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    [Review] Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam

    It has been a while since I do a product update. Since I cannot post any review on products when I am in the Vichy Challenge. Sorry to say that I stop using the Vichy facial foam immediately after the completion of the challenge. Not because it cause breakout to my face, it is just because I do not like the smell of the foam and at times my skin do feel a bit tight after the usage. (I discover after the last few days of usage when I was at Bali) Hence, now the foam is actually used by my brother. I then continue to finish the Kose facial…

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    [Advertorial] Bio Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream (10-in-1)

    Still remember my review on the Bio Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream (8-in-1)? Today I am going to try something even better. It sound better since it is 10-in-1!! But does more the merrier? 10-in-1 benefits are 1. revitalize the skin with Platinum* 2. Create a natural, nude makeup with a natural glow 3. Concealer 4. Makeup Base 5. Sun Block 6. Skin Repair 7. Oil Control 8. Hydration & Nourishment 9. Reduce Wrinkle and fine lines 10. Skin Whitening * Effects not found in 8-in-1 This BB Cream contain tanaka extract is perfect to used as for whitening of the skin. This is very important because Asian are most…

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    [Advertorial] Bio Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream (8-in-1)

    I first got know of this amazing product is actually from Taiwan Beauty Show. From then on, I am amazed by their results. I have been using BB cream in general for about 2 years. Due to my work, I do not need to makeup to work but I do like to have a better natural look. I will usually used BB cream to cover my face from breakouts as well as used it as my sunscreen. So what is BB cream? BB Creams (Blemish Balm Cream) originated from Germany (I used to think it originated from Korea) and was initially prescribed by dermatologists to patients who had undergone laser…

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    [Advertorial] Bio Essence BB Cream Blogger challenge

    I was selected to be one of the 100 blogger to participate in the Bio-essence BB Cream Superstar Blogger Challenge. This is not my first time blogging contest for The Sample Store. Nevertheless I would still like to thank them for giving me another chance to blog. Snapshot of the items given to me to review. Special thanks to the orange given to me too. I will be blogging it later of the week. I am in a hurry to accompany my future mother in law and later in the evening to cozycot birthday bash.