Bloggers, honest?

I was reading vivawomen’s most recent entry, I know how she felt when writing this entry. I used to like to do sponsored review because I am not that rich to buy all the items that I am interested. I am actually studying marketing now I understand the power of word of mouth. It works much better than advertising on conventional media.

I might told some of my close bloggers friends about one company that I did the review on asked me not to write anything negative. I was quite upset then because I love blogging. I am also proud to be a blogger. Of course, I also see how other blogger flattering and bootlicking the marketing people. I am not proud but I find it disgusting at time. There are even bloggers that complain in their personal page but write super good review on the product.

To my surprise, some companies even hire copywriter to change the blogger’s English and content!! I was like OMG!! I mean blogging is a personal thing. I would NEVER ever let such a thing to happen. I used to be upset how some bloggers copied my way of blogging. Imagine that all of us doing an advertorial contest entry, in order to win she copied the way of me editing my photos. I was very disgusted by her then because the product was not that fantastic after all.

However, in my short years of blogging. I have to say I met some petty people who assume I copied them. In another contest, I was doing a video to see the difference and just because I upload late, they say I copied them. I mean in a contest, it is very simple to have similar video content since we are all using the same thing. Of course, I agree on my side I do not know how to upload the thing too so I overwrite my previous entry with the new one. No doubt in the end, they won but this makes me really reluctant to do anymore advertorial for any companies ever again. I am just a new blogger, I can’t satisfied everyone but one thing for sure is, I don’t want to blog anything that is not real.

I know that I do not have much readership but I will still try my best to write better content. However, flattering companies to get sponsor will never be in my mind. :)

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