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Time is like forever not enough for me. Working, studying, meeting bf and relaxing. I am quite stressed by school work. I really having second thoughts of doing 3 module next year. But I want to finish it ASAP, that’s why I tell myself I must jiayou!~ Now waiting for my group mate to gather and discuss. That’s why I am using the time to have a short update. I went to Kaneno Sales last Wednesday. I will blog about it next week after I clear my presentation for today.

Time flies for me this week. Have been real busy, but I know exam coming and I will be having holidays soon. I must jiayou!!~

I managed to ask Pei Wen to join the blogging line too. But she will blog more on cakes. She will also join me in the Vichy Workshop next month!~ Happy that I can share my passion to others too… I am so sorry that I am really a lazy blogger…

Kanebo Seasonal Markdowns Bazaar

Date: 27/07/2011 – 29/07/2011
Time: 10:30 am – 07:00 pm
Location: Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road, #26-05 SINGAPORE, Singapore 228208

Grab your favourite brands up to a whopping 70% off*!
Come on down to CozyCot Office from 27 July to 29 July, 10.30am to 7pm.
Don’t miss this great opportunity, see you then!

*All merchandise are on while stocks last basis.
*Goods sold are non-exchangeable & non-returnable.
*Cash payment only.

Read more:–up-to-70-off.html#ixzz1SW6oZq00

Jill Stuart Fall Swatches from the Taiwan Blogs

If you have read my previous entry, you will know how much I am anticipating this release. Okay la… I know I always get excited with Jill Stuart but I not once used their products. This season, they release quite a few limited edition products too. You know limited edition products works very well on me.

This photos in this entry is purely taken from 3 taiwan blogger as shown below:
1. Yuki’s Lazy Channel:
2. Alice’s Blog:
3. iswii:
Bloggers of this 3 blogs, if you feel offended that I used your pictures, do let me know.

The whole release of the Jill Stuart Fall in Taiwan

Closer shot at the new items release. It should also be limited edition release because all the 100+ numbering are usually limited edition.

The limited edition eye shadow in duo colour per package. One base cream colour and one glittering colour powder.

The colours of this eye shadow. (101: Brilliant Crown; 102: Dazzling Rosary; 103: Blooming Tiara; 104: Twinkle Cross; 105:Radiant Corsage)

Swatches of individual swatches and combine swatches for 101: Brilliant Crown; 102: Dazzling Rosary; 103: Blooming Tiara

Swatches of individual swatches and combine swatches for104: Twinkle Cross; 105:Radiant Corsage

Swatches of eyes using 101: Brilliant Crown

Swatches of eyes using 102: Dazzling Rosary

Swatches of eyes using 103: Blooming Tiara

Swatches of eyes using 104: Twinkle Cross

Swatches of eyes using 105:Radiant Corsage

Next will be the blusher:

This fall release come with 2 blusher. One is the duo and the other one is the quad blusher.

Something to take note is this quad blusher (#105 Sweet Lock) is actually a limited edition. How can you not love this palette? It has Jill Stuart Signature on it. But the shimmering signature will be gone when you start using them.

The shade is extremely light. The 4 shade consist of light peach, light orange, light naked brown and light rose pink.

The mixture of the 4 blusher in tissue.

It sure looks very pretty on her skin. The blusher does not look overly pigmentation. Looks like a young lady blushing face.

The 2nd blusher release this fall is the duo blusher.

This is too another limited edition one (#102 Classic Camellia).

This blusher is more for feminine finishes. The lighter shade looks ivory shimmering and the darker one looks very soft and elegantly pink.

How can you forget lips this fall?
Lip gloss – #13 Sparkle Amber & #14 Glowing Citrine. Lip Balm – #24 Lazy Doll & #25 Tiered Dress.

#13 Sparkle Amber (Berries Reddish Brown with golden and pink shimmering) & #14 Glowing Citrine:Apricot Orange with little pink shimmering)

Swatch #13 Sparkle Amber on lips.

#24 Lazy Doll:bean paste colour with golden and some other shimmering & #25 Tiered Dress:Peach colour with multi shimmering colour.

Swatch #13 Sparkle Amber with #25 Tiered Dress on lips.

Lastly, the also release 3 new nail colour.

#50 Layered Petal
#51 Opaline Georgette (Limited edition)
#52 Vintage Beads (Limited edition)

Swatches of the nail colour on tissue.

Swatches on nails.

All photos taken from below:
1. Yuki’s Lazy Channel:
2. Alice’s Blog:
3. iswii:

醉後決定愛上你 (While We Were Drunk)

Have anyone of you watch this? This show is really a great show. Conceptual wise quite similar to 命中注定我愛你. Whereby the lead actor and actress have to be together because of a mistake. But seems like this is the best way to attract attention from the viewer.

I am also watching a few drama on the same time. They include 美乐加油 and 旋风管家. I would say they quite not so bad but Cyndi Wang does not seem to have any progress in her acting skill. 美乐加油 feels the same as 微笑Pasta and 桃花小妹. Her acting seems like those normal taiwanese pop drama so predictable. From my understanding, 美乐加油 and 旋风管家 are actually adaptation from the comic. I guess nowadays this kind of drama is losing its attraction even for me.

In addition, I feel 三立都会台 really have more effort in making their story original. They are funny and touching. The whole drama is nice to view without feeling heavy. Just to share that I love their music too. The song below sang by ranie yang. But the main song but whenever ranie is sad, they will play this song.

主唱:楊丞琳  作曲:陳威全  填詞:陳威全
就代表又對我的心 撒了 多少謊
但每次我都選擇 選擇相信
相信你是 愛我的

看妳裝無辜的眼神 我很窒息
難道妳沒有看見 看見我對妳的好
還是妳忘了 那些數不清的愛情軌跡

你說我傻 傻在愛上只懂愛自己的人
我說你傻 傻在愛她你的眼睛騙不了人
我們都傻 傻在為一段沒有未來的愛情付出

你說我傻 傻在愛上沒有感情的分身
我說你傻 傻在愛她就固執的奮不顧身
我們都傻 傻在寧願被犧牲也不願放棄天真

2nd Watson Haul (July 2011)

Watson is getting better for beauty junkie like me to shop. I just love to walk in every time I pass by them. I was actually on the way to Kinokuniya this time round and I decided to make a detour to Watson again and I haul again. But only for one item. However, there is other interesting things I saw so decided to post out.

I never really noticed Neutrogena in Watson, this time I saw a whole rack of Neutrogena skincare. From suncreen to whitening products. I am quite shocked to see them actually. I took some of the pamphlet of the Neutrogena product.

Guide to choose Sunscreen by Neutrogena. The SPF50 PA+++ looks attractive to me but I still got 3 sunblock unused at home so I am not planning to stock this up.

Next is the Neutrogena Fine Fairness range. I have used their mask before. I think will post the review soon. 😛

Front & Back of the Garnier BB Roll On

Sides of the Garnier BB Roll On

This roll on is actually the same one as those that is sold in Taiwan. To facilitate the Singapore English speaking market, the paper cover is used to cover the original box.

The inside packaging. Quite waste of space actually. This box can easily fix two of the roll on.

Garnier Roll On. It has a orangey brown colours. The shape is very similar to the other roll on.

After uncapping but before use. The size of the roller bit looks kinda of like those roll on medicated oil.

Testing the shade on my hands. It looks lighter but the textures is relatively light.

The shade is lighter light normal concealer.

After applying, the bb cream will still stain the roller. I feel that it is quite messy.

For more review of this product, feel free to prettyseaeagle’s blog. Initially, I bought this product because I saw this on Taiwan 女人我最大. it looks that it work well but this is not as good as I think. I will do a detailed review soon.

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