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Overall Lush Haul

I shall compile all of the stuff I bought from Lush. No matter is Singapore or at Hong Kong.

My first haul was last year December. It was crazily packed then because of its relaunched in Singapore. I find it too squeezy and left because I was carrying a backpack. Then, I went in the next week after my first visit then, I purposely picked a weekday and the staff are polite and asked what I need. I was telling them I was planning to get my friend a special present, they recommend their gift box then but I did not buy in the end because I just have something in my mind. I was planning to get bath bombs for myself and also 1 star Magic Wand Reusable bath soap for my special friend.

1st Haul from Lush

 Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar (Photos taken from:

 the sex Ballistics Bathbomb (Photos taken from:

 Twilight Ballistics Bathbomb (Photos taken from:

 Butterball Ballistics Bathbomb

 Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Luxury Bath Melts

In the end, I gave the Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar to my special friend. Till now she still refuse to use. She said it was cute and I told her it was a Christmas edition which is might only for last year’s Christmas.

I was very busy for the whole of last year’s Christmas so I forgot about taking the photo and search all my cameras. (iPhone, G11 & 600D) It was not taken at all. Faintz… So I can only take product pictures from other website.

Then I purchase my 2nd haul after Chinese New Year. This time round, I did take photos of my purchases from Lush.

 The paper bag of Lush

My 2nd Haul from Lush

Unfortunately, the head of the frog broke. I swear it was somehow broken after it was placed in the bag. I did not knock or drop it. I do not know if I should bring bag to Lush then and I didn’t so in the end. I guess this is the only disappointment I have with Lush which I would not say it is their fault totally.

My 2nd Haul from Lush

Broken frog head soap.

Hong Kong Haul – I not sure if it is cheaper there but I know I went crazy during my honeymoon spending lots of money at Hong Kong.

The only thing I bought back to Singapore is the “Dirty” soap. I love it… Just finished this soap, that’s why I am blogging this entry. At the time when I bought, I think it was not released in Singapore yet. I saw it on my latest visit last week. I expected it to be slightly cooling since it claims to have a tingling sensation but was disappointed that I did not really feel cooling. However, I guess Lush scent is enough for you to forget about the tinging sensation. I feel extremely refreshed after that. I think I am spoiled by Lush.

Another thing I find is not that acceptable is the colouring of the soap. It is too blue until the extend that I thought I would turn Avatar if I finished it.

Then this is the latest haul from Lush. I am addicted to Lush now. I went in again because my “dirty” was finishing and yes, I don’t want to use the normal soap again. Now I sound like a spoiled girl but I just can’t resist because I love the smell after the bathe. No doubt it does not stay with me that long but it makes me looking forward to my bath time, instead of sitting and refusing to bathe till late.

Seriously, I was quite shocked they gave me this paper bag. There is no handle for me to hold on but I left without realizing as I was actually late for my lesson. I only discovered when I reached my school which was too late to go back to asked for 1.

This time round I bought 2 items only. Running low in cash due to overspending at Hong Kong.

Close-up shots of my hauls.

I initially wanted to get back the same soap but decided that I should try other favours.

I used like twice pior to writing this entry, it smells heavean and is worthy to me the best selling soap in lush. It is different from “dirty” which has a refreshing smell, this soap have a dessert smell. I smell like honey and caramel after bathing. Please don’t ask me which soap is better, I can’t decide seriously. Since it smells like dessert, people who hate sweet scent must avoid this soap.

The total damage.

Did you noticed I did not mention the bath products. I decided to do it at the last because it is easier to compare all at one go. If you noticed I bought sex Ballistics Bathbomb twice. The first one I bought was given to my mum as he find it pretty as accessories for the living room. However, I did not really like the smell so much but the pedal surprise was nice. I might also because I had a fight with Kk before using this so my mood was so good to use this bathbomb.

My favourite has got to be Twilight Ballistics Bathbomb, it has a milky pink and blue finishing plus shimmering left over in the bath tub which is so pretty. The smell is so so so nice and relaxing. It has the smell of lavender with some note of caramel and malt that makes the flowery smell a little sweeter. I will definitely re-purchase this when I knew that I am going to stay at places with bath-tub.

Butterball Ballistics Bathbomb a very safe and boring bathbomb. It smells good but that’s the end. It does not have fancy colouring like the rest of the bath bombs. It is not my top favourite but it is nice smelling too.

Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Luxury Bath Melts just smell heavenly. Another sweet version of the scent but unlike the Honey I bathe the kids, this is more towards the marshmallow scent. It ends the water pink which is something I love. Unlike Ballistics Bathbomb this bath melts create lots of bubble which is more to my liking.

Leap Frog Ballistic Bathbomb is a limited edition Ballistics Bathbomb for Valentine Day. I do not really like the scent that much but if the head did not break and I did not saw the surprise, I might give this Ballistics Bathbomb more credits. It turns the water lime green and the good thing is the scent stay with me for the whole night.

Pop In The Bath another soap that I bought 2 times. However, this is not a Ballistics Bathbomb but a bubble bath and it creates lots of bubble and soaking inside is comfortable. Unlike the Ballistics Bathbomb which sometimes make my skin itchy because of its frizzy nature, this bubble bath need to ne added before putting the water in the shower. This is why when I was in Hong Kong, I bought this again which my husband comment that it relaxes his whole body after shopping with me for the whole day.

PS: I can’t recall the rest of the Ballistics Bathbomb at all. I guess some is used by my hubby while I was sleeping early during the honeymoon while other is just too normal that I can’t remember it at all.

Sorry for the lengthy post. I might not be doing blog post until after my exams. I might pop in to blog some stress releasing entry but I don’t think I have time for the photo editing. However, I will be going to 2 workshop/event tomorrow and next Wednesday respectively. I will try to clear those events post first.

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