[NEW] Dolly Wink Launch @ Watson

I am not sure when these eyeshadow palette, mascara and shimmer eyeshadow cream launched in Singapore. But I got very excited when I saw them while shopping for wet tissue in Watson. As usual, I took some photos to share with my airy. I have been following Tsubasa Masuwaka ever since she was a junior model from POPTEENS. She is now the cover model for POPSISTERS. Guess what? This hot chick is married and with a son. I can’t believe it man!! No matter how many times I see her from magazine.

Her cosmetic brand Dolly Wink is also one of the new cosmetic brand that I have been eye-ing on. But I must say I haven’t buy it because I do not like and don’t know how to wear fake lashes. Somehow I also find it overprice in Singapore.

An overall view Dolly Wink NEW item in store!!

A closer shot of all the item in this new release

Top – Cream Eyeshadow 01: Golden and 02: Silver, Bottom – Eyeshadow Palette 03: Country Retro and 04: Colorful Pop

Top – 01: Sweet Dolly. Bottom – 02: Monotone Mode

Top – Volume Marscara. Bottom – 01: Sweet Dolly.

Special snapshot for 02: Monotone Mode. *My favourite*

Swatches of the 02: Monotone Mode.

The photo above is credited by me. If you need to use it, please link the photo to this post. Thanks!

[New Release] Hada Labo BB Series

The Japanese all time favorite brand for hydrating lotion has also recently release BB Series.

In this BB series, it comes with cream type and lotion type. The Super Hyaluronic Acid BB Cream weights 45g and the suggested retail price is 1470yen. The Super Hyaluronic Acid BB Lotion weights 40g and the suggested retail price is also 1470yen. Both also come in 2 shades and the lotion has higher SPF than the cream (SPF 50 vs SPF 32 for cream). In addition, both are low irritable to skins, doesn’t have smell and it also contains PA+++.

Products Pictures
1. BB Hyaluronic Acid Lotion 40ml (Natural Beige)

Shade of the colour: Natural Beige

2. BB Hyaluronic Acid Cream 45ml (Natural Beige)

Shade of the colour: Natural Beige

3. BB Hyaluronic Acid Lotion 40ml (Tan)

Shade of the colour: Tan

4. BB Hyaluronic Acid Cream 45ml (Tan)

Shade of the colour: Tan

If you happen to be going to Japan this few days, you can also go to 松本 to buy at the price of 1180 yen (about 300 yen cheaper)


I am blogging this one day after my decision of leaving my current company. I am having some mix feeling now. I am really relieved that I finally decide to move on. It was not an easy decision for me as I am going to be married end of next year. My HDB HLE loan will depend if I am working or not. My plan is to at least maintain 2K salary with shorter working hour.

Yup. I am very pissed off now. I need to help out office work too… I sometimes feel that I got into all these shit because I am kind hearted. In work sometimes, it is not good to be friends with your colleagues. Last time I can be very cold because I know the office engineer knows how to protect herself. She is my senior so I most of the time will not be so helpful. Even not being helpful, I often still end up a lot of shit… Now I see the newcomer I really see her so stressed reminds me of me when I just come. I have been helpful and also try my best to help her but… Things sometimes not easy to settle too and it is taking up a lot of my time on site when I help her.

Finally, my manager really make me lose it… I still bear and listen to him asking me to “help out”. I am the unlucky one because I helped out once and end of the day become my problem again… I then decide it is time, after bearing all the anger and frustration for 3 years. I hope that one day I will be off this kinda of work when I work site. But even after going to site for 1 years plus, he still have the cheek to ask me help out project that it is completed 2 years ago. I dun even know what happen but that doesn’t stop him from pushing to me. I explain to him but still… He say this project I did handle 2 years ago… See everytime same shit, help out become handle… FUCK YOU!!!! He can’t remember or maybe chose to no remember that this has nothing to do with me. I was not even at site, how would I know what happened in site?

I decide to move on. Using studying as an excuse to move on. I will tender the letter to him tomorrow, I have enough on his shit already.

[New Release] Niu Er Naruko Apple Seed Tranexamic Acid Soothing White Range

I just saw from facebook that Niu er release a new range for his Naruko skincare for whitening. I know there will be people to tell me Naruko’s Job’s Tears Whitening and cooling range (薏仁雪膚), Marjoram and Lavender range are also for whitening that was released last year. Somehow I went to do a comparision in the content and discover a lot of similar content inside them. All contain Phytoferulin® and both Job’s Tears Whitening and cooling range and Apple Seed Tranexamic Acid Soothing White range contain White Fungus too. Niu er secret receipt for his young skin is also White Fungus.

The ingridient inside this Apple Seed Tranexamic Acid Soothing White Range

You can achieve fair skin in just 3 steps. Do note that this range does not come with a cleanser. I think you just can get either the Narcissus cleanser or their ampm cleanser.

Best of all, the promotional price now is NT999 and it comes with a free travel set.

Don’t say I am not helpful, if anyone won any item in this contest. I will help them to ship without any additional fees, just the shipping only.

What to win this set?
1. You need to “LIKE”their fan page
2. Click this link and vote for the item that you are interested to win and leave the vote in the comment below too.
*Naruko will choose 10 lucky winner to stand a chance to win the item of this range.

[Beauty Talk] KOSÉ Whitening Express Beauty Talkshow with Niu-Er

I will update the niu er KL trip later. Since I have more photo and videos for the KL niu er Naruko talk.

If you are following me on twitter and facebook, you will know that I really is obsessed with niu er ever since last year’s Kose Beauty Talk. I am quite lazy to update that talk since you can read it in other blogs. This year I have to pay slightly more for booking ticket via Sistic due to the booking. In addition, I got tickets for 2 days as I discover that last year’s talk have some topics that is slightly different from one another. Not to mention that I will be bringing my mum to the Sunday talk tomorrow.

In the meantime, I shall post on the Saturday talk since I purchase the VIP ticket for the Saturday talk.

I was not informed to arrived earlier to meet niu er at backstage. I thought the backstage meeting was after the talk. Hence I was the last to reached. 🙁 Since I was the last to reached there, I did not have much contact with him. However he is great, he demo some massage for a lady who complained about her eye bag and dark circle.

Then waited for niu er to enter. The host for the talk is 萧佳慧 from yes 93.3. She is also the host for the last year’s talk.

Here comes 牛尔老师.

Firstly, he

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