To that special one

I have been struggling to post this blog or not but I guess my gratitude gave in. We have known each other for only a few yeats but the friendship we have is really unbelievable which sometimes scares me. I used to have friends betraying me and I lost quite a lot of them all these years. I don’t believe in too busy to keep in contact this kinda of shit. Therefore, I really treasure the friendship I have with it. Since we have common friends that might see this entry, I decided not to name it so it shall be known as the special one.

This is the gift from the special one. I won’t be touching on the timing that I got it as it will give me off. But I do not really want to take it from it initially, I really do not believe in having expensive gift but I prefer handmade ones. Gift are symbolic of one’s heart and expensive gift is sometimes a kind of unknowningly pressure.

 This is the gift. Can guess what is this??

Are u right? A black pouch.

It also have a inner storage too. See how shinny the zip is? *I sound like mountain turtle right?*

I just got know that this is actually a gift from its mum to it. It told me that I must keep it as it has informed its mum that it will be giving it to me. Its mum said it is up to it, since its mum said it can decide to keep it or give it to others. I know it’s its heart to want to give to me but I really feel pressured about it.

It come from quite a well off family. I did not know initially because it is not that spoilt brat that we often seen in drama. I only know it this year and was quite disturbed and afraid. I am a simple person, no matter if one is rich or not. I treat all my friends equally and with my true heart. This gift has started to give me some pressure, I am afraid that others will said that we are very close friends because it is rich. I am also worried what its parents will see me as some evil friend sucking its child money.

I don’t deny I love this present a lot because it is the heart from the special one to me. I am now like considering to return it this gift. I always told myself that I want to buy my first branded stuff. Not doubt part of me is proud that someone gave me but whenever I looked at the pouch really give me pressure. It is a kind of heavy feelings and seriously I don’t bear to use it bec my work will make this pouch dirty. I know some people will find me stupid and some may think I am a hypocrite too. If I don’t want it, why did I accept in the first place. Seriously, I can’t seems to reject it. It really want me to have this. I am touched by it gesture so decided to accept it then. I will return to it when I see it the next time. This is really my thought to the special one.

We might not know each other for long, though it is elder than me, but I always feel that I am the mature and calm one to always listen to it and give advise. I guess this is why we grew close. I really hoped that our r/s will never change because I really enjoy my time with it.

PS: I will not tell reply any comment on who is the special one.

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