Missing my old life

I have to write a disclaimer first before being misunderstood again. I do not mean Kk is not treating me well or whatever strange things in your mind that say someone torture me. Nothing of this sort ever happen and I happy with my life now too.

I guess I never ever thought that I will type something like this out. I have been trying to control this feeling. Honestly, I really wondered did my parents and brothers ever miss me during my absence from home. I have progress to next part of my life, I know I shouldn’t look back and for the past 25 years, I rarely look back at my life. I do miss the old times with my friends but I always tell myself, life will be even better from now on. Maybe my life is really too perfect, I think it is better now. I miss my life without them, I miss squeezing bed with my brothers, I miss my mum’s food, I miss my dad’s morning call, I miss all the past 25 year’s of my life with them. I guess living with them for 25 years have cultivated some habit and living lifestyle that is hard to change. Kk still complain me of loving my bed and don’t get up on time. This is somehow something I can’t change. I do not need to do housework last time, (Okay, I always tried to escape it) but now I am doing it daily. I am changing myself day by day.

I actually miss my mum on the 2nd day when I was at Hong Kong. Life with Kk is great, he is a great husband and a loving one. However, I never knew the importance of them in the past. I was very independent from young, I know what I am supposed to do and what I am not supposed to do. I come from a not so well off family and my mother is not working so with my dad’s less that 2K income, it is really tight for my mum to manage it. Therefore from young, I know I can never be spoilt and ask for something that belong to a want and not a need. I always thought I do not need them and I always rely on myself.

I thought I will just move on my life just like how I did from young but I was wrong, I really can’t do it. I guess I need time to adapt ba.

I miss my family… I know I can still see them but living with them is no longer possible. I have to move on… Fighting!!

Married Life for Half Month

I am still trying to adapt my married life. Maybe I sound fake but I do enjoy do housework but maybe because I am only cleaning my room and toilet only. I wash my own toilet last week, I am proud of myself honestly. Actually at my parent’s place, I don’t do any form of housework because I got a mum who has her own way to do so I figured out to let her do what she want. It is hard to keep up with her standard.

However, when I clean my own room and toilet, I must say I like doing it to some extend. Even though I hoped that I do not need to study at times so that I won’t be so tired doing these chores. I bought from gmarket. (now known as Qoo10) some 3M toilet cleaning accessories.

I was doing some online reseach on toilet cleaning when I saw 3M brushes. I decided to try it as 3M seems like a reliable brand with products. The items just reached me like yesterday, I am going to test it out maybe next week.

I must admit I am indeed surprise when I see this parcel. This is the first time I see this kinda of wrapper. I guess the Korean really do have better packaging skill then us.

See how tightly it is wrapped with ample of bubble wrapped.

The things I bought!~ 3M Clean Stick Startkit™/ Toilet Cleaner Stick/ FLOOR SCRUBBER / Switchable Shower Bath

I have not start using it but I do like the idea that the brushes and the scrub can be changed. It is good for the environment. It sure cost more than normal brushes. The total cost of the above item cost about S$40. I do look forward to using that but if it is not comfortable, I might just get back to using my Daiso bathroom brushes.

Malaysia Wedding Trip (Part 1: Johor) – 8th May 2012

I decided to start blogging on my Malaysia wedding trip first. I guess I am kinda of “lucky” to really have to do 2 weddings for myself. As compared to my Singapore wedding, the Malaysia was less hassle but more customary thing to do. I guess not many people in Singapore can experience the wedding that I do. As mentioned in my earlier post, my wedding break start from 9th May 2012 but I went to stay at JB on the 8th May 2012.

I had quarrel with Kk on that night because he left work late and I went to do my nails so resulting that we almost couldn’t make it in time to collect our gown. Imagine they closed at 9 and we reached like 8.58 plus Kk did not had his lunch and dinner so he become short tempered. (A hungry man is an angry man…) We then stayed at Kk’s uncle place as all our stuff was previously brought down to his place first. 🙂

 The dinnwe we had near his uncle place before heading to stay for the night.

I request Kk to wake up earlier so that I can do my hair treatment at 76Style and visit Nikki before going to Kk’s hometown at Kuala Sepetang on the next day. I will do a blog entry on 76Style after I finished my wedding post. All I can say here is it is great, the best that I ever done before sia!!

I also did a vlog when I reached Kk’s uncle place. I will be showcasing my hubby for the first time.

Jill Stuart Patisserie Collection

Before I share my excitment on Jill Stuart Patisserie Collection, I just want to share Jill Stuart Summer Collection mailing list that I receive from Hong Kong. It is more like a travel set to me but with the necessary things from their skincare range, something to note is that this range is similar to the free gift that I got from my Hong Kong haul.

This summer collection consist of the following:

1. JILL STUART Lip Essence UV (10g) SPF18
Lip essence that brings you translucent lips while protecting from UV rays and dryness.

2. JILL STUART Body Protector (50mL) SPF50+/PA+++
Blocks UV rays while giving you a pearly sparkle.
All-over sunscreen that gives your skin a comfortable veil of protection.

3. JILL STUART Shower Gel (85mL)
Moisturizing bubbles clean away dirt and grime.
Shower gel that brings you smooth and soft skin.

4. JILL STUART Body Jelly (50mL)
Envelop your skin in a comfortably cool sensation.
Body beauty lotion in a fresh jelly type.

5. A lingerie-pink satin pouch (Pouch size : Approx. W225 x H145 x D85mm) placed inside a spa & beach bag, perfect for traveling or just going out.

*Limited quantity, while stock lasts.
**All details of the collection is taken from their official website**

 This June, Hong Kong Jill Stuart will also launch their roll on version of its perfume.

 With every purchase of 2 of their roll on perfume, you will get this pouch for FREE. Can someone help me get them? T^T

I just saw this from Iris’s blog on the upcoming release of the JS Cosmetic range which will be release in Japan this coming July. These photos taken are Naoto Kimu’s blog. You can also see more info from Chiaki Cosmetic Column

 This is a limited edition palette in white!! I must get it as usual!!

 The colours are just as great as the normal palette. I can see a darker pink shade in this release.

I just can’t wait for its release, I hope Taiwan also have this palette so I could get my agent to get it for me!! I JUST WANT IT!!

Minor touch up of my new room

Decided to do a blog entry of my room! We did not an chuan because the room/bed will be only up to November this year so no point to an chuan. This room is initially Kk’s room if we were to get married last year but later his 2nd brother for married before him and become his room. So when I was getting married, we did talked about getting this room back and his mum also think that we shall stay in that room. But anyway, we decided to just repaint it again to have a new feel of the room.

 Kk is repainting the celling of the room as it looks kinda of grey.

But before that, I went for a shopping at Ikea to buy some furniture for my new room. Furniture sure are some funny thing, those that look heavy are light but those that look light are heavy. Initially, I thought all the stuff can fit in the small trolley but it turn up I still need the big one. But one small tip to do when you are at Ikea, dine in first. This is because you will get a S$5 voucher with every spending of S$30 there. Plus shopping at Ikea take time as there are really a lot of things to buy there, it is not worth to starve and shop as you will still need to carry your furniture back to your home after the shopping.

 My mini haul from Ikea.

Then Kk and I fix the things ourselves. I must really say, this is my first time doing these things. I am really not good in these kinda of thing but I still manage to fix one of the black drawer on my own. The rest of the job is done by Kk. Sometimes this is why man are needed in life. Woman can do them but might take some time to do them.

 Seriously, you don’t get to see me touch this handy craft things. Especially me in my un-matching home clothes (These are the only clothes I have because I did not bring much clothing from my home)

 So I shall post another of my unglam photo.

 I have to say, I am so proud of my husband and myself. I come out with the design and Kk helped out with the fixing of the stuff together.

Add on: Kk bought me a 3M light for my studies as he said lighting is something that cannot be save. He don’t want my shortsightedness to get worst. Therefore even though the light really is not cheap, he still bought it for me.

 one of the black drawer cupboard is done by me. I am so proud of myself.

I too like the pink drawer, it brings so contrast to the cupboard which was initially supposed to be black drawer and cupboard but the black one is OOS so I changed to this pink cupboard last min.

You may have see the final of my room in my previous blog post. Do let me to explain myself with regards to the bed. I bought a super expensive bed sheet from IMM. I must agree that I really have no idea of the price of the bedsheet set and quilt. In addition to that, our bed base is made up of 2 single bed from the owner. They have no place to keep them so end up, we used it as our base, sorry for the unglam base if u mind. 😛

Seriously, I am happy to blog this entry despite the fact, I did not plan an entry on my room before that. I guess I am blogging lesser beauty nowadays but do be patient with me to clear all outstanding post first. I tend to use a lot of time to blog and inspiration don’t come often like now.

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