Feeling better

I took a short Christmas trip to KL and I came back sick. Not exactly sure is it caused by this rush KL trip. It all started after the dinner with my Japanese Class Poly Friends. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. Anyway, it starts to act up on Tuesday morning. I still forced myself to work since I still need to arrange stuff to be sent out of site. I only came because I already meet up with the troublesome client, T as well as the subcon and get this fucked up attitude from T. I know you are all mighty high but dun try to use your authority to squash my company. If not that we want to hand over the place, what makes you think I will entertain you? Really fucking asshole people like them and he is from a public sector.

Anyway, still finished all the meeting and in the end he took a knife and chop us contractor again. Yar, in front of everyone say only small things then when my subcon come, he make a big who-hah out of it. Despite feeling sick, I still forced the subcon to quote to me on the same day. But my managers’ manager was not such a generous person. Still dragged and dun want to do the repair works request then later when he finally 想通了. He asked me write letter to asked for backcharged. OMG!! I am not going to help him do these dirty things and offend people from the public sector. Esp they are client!

Can you imagine the feelings of me being sick and take half day leave for rest but instead have to call them to sign the quote and end up give me these shit? Haiz, so of course I was even more sick then afternoon due to lack of rest. I guess they are thinking that I am pushing the job to them. But whatever, they must know in the first place they should put in more effort in the job and not say I got X no of project. This kind of project not something that I can do or something that I can decide. Reason is simple no one is bother to put in 1% to care for this project and when things happen will start to blame people for their downfall.

I guess tomorrow will be a bad day for me. But it will only be one more day to 2011.

[Review] Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam

It has been a while since I do a product update. Since I cannot post any review on products when I am in the Vichy Challenge.

Sorry to say that I stop using the Vichy facial foam immediately after the completion of the challenge. Not because it cause breakout to my face, it is just because I do not like the smell of the foam and at times my skin do feel a bit tight after the usage. (I discover after the last few days of usage when I was at Bali) Hence, now the foam is actually used by my brother.

I then continue to finish the Kose facial foam and finally is used up. The Kose Facial Foam is really up to my expectation. I shall write another review on this product soon. But the star for today is this Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam.

I actually bought this item earlier than the Kose one but I just keep it and did not use it. The reason for buying it was because it cost quite cheap (I think less than S$14) and it is a big tube of 140ml!! Haha. At the time I was buying was actually month end and my beautician facial foam is finishing also. Hence, this item is actually a backup for me.

Ingredients used for the foam

Texture of the foam.

I used it for 3 days already. I must say this cheap cleansing foam really surprise me. I was not expecting too much from this foam especially after the star sunblock is oily and sticky for me. I thought this foam might be drying for my skin since the work backing powder sounded drying to me. But it was not the case, not only did it have very fine sand like scrub that can be used exfoliation. Ladies with dry skin do not need to worry that the scrub is too drying for daily usage as it will dissolve after some rubbing. My face do feel clean without drying.

The texture is like normal cleansing foam. Creamy but ladies with dry skin please don’t squeeze too much. My mum commented that it feels a bit drying if we squeeze excess since a little will foam up quite well. I tried to squeeze excess and I do not feel dry since I got oily and combination skin and I squeeze excess to try on too.

It does not have much smell. If you are really that particular I do smell a bit of baking powder in it.

It does not have significantly effect on my skin but I do not have new breakout after using so I think it is considered relative good cleansing to prevent breakouts and I will definitely keep this item in my “can buy again list” after I have finished trying all my current products.

[Advertorial] Bio Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream (10-in-1)

Still remember my review on the Bio Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream (8-in-1)?

Today I am going to try something even better. It sound better since it is 10-in-1!! But does more the merrier?

10-in-1 benefits are
1. revitalize the skin with Platinum*
2. Create a natural, nude makeup with a natural glow
3. Concealer
4. Makeup Base
5. Sun Block
6. Skin Repair
7. Oil Control
8. Hydration & Nourishment
9. Reduce Wrinkle and fine lines
10. Skin Whitening
* Effects not found in 8-in-1

This BB Cream contain tanaka extract is perfect to used as for whitening of the skin. This is very important because Asian are most susceptible to melanin-accumulation. Hence, we must never forget to use whitening products to prevent more melanin-accumulation.

In addition, it also contains Platinum which is a very rare ingredient that boosts the skin’s ability to protect itself against free radicals. To put it simple it means, Platinum has the ability to reducing wrinkles from forming on your skin.

These are the 2 additional ingredients and effects not found in the 8-in-1.

However, I have to admit that I did not like the shade as it is really too fair for me. I have to apply loose powder after the application of this BB cream. I find it more suitable for night base makeup but the whitening effect on me is not obvious since my skin is really that tan and I may need to apply it daily to see the effect. 🙂

Like the 8-in-1, it can also cover by blemish scare and it also give me a glow in my face. Did I mentioned that the smell is nice and not overwhelming? See how perfect my skin looks?

Like most ladies, I prefer BB cream as compared to traditional makeup. The right way of applying your beauty product to the foundation involves many steps like toner, moisturizer, essences, sunscreen, makeup base foundation, concealer, loose powder. I am one very lazy girl that loves 3-in-1 milo so when it comes to beauty, I like it all in 1 too. Not to forget that this 10-in-1 BB cream feels lighter than applying all the above mentioned ones. So it’s time to throw away your other beaut products.

If you did not manage to see the TV Commercia shown on TV, click the below youtube video for more info. Beatrice is Bio Essence spokesperson for this BB cream.

Tempted to get the BB cream? There is a few ways to get them:
1. Free – Get them from http://thesamplestore.sg

Please try to claim the sample for free. If I happen to be the top 30 blogger with the most referral, I will stand a chance of going to go Korean. See below for more information:

2. Watson/Guardian Store @ $28.00

Short Johor Sunday Trip (12th December 2010)

Just came back from Johor. I am loving this place. I really hope that Johor is a safer place and then I can really go in without any fear. Like a lot of Singaporean, I love to go to Johor. The reasons is simple things are much cheaper in there.

This trip in was initally to bring kk’s brother to sign the bridal package but they went to sign at city square on Saturday. But they still need to buy bed and some furniture so we still went over. We went to his uncle’s place. I always think if Johor is safer, I would really like to stay there.

See the super beautiful sunflower outside his uncle’s gate. It belongs to his uncle’s neighbour. I really love it. 🙂

Then we went to buy some furniture. They bought a bed, a pc chair, a portable dinner table and a small bedside cupboard. After that we went for dinner together to the bui kai seafood. I am not going to tell you where is it. Since the chief got a problem of cooking lousy when he is busy, in order not to affect his quality of cooking. I choose not to disclose its details.

But, still share the super delicious photo of my food to you all. 🙂

The First Dish: Jiang Cong Stir-fry Lala

Second Dish: Fried Tofu

Third Dish: Stir Fry Veggies

Fouth Dish: Ding Xiang Crab

Fifth Dish:Gong Bao meat

* I noticed I did not eat this dish so I cannot remember what meat is it?

Sixth Dish: Nai Huang Crab *MY FAVOURITE*

See the texture of the meat from the craw!!

My favourite!!! Yummy!!~

After the dinner, Kk wanted to go Watson to buy facial foam. Well, it has become out habit to shop at Watson even in Johor. I recommend him to use the Celdie Charcoal Facial Foam. I used to use it when I was in Secondary School. It was not sold in Singapore’s Watson and I can’t find it in Singapore too. I was few months when I saw this brand and got excited. I bought it for my little brother who got breakout. It is still as good as before. I will review it if I got the chance.

It is always dangerous to bring me to Watson as I will not leave there empty handed. 🙂 I bought a travel kit facial set for testing and reviewing.

I first discover Kate in Malaysia was when I went to Genting. Kate was one of my favourite cosmetic brand beside Majolica Majorca. I was super excited then. This time I saw something interesting, I am not so sure if Singapore is selling this eye shadow crayon.

With Flash

Oh ya, not to forget Christmas tree, even at Johor shopping centre is very much the same as Singapore. I am pleased to sure with you the Malaysia Tallest Christmas made with bottles.

A nice white Christmas tree with nice blue lightings.

It is made of plastic bottles!!

kk and me. I know the pose a bit weird but I dun look fat with this pose.

This is the prove.

[Advertorial] Bio Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream (8-in-1)

I first got know of this amazing product is actually from Taiwan Beauty Show. From then on, I am amazed by their results. I have been using BB cream in general for about 2 years. Due to my work, I do not need to makeup to work but I do like to have a better natural look. I will usually used BB cream to cover my face from breakouts as well as used it as my sunscreen.

So what is BB cream?
BB Creams (Blemish Balm Cream) originated from Germany (I used to think it originated from Korea) and was initially prescribed by dermatologists to patients who had undergone laser skin treatments to soothe redness and cater to their sensitive skin. The trend of using BB Creams caught on in Korea when celebrities started using them to create a natural and dewy finish. The use of this multi-purpose wonder-cream is a sizzling-hot beauty trend, particularly in Asia, and has helped many girls streamline their beauty regime.

Like I mentioned earlier, I used BB cream as my sunscreen + “pimple cream” + foundation. However, nowadays BB cream do not only have effects or function like these. BB Creams now have multiple skincare benefits which include whitening, sun protection, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizing while providing coverage for the skin. It gives a natural and flawless finish, similar to how Korean celebrities look.

With its multiple functionality and convenience, women can now cut down on her makeup application time without compromising on looking good. It only takes 1 product and a mere 10 minutes to put on moisturizer, sun screen and foundation all at once. Grooming gets much easier with the use of BB Creams.

Bio Essence have release 3 types of BB creams to cater to different people and usage. Aqua BB Cream (Blue one) for moisture, Bio Platinum BB cream (Sliver one) for whitening and the Bio Multi-effect BB Cream (Purple One) for Coverage.

Today review will be on Bio Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream. I call it the 8-in-1 cream with SPF 25 coverage. It has 8 benefit in 1 bottles. (Concealer, Sun Block, Skin Repair, Moisturizer, Nourishment, Oil Control, Skin Whitening and Reduce Wrinkle and fine lines). I personally find that this BB cream contains the best coverage in the Bio Essence range of BB cream. It is a excellent makeup base and foundation for me.

In a survey done by HK Fashion and Beauty Magazine among 6 other competitive BB Creams, the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream came up tops in terms of being the BB Cream that adheres most closely to the skin for flawless coverage.

So now is testing on my face. I have been using this for a few days. I feel that Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream is more towards a pink shade. It gives me natural radiant and glow on my face without looking too fair. Since it has very good coverage and shade on my skin, I simply used it after my toner and as my moisturizer, sun block and foundation for day use.

Directions as stated in their box:
At the final step of your skincare regime, squeeze an adequate amount of content and apply evenly on your face. Pat lightly to avoid uneven patches.

Usage tips:

Application tips from Beatrice

In order to let you compare the BB cream, I applied half of my face with BB cream and the other half was left without anything.

Comparision with the BB cream. This Bio Multi-Effect 8 in 1 BB Cream has the best coverage. For ladies that do not makeup and want a flawless skin. I strongly recommend this BB cream. I really like this for my daily use without any makeup.

Do stay tunned for my next post on Bio Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream next week. 🙂

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