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Recent Haul

Even though I am really packed with studies, assignment and mid terms for last month, I still manage to do some minor shopping. Just finished my last report for this term’s module, so I decided to blog a haul entry first as it take lesser time.

Let’s just start from my recent haul from Japalang.
 Great Sales leh~ Up to 90% Sales!!

This is my overview of the items that I buy there.

 I discovered I got 2 items not in the photo. There are the items.

 K Palette eyeliner and eyebrow liner at S$14 and S$17.

 Details of the eyebrow liner. This liner consist of a powder tube and the liquid liner.

 Swatches of the eyebrow liner~

 Details of the liquid eyeliner. I specially chose a brown because saw a few blogger using this colour, so I decided to try brown colour.

 The brush tip is super thin and I tried it on my eyes, it is easy for beginner like me to draw a nice liner.

 Next, I bought the 2 Gransebo blusher – 04 (S$10 for 2).

 It has a nice frosty pink shade. I think it is too light for me but that’s the only shade around and I think this shade may also look nice on me.

 I have unboxed the mask so what is left is just the mask itself. The mask is buy 1 get 1 free at S$10 which is very worth it and not to forget, for a kitty fan like me, this is something not to be missed.

 Naruko items. I actually bought 4 from the sales. 1 Naruko Tea Tree toner (S$16), 1 Tea Tree Treatment serum (S$18), 1 Celestial White Moss (S$21), 1 ampm washing powder. Trust me, they are really great and worthy products.

 The lucky draw Gachapon~

 I only got 2 paper soap and 1 kitty hair tie which u can see from the group photo. The body scrub was a complementary door gift from them.

You can see my long ass story of the sales here!~ I decided to separate the haul post as I really am tired and need to sleep now, if not I will not wake up for my bridging lesson tomorrow.

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