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Perm at 76Style~

I have been follower of Cheesie for quite sometime and after the NHK show, I noticed Audrey too. I saw their recent sponsored post for 76Style and decided to try this salon on my recent trip to KL. You can take a look at the sponsored post by Cheesie and Audrey on 76Style~ This entry came when I was finding some hair styling place for the NAPBA. I asked honey to give them a call. I think honey panicked because the person in the line is speaking some Japanese. (This is what she told me la…)

Still feeling a bit bitter not able to try their service, I decided to give them a chance to perm my hair. I have to say honestly I am super afraid that something might go wrong. Maybe the hair is too fashionable to my liking or hard to maintained like the previous perm I did. This time I decided to make the call myself, I decided to go Mid valley branch because it is nearer to my hotel~

76Style at Mid Valley~

However, since it is the eve of Christmas eve, I guess lots of people doing last minute shopping and the jam was terrible there. Not only is the traffic moving slow but the stupid traffic police refuse to let me into the midvalley exit!! I knew I was going to be late, so i called them and they said they will inform Hikkey. Kk had to detour and by the time I reach Mid Valley, I am 30 min late already. Another problem came, I am lost on mid valley. I alighted at The Gardens and I was totally lost there. I spend 5 min walking around and finally ask a retail assistant for help. It was then Kk finally found parking and we met and went to Mid Valley. By the time, we reached Mid Valley Megamall. I couldn’t find 76Style because I thought they are situated at Mid Valley Megamall. It turns out that they are at Northpoint Residences. I asked the customer service there and managed to find Northpoint Residences but I am confused numbering of shops. I asked the guard there, he is very nice to bring us to the salon. I went in and appologise for being late.

Since I was late, I had to be slot in between customers. I waited for about 15 minute and while waiting I decided to flip some of the hair style book.

This perm caught my eyes. I like the wavy-ness of the curves

This is my 2nd option.

I noticed this perm is suitable to all face type so this was my 3rd option.

Hikkey is a Japanese but she can converse in some basic English. I can only converse with English with her as my Japanese is still Nursery standard. She can advise my perms and I told her I wanted a more obvious and volumerize perm. She told me that I can only do digital perm and I agreed. I asked for the pricing too and I think is reasonable so I went for the perm.

Me while waiting for hair wash before perm

After initial hair wash and the girl behind also have nice perm. I got few second wanted her perm because that is one of the perm Hikkey recommend for me too.

Applying chemical with a smelly ammonia smell

Hikkey doing rollers on my hair

Me with all the heated roller.

I have to say, Hikkey and the staff have been very attentive to me and kept asking if it is too hot. Most of the iron were really freaking hot after sometime and they have to adjust again and again. By the time I was doing the hot roller, I was like more than 7.30 already. Most of the stylish still stayed back for me and I am really sorry for that.

I have to admit the curls kinda of look like some ancient Shanghai woman in the 1930s.

I am not so sure what was apply but some kind of liquid was apply onto my hair.

Hikkey namecard and my 76Style membercard. They have some points system but not sure if there is any expiry dates~

Good Comments from my favourite blogger too!~ Okay, I shameless tag them in twitter but didn’t expect they would reply me~

Then they let me fill in a membership form and Hikkey was trying to use their simple English to tell me how to style the hair. Unfortunately, I only managed to understand half of it. It could be better if someone can help her with some translation. I also have a talk with Hikkey and the other Malaysian staff. I told them Audrey introduce Hikkey to me and I love the extension she did for her. At the end, they gave me a membership card and a discount because I quote Audrey and cheesie‘s blog.

This is the photo that I tweeted and many of my friends said it is nice but need some highlighting.

This is a mistake on my part because I forgot about the highlight part which I should also have booked but really by the time I finished was about 8+pm already and it has way passed their closing time. I did not go back for a highlight because they are also closed on 24 and 25th December. I am going back to Singapore on the 26th noon so I really dun have the time to go for highlight too.

This is my hair for the dinner. I really just love this curls~

Okay, one more camwhore photo.

Thanks for reading~

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  • Aa

    Hello Emily 🙂 i love your hair style which makes you look very feminine! I’m going to number76 too this month, will I get any discount if I quote any blogger like chessie? Qiuqiu?

  • Emily

    Hi Aa,

    I am not sure if the discount is still going on the first time I went was last year December. I don’t think they still have it but you might want to give them a call before going. but I think for this month 76Style discount is for their ULTRA SONIC IRON HAIR TREATMENT. I have tried it!! It is great.

  • Aa

    Hello Emily,

    Ok thanks 🙂 I’m going to do rebonding with stylist Amy. Hopefully it turns out good!


  • Emily

    Do share your hair here too. I will link your blog or photo if you don’t mind. You can really try their legendary hair treatment since it is cheaper. I must say I did so many treatment, there is never one treatment which amaze me so much than this.

  • Cath

    if you don’t mind me suggesting.. You would look really good with a more voluminous hairstyle with the ends curved inwards to your face as well with a layered hairstyle.

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