Gangnam Style

This song Gangnam style just went crazy online since last month. I onlt started to listen to this song early this month and honestly, I got hooked on it. It seems to have kind of magic that makes you play many times. It does reminds me of the Wonder Girls “Nobody” but a more lamer version.

Below are the other version, including Oppa Is Just My Style which is the female version which I off it after 15 seconds. It is just plain irritating to continue hearing Hyuna voice. I was having goosebumps listening and really cannot continue listening it.

Hongdae style was a great version out of the Gangnam Style. No sure if they replace any of the lyrics since Korean sounds the same to me.

Singapore have many version but I specially choose 2 version. The first Singapore style was quite irritating and lame but I guess this song was supposed to be a bit lame and funny. The second version was chose because the guy looks quite similar to Psy.

But I truly think that the Malaysian version outshine the Singapore version. I do find the first one was done quite to the culture of Malaysia. The second one was kinda of lame but I did feel on the whole it was meaningful.

Oppa Is Just My Style (Female version of Gangnam Style)- 4minute’s Hyuna

Hongdae Style

Singaporean Style (Lyric changed version)

Gangnam Style (Singapore)

Super Kampung Style (Malaysia)

Orang Sabah Style (Malaysia)

How to dance Gangnam Style?

You can see this for a more full coverage of this parody:

Japanese Haul from Emoda and Dazzlin

I have always love Japanese stuff. I was window shopping online where I come to saw that runaway webstore is giving free domestic shipping plus the already discount items on the webstore. I then got quite a few things from Emoda and Dazzlin. If you have been following Cheesie like me, you will know that she recently saw Matsumoto Ena who was the producer of Emoda and yes. This brand become my new favourite because of Cheesie. Okay, I know I can never be like Cheesie so Japanese model look. (She is skinny in person too) Still, I decided to buy not 1 but 5 from Emoda!~

Cheesie, if u are reading this, do get your advertisement fees from Ena~ 😛 (Joking ya~)

In case you are wondering why didn’t I get from the official Emoda Global. I did tried to buy but not only the prices are hike up (with no discounts), there is still limited choices of the products. I used agent services and believed it or not, I did tried to compare the prices and it is still cheaper to get it using agent service.

My Haul from Runaway Channel
 Agent send via DHL, it was like within 3 days after reaching the agent and I got it!~

 I can never ask them to remove the boxes. Well, double protection sounds good too~ The inner box is dented during the shipment to Singapore because the inner box is not fully packed!~

 My Haul items!~ Next will be a family photo of my haul items~

 As promised, the haul item before unwrapping. Seriously, how many layers of wrapping?? 😛

Details of my haul
1. Emoda Body Mist
 – Recently I am so in love with Japanese Body Mist so I bought this. I have yet to open it yet~

2. Emoda Black Polyester Top

– This is slightly tight for me, the lucky thing is I got the black version so it doesn’t look tight since the outer lining will cover it making it looks very pretty. The arm area is also kind of tight for me as they have a tightener rubber at the arm area.

3. Emoda Pleated Cropped Jacket

 – It looks extremely versatile in the picture but I am wondering if I got the wrong colour because the beige seem lady like but it is still very pretty.

4. Jean short jacket
 *there is this one second I thought the one on the right she looked like Cheesie~

 – The material is slightly stiff but it looks great in my view, I can’t wait to wear it.

5. EMODA Bottom Eyelashes (NATURAL EYE)

 – Ena in her own lashes. Oh man, I just bought the lashes because of this photo!! Yet to try as I am still learning how to put bottom lashes. Can someone just teach me??

6. Dazzlin miniature perfume – (all 3 flavour) *Names direct translated from google translate*

 – Fresh Venice (Green)

 – Sweet Malibu (Pink)

 – Rodeo Drive (Blue)

I am not sure anyone wants to see this but I did took a few photo with my new tops and jacket. It will be a heavily camwhore from here on… If you don’t want to see my face, just stop here…


Showcase of the haul~
*The showcase was done while I was lazing during my studies so I look kinda of haggard.*
First, the jean short jacket.

 It cost 5,479yen originally and I got it at 2,739 yen (excluding shipping to Singapore)!

Next, the Pleated Cropped Jacket

 This Pleated Cropped Jacket is actually supposed to be light pink but I find it changing colour in different place. It looks pink here but…

 It looks beige here.

 It cost 4,980yen originally and I got it at 2,489 yen (excluding shipping to Singapore)!

Lastly, I only discovered that I didn’t take my black top when I was blogging so was kinda of lazy to take the photo now so I shall post the blur version taken by my iphone

 I know this post look stupid and do forgive me for acting cute. 😛

 It cost 5,980yen originally and I got it at 2,990 yen (excluding shipping to Singapore)!

Happy National Day

I have one more paper to go on the 10th and I am officially left with my last 2 + 1 module. Why + 1? I failed my Chinese Business module which I have no idea why I failed till now. In case, Kaplan Singapore sees this post, please do something about it, your course ordinator is slow in reply and don’t even dare to reply me at all. I will blog about it soon and lodge a complain after the 10th. Don’t bother to spend so much money because word of mouth work better than posting a blog post at Qiu Qiu blog. My blog might not be famous as hers but the search engine is a great tools for reviews as well.

Anyway, I am not going to blog about that useless school of mine now. It’s 9th August which means today is National Day but to me it just mean 1 more day to my Organisation Development and Human Resources Management exams. Honestly, I have only start reading 1 chapter only and not finished reading yet so I guess I still have a long way to go. Today’s blog purpose is to just sneak off from my studies a while and blog!~

Every year without fail, Singaporean love to see who is the singer for this national day song. I personally still feel the old song still sound the best. However, this new national day song do have its fresh and warm feeling. Still I feel since it is supposed to be a National Day song should have more patriotic feeling that is lacking in the recent year’s of National Day song.

2012 National Theme Song, Love At First Light (Olivia Ong, Natanya Tan)

The next songs that I have memory is this Together, starring Evelyn Tan and Dreamz FM.

This is my all time favourite National Theme Song. I guess they always said the first is always the best.

Vanity Trove (August 2012)

Wohoo~ I thought I will only be getting next month since now I no longer stayed with my parents and my place is forever without any people. Therefore I still remained all my beauty box subscription to my parent’s place.

This month, I even did a youtube video. I did it while waiting for my hair to dry and I used an iphone to edit the video. Impressive right?

Photos of this month’s Vanity Trove:

Vanity Trove (August 2012)
Vanity Trove (August 2012) – inside
Brands Innershine Products
Biore Makeup remover and Neutrogenar foaming scrub~
Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging Cleanser
Marjolica Marjorca Eye Reset Gel
The Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait Bath & Shower Gel
Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes

This month Vanity Trove Box in my view have several repeated cleanser which I feel can be actually better by having a more variety of products. I have yet to review my last month Vanity Trove Box which actually a Tang’s box. Really appreciated the kind gesture because i heard that the Tang’s box was given on random and the previous month box was not as good.

I have yet to used any the items yet. I will do a review again once I used the items.

New change

I decided not to only blog beauty stuff, I am not an expert in beauty too. I just read books to share with everyone and attend talks or event of brands to know more about the brand and the products. However, my life is not just about beauty and cosmetic. No doubt those are my favourite but I really hope that will be something close to me where I can also share my thoughts when I am down, so I changed the quote for my blog from “Just want to be pretty” to “Life is a challenge, face it” This is not my initial design but since my quotes is life is a challenge and riding on roller coaster is surely a challenge plus my face really is not that pretty on my own header, do tada see the below header!!

 My new blog header

Today shall be a short post because I should be studying for my examination but I decided to post a short one to commemorate that I finally point this domain to my blogshop hosting. It might be slower than the previous hosting since it is a shared server. But I am sure it will not be down, please help me click my Nuffnang ads on the right to help generate some income. I am finally reaching S$50 withdrawal stage so pls pls pls help me. (Currently is S$46.46)

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