The 26 goals for 2012

I am turning 26 this year and I want to challenge myself in completing 26 things this year~ I have been wanting to write this since last year but unfortunately lots of factor that contribute the failure of not writing new year resolutions last year. Hence this year, I would want to have an mission impossible.

1. Lose 49kg before my wedding

This is a photoshop of a slimming me that I hoped to happen this year.

This has been my most important thing to do this year so it is rank no. 1. I had this resolution since I was 53kg (4 years ago?) and till now 73kg. Somehow I am still having steadily weight increment. I have also mentioned that I am taking doctor’s prescribed slimming medicine in my previous entry but I am really very forgetful when it comes to taking pills. Just like I forgot to take this morning pills again… (I am taking it now~) I still hope that my weight will just disappeared somehow. I am having my photoshoot this June and I am super short of time and my fats just is too stubborn to be lose. If anyone can sponsor me and guarantee weight loss for me, I will be more than willing to do a free blog for u.

2. Complete my part time degree

This degree is a rash decision of mine last year and this year I will need to complete it. No matter what, since I started I should finished it without failing it. If I don’t fail any modules, I will left one module for my last term which will end by Dec 2012. I have finished my term 1 and waiting for my term 2’s result and now taking my term 3’s module this week. I really hope everything will be alright this term too.

3. Sell away all my haul that I dun need!!
If you are my friend or following me on twitter, you will know I always will become crazy when I hear the word sales! And yes, I do bought a lot of stuff that I dunno why I bought or think I dun have them at home. I also like to give myself excuses like buy more because shipping is cheaper this way. I used to be a spree organiser in (no longer exist) and I am no longer so active now because there are just too many spoilt cheapo brats around. I have very quite a good tolerance brats like them but sometimes my mum will be upset especially some spree-er can’t wait at all when I am doing them a goodwill to let them collect last min. I can write one whole post of it. But because I am a spree organiser, I have lots of agent’s contact in Taiwan, China, Korea and even Japan. However, nowadays there are lots of new agent that offers cheaper rate. You can be sure to google and find them.

4. Re-open my blogshop
I haven’t been touching any form of blogshop since last year’s chinese new year because I was busy working then and studying. Have been really busy with my life. I really want to continue my blogshop again. I guess I have rested enough and I should really continue with the shop’s operation. I have just went to KL to buy some clothing for my shop and also help to clear my hauls~

5. Write blog 2 – 3 times a week
I guess it is a super hard thing for me to do. Once in a while I do blog 3 times a week but usually I only do for a week and I will disappeared for 2 months. I guess I will not be so strict with myself in the content I blog but I need to have the habit of blogging~

6. Do review at least once every 2 week.

I have high standard in my entry when I am doing review. I dun like to blog it short but blog it as neutral and detailed as possible. That’s why I take super long time to do one entry and I am not so much of a writer myself so my language might really be quite bad. I am not limiting it to beauty product review as I love eating (which explains my size) and I might post food review some time this year. I will also backtrack some of my travel post with lots of photo and content last year~

7. Spend lesser time on facebook games
As my friends, they all know that I am obsessed with facebook games. My currently obsession are Sims Social and Castleville. I still will accept anyone request to my old games but I have stop accepting new games request because I myself know that maintaining my ranking in the game is so time consuming and have given up a lot of the games already. Still remember last year was the barn buddy craze where I had to monitor and even use fertilizer when the fruit is going to be ripe to prevent my friend to steal them. I will even camp and wait for my friend crop to be ripe in the wee hour and steal them.

8. Decided on my bride of honour and my sister

Honey with me in one of my trip to KL

This is a super headache thing for me because most of my friends are bunny but for both of my wedding days, I can’t have bunny as my sister. My initial planning is Nikki, Ch Tan, Sharon, xuelin, hui ru and xin hui. I haven’t already let most of them know about my wedding dates~

9. Decide the seating arrangement of my wedding
I hate planning seating because sometimes things will not go as per planned and my wedding I will be inviting almost the whole of my company people. I will also be inviting my Singapore relative too. I have no idea how to start planning them yet.

10. Decided my gown and makeup artist
I have already shortlist one makeup artist for my Singapore and Malaysia dinner. It is a super hard thing for me as Kk is a Malaysian (Singapore PR now~) and my mum request for me is if we were to want to do at Malaysia, I must also do one in Singapore. Since my bridal package in sign in JB, so dinner makeup is not inclusive in my package. I spend a few days to look though all the weddings makeup photos. Even though I have more or less decided but I still need to wait until after my photoshoot in June where I can decide on the gown and then go for makeup trial.

11. Plan for my honeymoon

The 2007 Taiwan trip~

The 2009 Hong Kong Trip

I already have plans to do which location for my honeymoon. Just like what most couples do, honeymoon must satisfy the wife if not you can forget about making love and have babies. I am not joking for this part. My initial plan is to go Japan but seems like Kk is still reluctant and said that later our babies is deformed. I guess I have to let him feel safe too so my alternative plan is to go Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. I guess China might be omitted last minute because Kk need to apply visa for it.

12. Save more money
This is also a very generic goals but it is exceptionally important this year. I mean I have huge amount of spendings this year and saving is important, I also be doing blogshop which means this will be one type of spending too. Due to not having any job now, I would say I would want my saving to be around S$2.5K more than what I have now. This is an exceptionally hard goals for me. But if in the event I got a job in the year, I would aim to save S$500/month.

13. Use the organiser I bought from Kikki

I know I had a Samsung tab but by the time I had my tab, I have already bought my organiser. Since I have buy already, I should just used it. No more excuse for the old childish dairy I bought last 2 years.

14. Apply suncreen before i go out
Another good habit that is hard to follow. I really do not have habit to apply sun screen. It is often I step out of the house and I will remember that I have yet to apply sun screen. Can u believe it, for a person who dun wear sun screen, I owned about 6 brands of sun screen.

15. Apply mask regularly

If u ask me how many mask I owned, I can’t really reply u. I got a few box of beauty dairy mask, 50 pcs of Korean mask and some sheet mask redeem from sample stores. In the recent spring cleaning, I found some of my haul of beginning of last year. I guess like what my friend tell me, I should just open a giveaway for my mask.

16. Stop buying beauty product

My overall haul from Naruko~

My mum has been complaining for ages that I should stop buying any form of beauty products till I finished all my products. I am kinda of obsessed with niu er’s brand and everytime I got friend going to Taiwan, I will ask them to bring back for me. Plus all kinda of sales and roadshow, my beauty product expand like mad. I might have 5 – 6 whitening set from different brands.

17. Re-arrange my stuff
Since I am not working, I should be more systematic in my things. But I will only be re-arranging them after Chinese New Year as my mum is more cranky during Chinese New Year if I arrange my stuff different from hers or in the way she thinks is not as good as her. I need to know what are some of the things I bought and not used yet.

18. Do preparation and revision in my studies
I guess to get good results this 2 items is important and I have to confess that I never once prepare for any of my lesson. I do revision but maybe one week before the exams. I guess to get better results and lesser burden at the end, I should revise at the next day of the lesson. Preparation to lesson might also be important so I will try to read the required test before the lesson whenver possible.

19. Drink at least 5 glasses of water
All my friends always say that some day I am bound to have kidney failure because not only that I dun drink, I dun urine too. I dun like to drink liquid in general. I don’t specially prefer gaseous drink or coffee and tea but I just dun like to drink anything and stay waterless for the whole day

20. Go KL to between June to August
I am planning a trip around June to August for a trip at KL. I am hoping my blogshop could grow and I can start getting clothes there. But as usual, my main objective is to visit my honey and also get a haircut, highlight and perm there.

21. Follow AKB news closely.
I love to follow from Melos and also my poly friend, Eriol. Seriously last year, before getting so into AKB, I was kinda of irritated by Eriol. He can post at every seconds regards her fav Osimen, Mayuyu. So I thought Mayuyu was the leader of AKB then. Until one fine day, I heard the heavy rotation which I can’t forget their chorus, “I want you! I need you! I love you!” I really spend lots of time backtracking them and of course my initial fav is Mayuyu. Now I can be proud to say I love their leader Takamina, 2nd fav will be Minegishi Minami. If you ask me Maeda or Yuko, my answer will be Yuko but I like Maeda as the centre.

22. Go to more events and be more social.
I maybe talkative online or with people I am familiar but I am super quiet if I am in an unknown environment. Even last time when I met Kk, he almost thought I was a mute. I dun even reply him in words, I will just nod my head to show I heard. I have gotten better when I am working but when I am going events or in personally time. I really have nothing to say because of my quietness in real life, there are a lot poeple who misunderstood me and said that I am proud.

23. To exercise at least once a week
As much as I hate drinking water, I hate exercising too. I rather starve myself then going to exercise. Exercising is a hard thing for me especially now, my knee cap will feel pain whenver I jog for than 30min. I prefer going to dance class to yoga because I can’t stand in one move for more than 10 sec. I went for some test and they said my body is weak with no strength and stamina.

24. Post a photo per day.
This is inspire from Bing. I want to keep a record of my life. I dun think I will ever fullfill this goal as I am forgetful!~ But still a wish. It will start today and end next year 10th Jan.

25. Protect my phones
I am extremely worried for the lost of my phone. Yup, I lost a phone every year other than last year. Touchwood but I hope to break my curse of losing my phone. especially now I have a Samsung pad now, I guess I must be more careful in ensuring both my phones

26. Hope that I can have my house before I get married.
I am kinda of out of things to write so do forgive me for putting this in. The completion will really need to rely on HDB for fulfilling my wishes. I will be getting my cousin as the ID for my house. He was telling me that this design will be his housewarming gift for me and he will not earn anything out from me. Since the current status of the house is like 2nd floor, I really do have high expectation that it will finish before my wedding~

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