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Poetreeinbloom Mother’s Day Gift

I should be studying for my examination tomorrow but I am craving to do a blog entry so I shall do one entry on Mother’s Day Gift then.

I was scrolling on my website to see if this new skin is giving me anymore trouble. This theme apparently do not allowed any new post to be bold, underlined, italic or any change in my text but I really love the font and layout of this blog so I shall keep this theme till I find a better one. But anyway, I was scrolling and I saw Nuffnang’s advertisement on poetreeinbloom. I decided to click in for the first time in my life. I usually do not click on advertisement even though it is advertisement on my blog. I have to admit recently I love reading vivawoman who blogs about natural beauty products. My interest on beauty product grew from there too. I am not exactly paid by this poetreeinbloom directly but I went to do some research on this brand.

I found the famous Sophie is also using their products. The product is from France. Poetreeinbloom has high expectation on their products so they face chosen Le Château du Bois & Une Olive en Provence for their quality on their products. Something to take note is that they do not do animal testing and there is also animal-derived ingredients in the products. To know more, u can read from poetreeinbloom and Sophie website.

They are now having their Mother’s Day Promotion on their 2 brands, Le Château du Bois & Une Olive en Provence. Le Château du Bois & Une Olive en Provence. Mother’s Loving Touch consist of $80 (valued at $115) 
with La Château du Bois Hand & Foot Cream (150ml each) plus purple scented sachet, whereas Mother’s Nurturing Embrace consist of $75 (valued at $108) 
With Une Olive en Provence Hair & Body Shampoo (500ml), Body Lotion (200ml) plus green scented sachet. I think it is a great bargain for mum’s who like to use hand cream and I might really consider getting for my mum too. Since I know they uses the best ingredients and I want to give my mum’s the best stuff in the world just like she always gives me the best stuff in the world too.

Do “Like” the Poetree Facebook page if you are interested in their products!~

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