Late Deepavali Lunch at JB

Initially I wanted to take a rest and study for my Thursday exams but I was thinking to just go in and pass my honey cleansing oil to Kk’s 3rd brother to help me post to my honey. They went to watch real steel at AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre so Kk and me went to find them. Seriously I did not go to this shopping centre before and I must say it is much better than the Bukit Indah one. However, it is also more crowded.

Kk’s brother (Ah Kun) brought us to this Taiwan restaurant 珍品轩 (Zen Taiwanese Restaurant) for lunch. Zen Taiwanese Restaurant is located at 2nd Floor – Lot S26.It was really a late lunch. Imagine the restaurant at 3pm still crowded. 🙁 I did not take a photo of their way of ordering. First, they have a bell on the table and secondly, the waiter uses iPad to take order. Kinda of shock because I have not been to any places in Singapore that uses iPad to take order. It is a cool concept and environmental friendly too.

Kk and Ah Kun while waiting for lunch. Typical man taking out iPhones and play~ PS: Both of them look similar sia… 😛

Me and Kun’s gf cam-whoring~

I can’t remember the name of the drink. This drink is Kun order de… Looks nice…

See the pearl like thing? This taste like fish roe… I don’t mean the fishy smell but once you bite, the juice inside the pearl will “bust” into your mouth.

I strongly recommend this tea, it is call 七情六慾 (Emotions).

This is a flower tea and it doesn’t taste sweet but it has a very gentle fragment that will mesmerize your senses. But do note that one bottle is only got 1 person and any additional “cup” cost RM2!! It is expensive lor…

This is some spicy set meal that Kun ordered and sharing with gf.

I did taste this dish. It taste quite alright. 🙂

Next, Kk’s San Bei Ji Set. This is great!~ I shared with him because I was in a diet and didn’t want to have a full meal.

This chicken in my opinion taste better than the spicy set meal. The sauce really is great with this chicken. It has a hint of spicy in it. Oishii!~

The side dishes come with a dumpling, cucumber dish and sesame ball.

Both the set means comes with the side dishes, rice and soup.

The last dish is call 螞蟻上樹 (ants crawling on the tree). Do not worry, there is not ants in this tung hun. It is actually fried tung hun with minced meat. The meat look like the ants and the tung hun is supported to look like the branches on trees. 🙂

[Review] Benico 3D Sheet Mask Marine Collagen (moisturizing)

Been trying to publish out some of the sponsored items that have been in my draft since few months back. I decided to post a short review on this mask that was raved by bloggers.

Today will he reviewing on Benico 3D Sheet Mask Marine Collagen (moisturizing) that is recently raved by lots of beauty blogger so I redeem this mask from the sample store.

My face before using the mask. I have only apply basic skincare (Toner, moisturiser and serum) before the application of mask.

The mask before taking out. Seems nice to me.

Filled with plenty of essences!~ The mask is very wet but not to the extend of dripping. There will still have residual of essences after the application of the mask.

The texture of the paper is very smooth and you can still see your skin when u use this mask. 🙂

After 15 – 20 minutes, the essences in the mask still did not dry out

My face immediately after the mask before patting the essences.

I torn my mask!!!

I am disappointed in this mask as this mask is not as cheap as compare to Taiwan masks. I might be too harsh on this mask but I feel that paper mask are supposed to fit one’s face. I had a hard time trying to open it then after like 5 min and I then discovered that I torn the mask. I torn the center top part of the mask. It might be because I torn the mask, the mask seems to be unfit for my face. I have a very big face but the mask somehow still did not fit nicely. Since this mask is from Japan, I find that the nose is really too high for typical Asian.

I did not soak it as I was applying late at night before sleep so I did not warm this mask. The instruction did not mention that it is a compulsory to soak so I did not soak it in warm water. My skin did feel moisturized but I felt some stickiness while patting and massaging to let my skin absorbs the serum. I pat for 15 minutes and still feel a bit of sticky. However, once the essences dries out completely, my skin feels softer. I doubt I will buy this mask as I feel that there are better mask around with a cheaper price.

Jill Stuart November Release

This post shall be a short post featuring the release of Jill Stuart Cosmetic Items for November 2011. I have attached the 2 mailer from Taiwan and Hong Kong Jill Stuart respectively.

For Hong Kong, there will be a release of JS Fairy Garden Collection at HKD620 on 1st November 2011. It contains a pouch (Size – W: 135 mm × H: 145 mm × D: 135 mm), 104 fragile opal Jewel Crystal Eyes, 101 twinkle dust Loose Powder N, 103 crystal kiss Jelly Lip Gloss and Jill by Jill Stuart Fragrance Sachet.

Pretty isn’t it? I especially love the sachet as I love Jill by Jill Stuart Fragment~

At Hong Kong, with every purchase of this Fairy Garden Collection, you will get a makeup removal + a box of cotton + Bluser/(eyeliner with the brush). This sounds super worth it. In addition to that there is also a small bottle of the JILL STUART Vanilla Lust eau de parfum that will be launching on December 2011 at Hong Kong. You can just buy more than HK$500 (exclude Nov new product) and you will receive a Vanilla Lust eau de parfum(2.5ml) miniature sample.


Similarly to Hong Kong, Taiwan will be releasing this Fairy Garden Collection too. Except that they will be releasing on 15th November 2011 at the price of NTD2450. (Cost slightly cheaper as compared to Hong Kong). But they do not have the free gift that the Hong Kong JS counter provided. Hence, it might not be worth it to get in Taiwan. Taiwan JS allow its member to redeem its Vanilla Lust eau de parfum(2.5ml) miniature sample for free using the points.

Random Sunday

I have been working on Sunday for quite some time. I am getting kinda of used to it. Kk is also working night shift for sometime too so our dating Sunday starts later in afternoon or late evening. 🙂 Last Sunday went to meet up with his secondary school friends. His friends is getting married this coming December 2011. This means another KL trip for me. I shall celebrate my Christmas at KL like last year. I am kinda of worried about the traffic. But nevertheless, it will be one year since meeting my honey, Nikki!~ I really can’t wait to meet her.

Then I went Kinokuniya which Kk went to toilet, I saw niu er’s book translated in English. Super excited and despite the price of S$26.75 which is more expensive and without free gift, I still bought because there is a 20% sales at Kinokuniya!~

Then we went to watch 秋瑾 (Qiu Jin), it was a great movie that feature Qiu Jin. I always feel woman in the past are poor thing. They have no say in their marriage, they cannot retaliate anything their husband do, they cannot “show face” and so on. Just like what Qiu Jin say in the movie, “In the closed feudalistic society, unlawful rules are made to confine and suppressed woman.” It still exist in a lot of places but I am fortunate that Singapore no longer has such a thing. Man and woman can fight to get what they want. It might not be that equal but at least we are given the chance. This is a fantastic movie to watch without feeling to pressurize.

Here the trailer of the movie:

After the movie, we went to have our dinner at Nihon Mura. The price is very cheap as compare to a lot Japanese restaurants. The taste was acceptable but somehow I do feel that it is not fresh. 😛

The sushi, they do not have a lot of choices but u can request and they will prepare more expensive sushi.

Hotate Mentai Tepanyaki ♥♥♥ I like mayo with mentai sauce.

Meat!! Guess what I am eating!~

Yup!~ I am eating the hot pot!~ Wohoo!~

Hotate Mentai Yaki. My all time favourite. I notice I ordered a repetitive Hotate dish.

Free chicken wing with every purchase of more than S$30.

How should PR companies address bloggers?

Before I start on this topic, I have to say the above is just my thinking of one of the tweets I saw. This tweet is from a contact in my twitter, I like reading her blog if I want to know more about western brands. Her English standard used for blogging is very good and I enjoy reading her blog.

I was kinda of shocked when I saw this. If someone call u by babe, they are trying to close up the relationship gap between the blogger and the PR companies. I personally don’t thing anything is wrong but seems that she is kinda of offended. Then I went to find on twitter and found something interesting

See what I mean by bloggers might be the one who is hard to please. 😛 My final conclusion is no matter what, different people have a different mindset. So PR companies should be hardworking and personalise their email to all bloggers to prevent offending anyone in the process.

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