New Guest Blogger

Hi! I am Kaitomage! I am a good friend of Emily. She has kindly invited me as a guest blogger on Airmeli. I will be blogging entries for time to time. I will try to write interesting entries here. So watch out and stay tune!

How i met Emily?

I first met her in SP’s Japanese Tea Room where i had my first few lesson on Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chado/茶道). We became friends and soon became classmate when i skip a level to year 2 Japanese Language class. We have a lot of fun back then during lessons which was held every Wednesday…

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2011 New Year Resolution

I decided to write a new year resolution this year. I haven’t been writing them these few years so I tend to lose track of my resolution that I set from the start of the year. I know a lot of blogger is setting resolution on new year but I guess my setting it and recording it in my blog, makes it easy for me to track and fullfill it.

So without further delay I shall present my resolution for 2011:


Okay, I have been procrastinating my sliming programme. I am also sick of myself saying to slim down but instead of slimming down, I grew even fatter. This year I have plans to prevent myself from falling into the procrastinatation again, I shall resign from my work and do online blogshop full time. This is to ensure that I no longer have any reasons to say I dun have time to go to gym. My goal is to slim to I can wear those online clothing and best reached 49kg. I am not sure if I can achieve but I will try my very best. It’s time to have the disgusting oats for my breakfast and refrain from eating starch based food for dinner. I hope it works.

2. Venture to my online shop

Like I disclose earlier, I shall be doing my blogshop full time! I have actually slow down or even stop doing it for 2010. Mainly also because I really dun have the time. My work now is so irregular working time that I can’t commit my time to do spree. I really love doing spree and I hope to also start doing my own brand for plus size ladies and free size ladies.

3. Follow my beauty routine (STRICTLY!!)

I start going to my first beauty talk which was from niu er and was mesmerised by him. I must wash my face before sleep daily and also apply the products that I purchase. In addition, I shall also write more review on beauty products and not be lazy to buy and not try them.

4. Learn makeup and driving

Since I want to be call a beauty blogger, I must work hard to carry this name well. So makeup is a must learn thing for me. I will be taking personal makeup course from school of makeup. If my lesson goes well, I might learn their full time makeup course. Of course, I will like to also attend more beauty talks and event. I am not restricted myself to any brands but this year would like to be fair. I will be using more whitening products this year too.

As for driving, I am been saying I want to take my driving from poly but till now I have yet to even go for one theroy lesson. Tsk tsk tsk!! I guess this is also something that I would like to complete for this year too or at least just get it started.


I guess 2010 is a year that I overspend every month and leaving myself in debt every month. Since I have really buy lots of beauty product as well as cosmetic items. I have Naruko and Infinity waiting to be used. As well as a few small travel set. I shall refrain myself from buying. That might be hard. I think maybe limit myself to  buy 1 item for 1 month should be easier to achieve. Hope to save money to go to Taiwan or Korea this year October.