School Reopens…

It’s been like 4 years since I used this word, “school reopen”. It feels kinda of nostalgia. I have to apologise again that I still yet to blog about the items I received weeks ago. I do not want to just write a review for the sake of writing one. I have finished my photo taking and have used them for about 2 weeks. I will try to finish at least 2 post tomorrow because I left my portable thumbdrive at my workplace. In addition to that, I am going to be busy on Thursday because I will have meeting and lesson on Thurs~ Super blur me for I can’t continue my blogging on Naruko Raw Jobs Tears now. The review have to be finished by this week!!!

Anyway, just finish the 2nd lesson for this week, the kinda of stressed feeling slowly coming in. I should place more focus on my studies. This will means my full size blog entry will be lesser as compared to last month. You can always follow my new facebook page. This page will be a more mini blog for more frequent update.

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