4th Day of Working Married Life

I guess I won’t be blogging that often, I am getting busy with my studies. Time seems to be insufficient for me, my favorite pastime now seem to be watching running man and doing housework. I guess my mum will never believe that her daughter is doing housework when I don’t even touch when I am at my parent’s place last time. (sounds kinda of funny calling the place I stay as my parent’s place)

 Haul of the day!!

I went to do some shopping at Expo for bed sheet at John Little Sales but before I went in, I found Popular Sales so I went in popular sales. The bottom left hand corner is what I bought from Popular Sales. Impressive? Then I went to food fare which is just next to the popular fair but I was really carrying too many things so I wasn’t really in the mood of food shopping. I ate 2 buns and left there. Lastly, dragging my haul from popular, I went to buy bed and quilt sheets cover (Refer to bottom right hand corner) and bolster. Now u can really imagine how much things I was carrying with my laptop bag and my study material (I thought I had lesson that Saturday). Kk is nice to come from work and picked me up but he couldn’t find a place to pack and I was hungry and tired of carrying so many things. I was kinda of emotional and pissed when I saw him. But later cool down a bit and we went to IMM for dinner.

We then went to Daiso where I continue my shopping for some stuff like the back scrubber, soap stand, wet mopping clothing, toilet brush, tape and many more stuff. (see the centre photo for the overview of my haul there). It is indeed not easy having your own room (house).

To that special one

I have been struggling to post this blog or not but I guess my gratitude gave in. We have known each other for only a few yeats but the friendship we have is really unbelievable which sometimes scares me. I used to have friends betraying me and I lost quite a lot of them all these years. I don’t believe in too busy to keep in contact this kinda of shit. Therefore, I really treasure the friendship I have with it. Since we have common friends that might see this entry, I decided not to name it so it shall be known as the special one.

This is the gift from the special one. I won’t be touching on the timing that I got it as it will give me off. But I do not really want to take it from it initially, I really do not believe in having expensive gift but I prefer handmade ones. Gift are symbolic of one’s heart and expensive gift is sometimes a kind of unknowningly pressure.

 This is the gift. Can guess what is this??

Are u right? A black pouch.

It also have a inner storage too. See how shinny the zip is? *I sound like mountain turtle right?*

I just got know that this is actually a gift from its mum to it. It told me that I must keep it as it has informed its mum that it will be giving it to me. Its mum said it is up to it, since its mum said it can decide to keep it or give it to others. I know it’s its heart to want to give to me but I really feel pressured about it.

It come from quite a well off family. I did not know initially because it is not that spoilt brat that we often seen in drama. I only know it this year and was quite disturbed and afraid. I am a simple person, no matter if one is rich or not. I treat all my friends equally and with my true heart. This gift has started to give me some pressure, I am afraid that others will said that we are very close friends because it is rich. I am also worried what its parents will see me as some evil friend sucking its child money.

I don’t deny I love this present a lot because it is the heart from the special one to me. I am now like considering to return it this gift. I always told myself that I want to buy my first branded stuff. Not doubt part of me is proud that someone gave me but whenever I looked at the pouch really give me pressure. It is a kind of heavy feelings and seriously I don’t bear to use it bec my work will make this pouch dirty. I know some people will find me stupid and some may think I am a hypocrite too. If I don’t want it, why did I accept in the first place. Seriously, I can’t seems to reject it. It really want me to have this. I am touched by it gesture so decided to accept it then. I will return to it when I see it the next time. This is really my thought to the special one.

We might not know each other for long, though it is elder than me, but I always feel that I am the mature and calm one to always listen to it and give advise. I guess this is why we grew close. I really hoped that our r/s will never change because I really enjoy my time with it.

PS: I will not tell reply any comment on who is the special one.

Second Day of Working Married Life

Feeling tired while doing this entry bec I had a busy day yesterday. First day having my evening lesson after my long break. Yesterday’s lesson was very hard and complicated. I can’t believe that Organisation Behaviour and HRM is one of the basic module for term 1. (I did not take in during my first term because I did not take my bridging modules and did not meet the minimum criteria then.) I have also got a bad news to share, I failed my Chinese Business. This stupid Kaplan cause my failure!! I need to write in to appeal my Chinese Business grade. I just can’t believe I fail this module!!

Anyway, one of the benefit of staying together is hubby will be sweet to drop me at the nearby train station. This will result me to come to work on time. I did oversleep a bit today again. Supposed to wake up at 6.30am but end up wake up at 7am. Left home in a rush and left my phone at home.

Not to forget I need to packed my haul from Hong Kong!! Why like that? So many things to do!!

OMY Singapore Blog award

If you are at my twitter, you would have know that I shamelessly nominated myself for the blog award and as expected I did not get into the final so I shall do a blog entry on where my votes will be going to the various catagories.

I maybe bias since some blog I did not even come across before and if I follow these bloggers on twitter and love them, most likely I will vote for them. This is a idol idea way for me to vote, for the rest I will read their recent entries and vote for them. For those not in my list, sometimes it is not that you are no good but because I am bias okay!! 😛

Ten Main Categories:

  1. Panasonic Eco Best Photography Blog – Rediscover Singapore / RediscoverSG
  2. Panasonic Eco Best Lifestyle Blog – Story of Bing / Bing
  3. Panasonic Best Y-Bloggist – xkiyo / Kiyo Shimizu
  4. Casio Sheen  Best Fashion Blog – Eiffel In Seoul / Wyelin Chiu
  5. Domino’s Best Food Blog – SG Food on Foot / Derrick Tan
  6. SOLD.SG Best What-The-Hell Blog – Gintai_昇泰 / Gintai_昇泰
  7. Best Individual Blog – You think i care what you say? / ANdyStorm
  8. Best Travel Blog – Explore Life Lah! / Darren Ng
  9. Best Family Blog – Mother, Inc / Daphne Ling
  10. Best V-log *NEW* – Miss Dblchin / dblchin and DrJiajia & BigBro / DrJiajia & BigBro *It is so hard to choose*

 Two Celebrity Categories:

  1. Panasonic Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog/Microblog – Felicia Chin
  2. Panasonic Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog/Microblog – Ella

 Three Sponsored Categories:

  1. Gmarket Best Online Shopping Blog – Vivianism / Vivian
  2. Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog – Miss Dblchin / dblchin
  3. ST701 Best Blogshop – The Shoponblog / Shoponblog *Seriously none caught my eyes*

First Day of Working Married Life

Decided to post a short post again. The photo on top nice ma? It is purely my design from Ikea!! Anyway, today is actually the first day I leave work from my new rented place. But but but…

Things won’t end it in a nice way… I forgot to bring my long jeans. Therefore I have to go back to my parent’s place to get my stuff… Not to forget I overslept… I guess it is really comfortable to sleep beside the one you love and I slept late yesterday because of my wet hair and my stupid laptop. My laptop seems to hang like 15 min. I just bought less than 1 year wor… Praying and hoped that everything will be alright.

I bought the souvenir to my site for my builder again. He is so happy that he told all his supervisor to thank me for the souvenir. It was kinda of awkward but I guess he is really happy to get something from me. 🙂

The not so look forward part is I will be viewing my exam scripts later, I failed the damn Chinese Business. I can’t believe I failed this and not the rest. I didn’t really have the time to study for the rest of the paper but I did put a lot of effort studying this Chinese Business. Not to forget that I still have my modules this evening too at 7pm!! It will be a long day for me. Ohhh… Gabatte ne!!

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