Review Products from Naruko Singapore

Jiang jiang jiang jiang~

I am so happy that I decided to post this blog entry despite the fact I should be studying now. But I am so excited when I saw this when I am back from work. The Naruko package is here!~ I will be using it after National Day which is also after my exams so I shall show one small photo of the things given to me!~

Items from left to right: Translucent skin radiance cotton, Raw Job’s Tears Serum and Tea Tree Oil Out Night Gelly.

I am super excited with these 2 products because Raw Job’s Tears series supposed to work much much better than normal Job’s Tears. Not to forget, I love all the Naruko Gelly. I am not being bias but I love all of them. So that’s all for today, really need to study.

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