Doctor’s help in slimming~

I should be blogging the NAPBA but that will kinda of need more time for me to edit the photos as the camera was with kk and I just got from him. Hence, decided to post something lighter and shorter. I finally decided to seek medical help to my weight reduction. I have been quite despo in reducing my weight because I am going to have my wedding shot June next year which is about 6 months. Kk held a small hope that I would slim down till the time he know me. I did not force me but he is evil. He will not stop me from eating but he will make me guilty after eating the fatty food.

This is me when I am with Kk.

This is me now. See how much chubbier I have become.

So u can imagine how well Kk fed me this 5 years.It seems extremely hard for me to slim, I often wonder even if I just breathe I will still grow fat. But as human, I can’t stop breathing right? I must highlight that I am kinda of reluctant to take any form of slimming pills but time is running low for me and exercise really dun work for me. Somehow my knee will hurt if I run too long, I guess it might be I have grown too fat. While feeling upset that I couldn’t slim down, Pei Wen recommend me one doctor. She told me that her brother’s sister’s colleague tried and slim. Plus there is not re-bounce. Since I am out of time and method, I was thinking why not?

Therse are the medicine prescribe for me:

p2beta, Diane-25 and panbesy (left to right)

p2beta – blocks carbo (Taken before food)

Diane-25 – treating my acne (Taken before sleep)

panbesy – Help to lose weight (Taken first thing in the morning)

In addition to that, the doctor ask me to eat only when I am hungry. He said one of the medicine will make u feel full and not easily hungry. He also advise me to chew more and not just swallow my food after a few bites. He discourage the drinking of cold water saying and preserved food as he said it will cause slower digestion. He also said no exercise needed but walk more. This is the first time I heard someone who told me that I don’t need to exercise just simple acitivity will do.

I will try to follow as much as possible. Hope this works~ I am running short of time. 🙁

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