanting to be their model. They still decided to give me a chance. I was so excited that I forgot that I have the Vichy skin checks on Sunday. Hence, I decided to be honest with them and tell them I can’t make it. I sms Celest and she told me its okay but I must come on Saturday to get the ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS goodie bag. I was so so so happy that I tell my mum to go and take pictures for me to blog about this event.

Celest with Pei Fen (DJ of YES 93.3)

I was late on time for the event but actually I was late for time they given me. I am really really sorry, I guess no matter saying sorry how many times, I think I couldn’t forgive myself for being late. Jermaine was the first on stage using the white mask.

Jermaine in the Kose mask white

The ladies invited to try the mask white

The important steps in this mask white is to fan it dry!~

Pei Fen giving gifts for the lady who answered the right answer

I waited behind the stage and waiting for Kose staff to prepare my nude skin. I am actually quite alright in showing my nude skin but then while waiting behind, I got nervous.

Decided to take a camwhore to ease my nervous-ness

Finally, I am on stage. Sometimes it is a good thing that I have serious short sighted. I can’t really see people’s reaction. That really ease my uneasiness!~ I started getting curious in what they are doing.

Emily, where are u looking? You are supposed to look straight!~

Kose Staff helping me to put their Sekkisei Lotion Mask

My review: It feels like normal paper mask but the sheet is thinner hence easier to be absorbed to skin. I personally feels that I got slightly whiter after the facial. It is cooling during application too. I think it is best for ladies to used it before sleep.

I am smiling at the results that the Lotion Mask has on my skin.

Don’t ask me why I look so retard, I got nervous again when Pei Fen ask me about the feelings. I keeping on saying very cooling… Very nice… Good…

Next, I went there to demo the Astalution Eye Zone Mask.

Kose staff gentling applying the eye mask under my eyes.

After the removal of the eye mask. Gentling massage and let your skin abosrb the extra serum

Information of the product range used

My review: I really like this eye mask. The colour of the eye mask attracts my attention. It is the colour of salmon. But to me it is the colour of orange. It smells like sweet and most importantly, it contains Astaxanthin and water soluble collagen. I think I no need to explain collagen advantage to you. Collagen prevents skin aging and enhance the firmness on your skin. As for Astaxanthin, it has 500 more anti oxidant prowess than normal Vitamin E and 150 times more than CoQ10.

The eye mask used on me.

How this Astaxanthin prevents aging

Then Kose went on to give a foundation makeup on Jermaine. Sorry, my camera went flat after than so no photos on that. I was no being asked to stage but behind stage, the staff also give me a complementary makeover for me.

Sorry for not triming my eyebrow. But the colours on my eyes are really pretty. I must learn them!!~

Camwhoring Time

Discount Flyer for Seng Kang Compass Point (25th October 2010 – 31st October 2010)

The gift from Kose Singapore

FG Magazine Parts (30th October 2010)

I bought this magazine from Kinokuniya. I have never buy this magazine before but this time round, I happen to see this magazine and I saw the free gift. Okay, I bought this book mainly because of the free gift. 😛

The magazine with the free gift

The free Majami gift.

10ml Majami whitening lotion

A sample pack cleanser.

Niu er recommeded product for winter hydration. Guess what item he recommed?

Garnier Aqua Defence 50ml (NT359) – Not sold in Singapore yet

This is the Kose Infinity Cream introduced by niu er at the Kose talk few months back. 🙂

And this is the ampm skincare that is created by niu er for office ladies

Item insocialite’s makeup up pouch.

[Advertorial] Biore Bloggers Challenge

Firstly, special thanks to The Sample Store. I am very honored to be one of the 100 beauty blogger for this review of the makeup cleanse products.

I must confessed that I rarely makeup. Even if I do, I will do the bare minimium like applying bb cream, eyeshadow and lip gross. I hate applying mascara because I am lazy to remove them. But for the sake of this review I decided to do a ugly think makeup since I think I can’t do those nice gyaru makeup.

So you are very interested? Click at the link below to redeem the free samples.

JILL STUART 2010 Christmas Secret Tease Collection

Jill Stuart HK, Jill Stuart JP, Jill Stuart KR and Jill Stuart TW (TBC) have updated its website with the release of the new 2010 Christmas Secret Tease Collection. The release date for different country as shown below:
Hong Kong: 1st November 2010 (Monday)
Japan: 5th November 2010 (Friday)
Taiwan: TBC – Currently having Taiwan anniversary sales.


The holy night Secret Tease Collection,concealing the erotic in a cloak of cuteness.

JILL STUART Secret Tease Collection
HK580/7500円(after tax 7,875円)

・JILL STUART Blush Blossom Limited edition 101 sensual dahlia
・JILL STUART Jelly Eye Color N Limited edition 104 satin lingerie
・JILL STUART Jelly Lip Gloss Limited edition 102 silky pink
・JILL STUART Night Jewel Perfumed Body Powder
・JILL STUART False Eyelashes
※contained in a pouch that evokes a delicate lingerie bag featuring.

Japan: 23rd October 2010 (Saturday)
Hong Kong: 23rd October 2010 (Wednesday)
Taiwan: TBC – Currently having Taiwan anniversary sales.
Taiwan: TBC – I do not have any news yet.
※Limited quantity, while stock lasts

Below is the newsletter that I received from Jill Stuart Hong Kong. (I am a proud Hong Kong Jill Start cardmember)

All pictures copyrighted from Jill Stuart.

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