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    New Baby for the month of April

    I don’t know how to sure my joy and excitement.

    This is the first time in my life that I am given product to try and review. I know I have been reviewing items from the sample store but those items need me to go and request before they sent to me for review. I have to take the initiative to express my interest first.

    I shall keep everyone in suspense first. Do stay tunned as I promise that I will be using them for a month.

    HINT: This is the old packaging of the items I am trying. Those that know the answer can post in my comment. I will give a small present for the first person who can guess this brand before my official first post tomorrow.

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    [NEW] JILL STUART Summer Bloom Night Jewel Perfume

    JILL STUART Summer Bloom Night Jewel (Limited Edition)
    50mL NT$2250/30mL NT$1650

    The sweet citrus scent under the dazzling sun,
    A invisibility and feminine smell of pure and sexy flower scent,
    A blurred sweet dream, just like a summer dream,
    A cache of Sweet and sexy magic gems scent.

    A release if refreshing sweet scent of the Beauty of the Night (White Mirabilis),
    Charming aroma fragrance from Queen of the night (Epiphyllum),
    When this 2 types of flowers open in the summer evening,
    Perfectly interprete the Summer Dreamy Night.完美詮釋仲夏夜的夢境美景。
    Like a pure night dream, dazzling with pure brilliant

    This perfume look just like the limited edition night jewel release 2 years back. I really not sure if there is a difference in scent. If there is a difference in scent this will be another one item that I will want to own!!

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    [NEW & LIMITED EDITION] JILL STUART Dreamy Garden Eyeshadow Palette

    In a honey sweet seduction, girl flying like a butterfly. Just like a dreamy and happy spring garden party.

    In this Mother’s Day’s season, not only did they lauched their limited edition’s lip glosses. They also launched their LIMITED EDITION Eyeshadow palette. It is available in 2 shades. (102: Amazonite Dazzle and 103: Sparkling Mordanite). The retails price is the same as other palette, it is priced at NT1450

    To me, the 102 is really a special colour to me. I mean it is not often seen in Jill Stuart palette as most of their colours are more towards the cute and dolly side. This green natural theme is one of the rare combination seen in JS palette.

    Available in 2 shade

    Do grab this set is while stock last!! Limited edition items can be used to accumulate the gifts. JILL GIRL CLUB members can reserve the items and collect them within 3 days.

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    [Review] KG Check – Low Sugar Cranberry Biscuits

    I must admit this is a back-lock post. I ordered these items and asked my agent to shipped together with my books.com.tw items. I still think I should post a review for this items. I have always been a faithful audience of 女人我最大. Early this year, they did an episode on slimming and introduce this brand as well as their products. I decided to try their 高纖低糖美窈餅-蔓越莓口味 (Cranberry Biscult) and 美窈餐7日體驗組合 (7 days diet meals). I have yet to try their diet meal but I have tried the biscuit.

    Front cover of the biscuit. I was snacking in office so the photos are taken from my office. 😛

    The sides of the biscuit box.

    The back with nutrition table and the expiry dates

    There are 3 packet of biscuit inside one box.

    It is only 10 calories per biscuit!!!

    The size of one biscuit is about the size of one 50 cents coin

    Tada!~ Munching time~

    There is some small Cranberry bits on the biscuits

    The section view of biscuit.

    The benefits of the biscult as below:
    1. Low Sugar
    It has 50% lesser fats as compared to the normal biscuits!~

    2. Additional Fibre
    7% of fibre is added, however 6.3% is tested. The fibre they added is water souble, not only can it let u feel full, it can also enhance your digestive syetems. Inital 1 – 2 weeks might have more “exhuast” and “discharge” of waste.

    3. Collagen
    It contains Collagen which all ladies will definitely love it.

    Even though it has low calories doesn’t mean it doesn’t have calories. This biscuit is design for who always like to chew something but not hungry. However, it is still not advisable to eat more than 1 packet/day. (Not 1 box ah!~) If you have a very strict diet plan, it will be best if u can skip this biscuit.

    Flour, maltitol, butter, eggs, dried fruits cranberries, chicory fiber, collagen, salt, vitamin E (antioxidant)

    Nutrition List:
    Calories – 162.8 kcal
    Protein – 0.4 grams
    Fat – 6.8 grams
    Saturated fat – 4.0 grams
    Trans fat – 0 g
    Carbohydrate – 30.5 grams
    Dietary fiber (chicory fiber) – 2.5 grams
    Sodium – 98 mg
    Sugar – 1.2 grams

    My review

    I personally fee that the taste is actually quite delicious. However, the biscuit is quite hard. It is not like those soft butter biscuit kind but the hardness is like those hard candy. I think it is still bite-able by normal teeth. For me, I have to eat one box to have the partial full feeling and the information given on website is not to eat more than one box. It is definitely good to substitute it for tea time snacks but not for lunch time. I think the biscuit is small too but ladies might find it cute and bit-sized. It doesn’t taste too sweet nor too bland. I would still recommend it for ladies interested to slim down to replace your unhealthy snacks for this biscuit. Since I buy from Taiwan kgcheck website straight.
    It cost only NT147 with the additional for shipping, this biscuit is still below S$10/box. If you are lazy to wait for spree the cheapest I found online $6.50/packet x 3 = S$19.50 (box). If you are seious of slimming but yet can’t control your mouth, this biscuit is really a good choice.

    Sidetrack a bit… The reasons why I dig out this photo is just because I saw that their latest spokesperson is Ranie Yang!

    楊丞琳-KGCHECK美窈餐 ads

    Behind the screen for this KG Check ads!~ 楊丞琳 very kawaii!~

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    Haul from Watson and Sasa

    This shall be a very short post that will be filled of pictures of my haul last night at Watson Sales. I really can’t wait to post the pictures only at night.

    Watson Haul

    Sasa Bihada Ichizoku Mask (S$6.90)

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