I am married…

I guess no one noticed that  blog is down. After abondoning it for about a month,  i got some virus attack on my site. I decided to update this blog to a free wordpress.com from time to time in case it is really gone. I am so upset when I almost lose everything. I like wordpress.org but I hate the maintaining part.

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that I am finally married at least in the eyes of the legal. I still have round 2 that I have to finish at my hubby’s hometown. I guess that wedding is more of a ceremony there. I shall blog a more detailed of my wedding soon. But still I will blog some sweet photos of the wedding.

I thank all my family and friends for attending my dinner and all the nice wishes. Not to forger the nice bloggers wishes on twitter too. It was a very rush wedding due to the 100 days limit but I still enjoyed myself and my sisters have been a very nice support and help for me.

Shall stop all the talking. Below are some nice photos:

A group shot of my sisters and brothers but Kk’s 2 brother and one of my sister missing.

The wedding vow

I shall end my entry with a love sealed with kisses in the eyes of witness.

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