Do you know what is this?

YES!!! Nuffnang is inviting me!!!

I am feeling super hyper now… In less than a month’s time, I will be attending one of the most anticipating blogger events, the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blogger’s Award 2011 at KL!!! How can I not be excited? I can get to see bloggers from all over the world! I saw xiaxue before so I was hoping to see Cheesie in person and hopefully get a shot of her!~ She is one of my favourite Fashion style bloggers. Clara aka Dlbchin will be going too!! I super love her tutorial too, really hope to see them too. I guess it might be hard to find them ba… I dun mind leaving my number for her so I can find her but I really kinda of shy. I do not want to cause her inconvenience too. Later she think I am some stalker… πŸ˜›

I can’t help but worried too as this will be my first event that I am going alone overseas!~

So any other bloggers (if any) who was invited do leave a comment. We can say hi to each other there!~ I shall be going back to my studies… πŸ˜›

Thanks for usonyx for the all help

Finally my blog is back to normal!~ I guess no one noticed right?

I must specially thank the wonderful team of usonyx for all the help in making my blog work. I must say I am grateful and I know I have been a pain. This is actually the second time my blog cock up this month. First time was unknown, till now still dunno how come my front end can’t display but they are patient to help me. I mean it is really none of their business to help me, the hosting is alright it is just a stupid me who messed up the scripts. I am still experimenting at times and I guess I will stick with this skin for sometimes till I got the time to backup my stuff and test again. They must be shivering now, reading this…

But I really learn my lesson in messing my script. I also understand the reasons for my blog to always have spam because I anyhow install some themes (blogskins) and widgets!! Shit those developer who put some rubbish bugs within the script…

Just want to share my today event, I went to collect my Sophie Monk Trial package. I will need to say that this is the first time I ever went to collect samples. It was a “good” experience but I wouldn’t have went if Patricia had not accompanied me. In addition, I also would like to try it since it was raved in Nv Ren Wo Zui Da.

Isn’t it a beauty? I really love the bag. (As well as the samples provided)

Special thanks to Dennis for waiting for us as their office is really walking distant from the MRT (Provided if u know how to go). Patricia and I lost our way and Dennis was having lunch while waiting for us… γ»γ‚“γ¨γ«γ™γΏγΎγ›γ‚“γ­ο½ž I will do a review after my exams as I need to chiong for my revision. I am behind schedule!~

Error in webby again

I am posting this from my iPhone, I will be contacting the hosting company to see if they could help me with this. I was merely changing the theme of the webby. I guess the theme has some bugs.

See!!! Nothing in the space. No matter I click post, media or appearance, nothing came out!!!

Since I am putting my focus on my studies and chiong for my last 2 weeks, so most likely I will not be blogging so often. But do stay tuned!!! I will be collecting Sophie Monk’s mask next Tuesday. I will be using after my exams or after my blog is alright and I finished my revision!~

PS: if nuffnang does not see their ad pls dun blacklist me, I am really having some technical difficulty that I can’t solve now!!!

Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come

I decided to post about the reason to that why I want to attend as I did not attend much Nuffnang events previously. The one and only Nuffnang event I attended waswhich I really got lots of readership after the posting of this post.

Reason 1: It’s fate!~

I know this sounds ridiculous but it is true. I have been really in dilemma if I should go. I convinced myself that I cannot go because I will be going to KL on Christmas and I should give other blogger a chance to go KL.


I was still emo-ing not able to go then something magical came!~

This is Kk’s brother’s convo that we are attending!~ This shot was taken previously while he was wearing Kk’s another graduation gown.

It was Kk’s brother convocation which was on the 17th!! Kk will reach one day earlier because he is driving there. Then I will be just nice for the Nuffnang Blog Award event on 16th December as it take about 3 – 4 hours from Singapore to reach KL without jam. I will most likely reached in afternoon and will still be in time to doll myself up. But I am not so sure I can take part in the other activities that might be scheduled for Nuffnang.

I just can’t convinced myself not to attend if I am selected. I totally think that this is fate to tell me to just follow my heart to go. It help me overcome all my problems I have been thinking about this event since it was first published on the Nuffnang website last month.

Believe it or not, I even went to check if it clashes my exams. (My exams ended on the 6th December 2011)

Reason 2: No need to provide me with hotel and meals

Doing an event is not easy especially doing a big event for bloggers. I guess that this might be a small reason why I can be selected. I am not pretty nor famous . I just one to be part of the event. So I guess helping to save on the rooms and meals might be a good way to reduce budget? I am going with Kk for his brother’s convocation, so there is not need to provide me with accommodation and food plus i can blog about the event that I am excited about. One stone hit 2 bird leh!~

Reason 3: Early Christmas Present for me?

Since it is December, I guess it is considered an early Christmas present if I am selected. It is very hard to win invitation from Nuffnang before so I hope that I will be selected and mark my 2011 a year that I will never forget. I hope to also know more bloggers and of course get to see CheesieΒ and other bloggers in person!~ I guess if I am selected, I will be super honoured as Nuffnang will be inviting 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region.

*The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

[DIY] iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S casing

I almost fainted when I found out that my new iPhone 4S side buttons location is different from my iPhone 4. I actually just bought 8 casing online and only 1 casing can be used on the new iPhone 4S without any changes to the casing. My heart is shattered because I bought lots of Cath Kidison inspire casing from China. If you are wondering why I don’t buy in Singapore, this is because Singapore casing is either cheap and bad quality (S$9) or expensive and good (S$20+). I can just buy from China at S$12 inclusive shipping for good quality. I know still expensive but then their texture are good and I think is worth the money.

Isn’t she pretty, I am a lover of star pattern so this is my fav casing that I am expecting.

See how real this imitation casing is. πŸ˜›

The camera location is at the same location as the iPhone 4

Therefore you can save your casing by cutting the centre part that is blocking your silent/sound button.

Tada!~ Easily settled and no need to waste the casing. πŸ™‚ Aren’t I clever? ^____^

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