Haul from Sample Store and BHG

I shall blog about the haul from the sample store and BHG last week.

My new found shopping place is BHG Alt. There is only 2 branch in Singapore so far. They are Clementi and Bugis BHG.

I have been crazy with lashes. I have been buying and not using them. I have only so far used my Daiso lashes. Since I have a problem with cutting them. I am scared to cut too much. T^T

Anyway, I bought another new Japanese Brand call the Jumily. This lashes is a Takahashi Maiko (Maichi) Production Brand. I bought the 02: 3 Way Eyes whereby the 2 sets of lashes is different and can create 3 look out of it. For those who do not know who is Maiko Takahashi. She is actually one of the model on Jelly.

She is pretty!~ I have not read Jelly before so I do not know her style of modeling.

This lashes contains 2 different type of lashes. One in more lengthy and the other is more voluminous.

The effect and the instruction for the lashes.

The direction of the usage of the lashes. I can’t really understand since it is in Japanese.

Next,  I bought a Beauty Box from The Sample Store. I shall post the photos of the content. I would say quite worth the price but there are some samples that I am unsure of its usage.

Total damage only S$7.73 only.

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