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    2nd Watson Haul (July 2011)

    Watson is getting better for beauty junkie like me to shop. I just love to walk in every time I pass by them. I was actually on the way to Kinokuniya this time round and I decided to make a detour to Watson again and I haul again. But only for one item. However, there is other interesting things I saw so decided to post out.

    I never really noticed Neutrogena in Watson, this time I saw a whole rack of Neutrogena skincare. From suncreen to whitening products. I am quite shocked to see them actually. I took some of the pamphlet of the Neutrogena product.

    Guide to choose Sunscreen by Neutrogena. The SPF50 PA+++ looks attractive to me but I still got 3 sunblock unused at home so I am not planning to stock this up.

    Next is the Neutrogena Fine Fairness range. I have used their mask before. I think will post the review soon. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Front & Back of the Garnier BB Roll On

    Sides of the Garnier BB Roll On

    This roll on is actually the same one as those that is sold in Taiwan. To facilitate the Singapore English speaking market, the paper cover is used to cover the original box.

    The inside packaging. Quite waste of space actually. This box can easily fix two of the roll on.

    Garnier Roll On. It has a orangey brown colours. The shape is very similar to the other roll on.

    After uncapping but before use. The size of the roller bit looks kinda of like those roll on medicated oil.

    Testing the shade on my hands. It looks lighter but the textures is relatively light.

    The shade is lighter light normal concealer.

    After applying, the bb cream will still stain the roller. I feel that it is quite messy.

    For more review of this product, feel free to prettyseaeagle’s blog. Initially, I bought this product because I saw this on Taiwan ๅฅณไบบๆˆ‘ๆœ€ๅคง. it looks that it work well but this is not as good as I think. I will do a detailed review soon.

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    JILL STUART Fall Makeup Release

    Tada tada!~ I got this picture freshly from UrCosme Facebook!

    In this release, the colours are not as sweet as the previous few seasons. There are 5 eyes jellys, 3 nail polishes, 1 dual blusher and 1 quad blusher. (Sorry I do not have the details of their names yet)

    I would say this release is special like the previous season. Brown seems like their colour this year. From the Mother’s Day Palette which is a mix of dark green and browns to this upcoming fall colours which consist of brown, nude pink and silver. Their nail polish colour is also a copy of the colours of their eye jelly. However, this time their blusher seems very special. I would feel that that is a highlighter more than a blusher but it is limited edition and I would most likely want to get that blusher.

    Below are the photos taken from Yuko’s blog.

    This Fall, Jill Stuart makeup look nude and mature. See the poster in the photos.

    The items in this release. OMG. I just love Jill Stuart that I wish I was there!!

    Details of the eye colur Jelly. It is nice and natural.

    The 3 nail polishes. See what I mean by looking similar to the eye jelly…

    The blusher!! OMG there is also Ms Stuart and guess what it is limited edition!!! Confirm wun want to miss these palette.

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    Watson Haul (July 2011)

    I told myself not to enter Watson because I have yet to receive my salary for this month. Salary will only come end of the month. ๐Ÿ˜› But I am so tempted to see Naruko appearing in Northpoint’s Watson that I still went in. Of course some damage is still done to my wallet. ๐Ÿ™

    This is the small bag of haul I got for myself. A total of 3 items and all are LIMITED EDITION I will become a bitch when I see limited edition items. My wire will get burnt and I get irrational with it. ๐Ÿ˜› I broke my promises so no more cabs for this week.

    I must say I am disappointed with the range that is being offered. Almost all the items at Watson is actually ampm. I was actually wanting to buy their BB cream sun block but I only see Naruko night gelly and ampm range. ๐Ÿ™

    I immediately took the last box and I saw one lady standing beside me as if she wants the lashes I am holding so I did not put it back for phototaking. I got the last box from Northpoint Watson so I can official say that it is OOS at the Watson there. (PS: There is also Kiss Me Heroine Make 5th Anniversary set – Long & Curl Mascara at the right side of the photo. I do want to get it but I have really enough Mascara for at least 2 years so I did not buy in the end)

    Dolly Wink Limited Edition Lash Set (it consist of #02 Sweet Girly (Upper Eyelash) and #06 Baby Cute (Lower Lash). Not to forget the purple eyelash case which is also a limited edition and a mini glue. The normal case is pink and its retail price is $9.90 at Watson.

    I think I am relatively fast since Chapter 31: Fake Sleeping is just released less than a week. See how kiasu I am? I initially wanted to get the Majoromantica F if the smell suits me. However, when I was testing out the glittering liner, I love it. I love the effect so I bought it too as I was afraid that I might not be able to buy it since it is a limited edition item.

    The story in Chapter 31: Fake Sleeping. I really love reading MM story every chapter. They really put an effort to make these chapters and incorporate the products into the story.

    Items that is released in this chapter. They include Aurora Eyeliner-Pink and Blue ($19.90), Lash Expander Frame Plus ($25.90) and Majoromantica F ($23.90)

    Majoromantica F ( Fragrance of Fruity Forest – Sweet and fruity aroma of forest, red fruits, blooming flowers and maple syrup)

    The Aurora Tear Liner in Pink and Blue – I bought the pink one as I think it is gentler tone of glittering.

    The 2 limited edition Majoromantica F and the Aurora Tear Liner in Pink that I bought.

    Majoromantica F

    Top note: Fruity

    Middle note: Herbal and Floral
    Rose> Jasmine> Chamomile>Clary Sage>Sweet Pea

    Base note: Sweet and Romantic

    If you remeber that Majorica Majorca also release a fragrance on Chapter 29. I did not buy that one because I find it too sweet to me. However, in this chapter 31, they revise the fragrance and name it Majoromantica F. I love it because it is very suitable for evening use and not too sweet.

    The Aurora Tear Liner in Pink. I consider quite sometime but still buy pink because I just love pink. ๐Ÿ˜› One thing to take note is that sales person told me that in order to see the glittering shade. I need to apply 2 times and must wait till the first layer to dry before applying another layer.

    Total damage S$68.70. I did try to do some damage control. The purchase this time mainly focus on limited edition items that might be hard to get once it is OOS.


    PS: All photos taken from my iphone and I was editing some bling bling effect using my iPhone while I am having my dinner. ๐Ÿ˜›

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