Haul from Watson Member Sales (18th May 2011)

I am indeed quite surprise that the previous Watson members sales was like on 3rd May 2011 and now they have it again. Like what I expected the sales is not as attractive as the previous sales. I would say this is much much lesser that the previous one I went on March. I guess u ladies will be more interested in what are the discounts. I have take the photos of the flyer using my iphone hence the quality might not be as good as my G11 ones. 🙂

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The only few offers that attract my attention. They are Hada Labo Arbutin White range only cost S$17 instead of the regular S$22.90. In addition, you can also see their anti aging red range in Watson too.

The next one I bought is lovemore 7 day mask bundle. Normal price is S$9.90. Now sold for S$8.90 during the sales.

I saw a new release of super cute lip gloss and lip balm. It is actually a joint venture of Kiss Me X Chupa Chups. It is not new in Japan but still I would say it is new in Singapore. 🙂

Lip gloss comes with 5 flavours too. It has Strawberry Cream #05, Grape #07, Melon Soda #08, CARAMEL #09 and MANGOxKIWIxPINEAPPLE #10 and the retail price is S$13.90

Image take from: http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/chupa-chups-lip-gloss This is the whole range of Chupa Chups lip gloss.

Lip balm comes with 5 flavours. It has Pudding #31, Cherry #32, Cola #33, Strawberry Cream #34, Fresh Green Apple #35 and the retail price is S$11.90

Since it is a small sales, I did not buy as much as the previous sales in addition I am no longer working and I need money to pay for my school fees.

A family photo of my Watson purchase.

Total damage: S$110.50

Naruko in Singapore now!~

I decided to private one of my post that I wrote with regards to Naruko Singapore. I noticed that people tend to go to my website while searching for Naruko and since now the website can be up for browsing, I find no reason for that post again. I do not hope that my previous post will affect their sales and I also did not receive any form of benefit from anyone.

Honestly, I am still happy that Singapore has Naruko. If the items are reasonably priced. I will still be interested to buy and I discover that their price are getting more reasonably. I still advise people to find friends to share for their offer. It is worth to buy their bundle. Naruko is really a range that is mild to my skin. I am currently using their gelly and I have tried a few of their night gelly including Job’s Tears night gelly, Rose & Snow Fungus Night Gelly, Narcissus Total Defense Night Gelly and Tea Tree Sebum Control Night Gelly. They are all great for lazy people like me. I hate waiting to remove mask as I tend to fall asleep when using them. My favourite will be Job’s Tears night gelly and Tea Tree Sebum Control Night Gelly as they are cooling when apply. Rose & Snow Fungus Night Gelly and Narcissus Total Defense Night Gelly is really a pleasure to use them. I swear I really love their smell and it is not those cheap fragnant kind. However, please do not apply more than one pea size. I find that it might be a bit sticky if u apply too much.

First Political Entry

I am been reading my twitter regarding the election. I suddenly remember few years back, one of my China colleague asked me some political question.

He asked me, “Do Singaporean vote for opposition party?”

I still remember what I answered to him. I told him, we have no opposition party to vote. My area have been walkover for a few elections.

However, this elcection I do see good opposition but sad to say my area do not have one. This means you can just guess who I will vote for. Seriously, I do still hope PAP still be in control of the Parliament and have some opposition party in it too. Like what the government, being solo is not good. See the casino example, Singapore built 2. I dun find a need but the government wants to built 2. So they they can be challenge to one another.

Even though I am happy with PAP on the whole but I must say I do not wish my GST to increase to 10% and my HDB to be even more expensive. Even if u tell me my HDB is still the same price 10 years later, I am relatively quite alright since I dun plan to see my HDB. I work in construction industry and let me just tell u. The construction cost itself is only about 50% of the selling price. Let me just plus some misc cost of 20%. Our flats is still hike up higher by 30%!! HDB do earn your interest from the loan they provide for you to buy. I am really sorry but I do not accept any reasons from HDB. It sound like excuses to me. Singapore is encouraging couples to get married earlier but with the high flat cost. We tend to consider before marrying. My bf and I belong to middle low income group which just exceed the 3K income celling for 3 room flats. It is actually not easy for us to pay for the loan plus have kids. As such, many couple who just get marry will usually be paying for wedding cost and flat loan. With these in mind, who will want to have kids?

Second thing is the living cost. I believe I do not need to say anything regarding this. We do not earn that much to spend so much. I remembered last time S$50 can buy lots of grocery but now maybe some meat and little veggies is about all. I always tell people that if your income is not increasing by more than 5% per year then you are actually earning lesser per year because the inflation rate is about 5% per year. This is why now people like to buy in bulk to enjoy the discount. 🙂 I can’t imagine that one day Singapore GST become 10%. Believe it or not, Britain do not have these shit. Want to compare with a similar country? Hong Kong do not have GST too. Imagine during dinning where have to pay 20% for a meal. I guess I will start learning not to dine outside. It will become a bad cycle because once people dun spend outside, the economy dun grow. We learn that wall street crash on 1929 before and it will do again if we return to such situation again. You might not know that Singapore is actually one of the country who doesn’t have much spending power despite our country is rich.

I consider quite sometimes before posting this entry but I really would say I vote for PAP again not because I feel that they are fantastic but because my MP is really doing his job so far in making my neighborhood nice and solve some of my family problem last time. I am thankful to them for the safe and peace country. Today I finally feel quieter because it is cooling day and no more advertise of parties. A small advise to the opposition party is to appear more in the community and not just before the election.

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