Good bad?

Suddenly feeling sentimental and decided to post an entry.

This is the first time I see kk see pissed off. My hubby, kk has really a really high tolerance of shit things and shit people. He is one of the best EQ man, I ever know. People always said, to know how good is the man, see how he drive is one of them. Kk never honk the car unless it is causing a danger to him. If an old man cross the road, he will wait patiently for it to cross before driving.

But today as usual, I called kk to check if he wants to have dinner with me but I heard an unknown tone. A kind of irritated tone that I have never heard before, I was scared and even check if I called the right person. He then told me briefly what happened, I decided to joke around by saying let’s eat Japanese food. He told me that he was not in the mood, it was rare instant that kk rejected me. I guess the work make him really upset.

While eating, the phone rang again. Yes, his site colleague called him saying that the main con wants an investigation meeting. Seriously, even last time when I was still a site engineer, I will ignore such unreasonable request especially when I am having dinner because it spoils my mood of eating. I can feel kk’s anger somehow but having high EQ, he continue his dinner and smile to me that he have to go back to work.

Seriously, my heart ache that instant. I may not show all the emotion to him too because I really do not want him to be worried about me and his site now. I am blogging now because really thinking, being a girlfriend is easy but being a wife is hard. When one is still at girlfriend stage, one do not experience such feelings. I hope I could make him less upset but he is still at work. I know what happen exactly, I used to work in the same field too. It is just a small problem. Some people just is too free and want to prove to its boss that it is working.

Therefore, kind people like Kk will suffer in this working world. On one side, I hope Kk have more time for me, but on the other side, I should let him finished his work peacefully. This is my job as a wife.

Little note: Today is Tim and Audrey’s wedding day. Congrates to them, if u never see their proposal video, I am sure u stay in a cave. :P I always love watching proposal videos. It reminds me to treasure your other half more.

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