HDB Toilet repair renovation

Sometimes karma comes fast, remember I blog about the bad neighbor just Monday? God send me for a testing for the things I preached and I failed the test.

Firstly, I work in construction line, I dun mind the noise pollution during renovation.

Secondly, I am comfortable in having Indian workers in my house since I see more in site (and sometimes half naked) so I am alright with them.

Thirdly the dust generated during the hacking is acceptable to me since I stayed outside of my room during the hacking works.

BUT BUT BUT!!!!! ( I will sound like some complaint bitch from here)

Despite being acceptable and enduring all these, the behavior of my contractor is beyond comprehend and unacceptable.

I know that hacking cause dust and debris, why didn’t the contractor do anything to reduce it? I asked the supervisor to close the door during hacking and he said no and give me lousy reason like ventilation for his workers.

I saw them saying canvas that is sandy and dusty. Seriously, I don’t see a need because the first day, the worker did not even use wheelbarrow to remove the debris. They contain the debris into sand bags and took them out.

Then the supervisor left them and they start the hacking as I was in the living room, I did not noticed that the debris and dust was actually created with the opened door.

After try finished, his worker asked me for broom. Yup, my house dun have broom because I use vacuum!! He said okay and keep his stuff and left. He did told me that he finished before he left.

To my horror, the situation in my room was bad. I had bits hacked material was everywhere in my room. Not to mentioned that my room is covered with dust. My heart sank. I then walked out and saw grey and green stuff on the floor in my living room. I assume they are the remaining liquids from the canvas.

I then vacuum, mopped the floor twice, vacuum and mopped again but I can still feel the dusty and some bits of hacked material.

Then another supervisor came and see if the work is done properly. He bought someone along who I assume to be some inspector. I complained that the cleaning was not done. He replied saying they don’t clean up ur house after work, the most they sweep.


Hello, uncle! you can bluff others but not me okay!! In construction, contractors are supposed to be liable for the housekeeping and also if any part of the public item is damaged. (They are supposed to reinstate back to its original position)

He left as I told him I cleaned the house already and surely I am fuming mad when I hear his irresponsible speech.

They came and apply the waterproofing paint and said they will be backed in 3 hours.

I specially asked them as i was planning to buy some stuff in the afternoon. However, they only came back 5.30pm. Honestly, I am disappointed because they finished at 9.30am and they took 8 hours to be back and did not call to inform. I wasted my whole afternoon waiting for nothing. In addition, they came back only after kk called them at 5pm saying that they are reaching soon.

I expect no dust but still I see the same dusty canvas. I am okay if I am doing full renovation but the condition of the canvas is so dusty that I really do not want them to opened it but the workers opened again. Today they did used the wheelbarrow so I decided to forgive them for opening.

However, they still did not clean before they left. As usual, I cleaned everything for them again.

Honestly laying of tiles should be reasonably cleaned still grinding the edge is not. The dust is much lesser but still no housekeeping was done.
Kk knew how upset I was because after all the cleaning, I am just too tired to go to gym. In addition despite cleaning so much still it is dusty in my room. He kept quiet because I initially told him to try to postpone as long as possible as we are shifting house again. I expect there will be dust and after we shift, the dust and debris doesn’t matter.

My thoughts on this toilet repair renovation?

Firstly, the contractor only worked Mon to Fri (normal working time) and Sat (half day) so this make the inspection very troublesome. All of us living here are working and kk used his lunchtime to let the contractor inspect. Why should we do that? We are opening out house and they SHOULD cater to our timing.

Secondly, I was actually quite shocked that HDB contractor do not do cleaning up work. One of my friend who also undergo upgrading works on toilet told me they dun clean for us de.

Wow. So working in renovation is easier and better than working in construction. In construction if we dirtied anything outside the site boundary, we will be fined by NEA. If we dun do housekeeping, it is actually a safety offence.

Thirdly, since cleaning up is not part of their work and it cause my living space to be dusty and dangerous (bits of debris). I guess unless I see their method statement and SWP or I will never let them in. I am the tenant of the house so I think I have this rights to do it right?

Lastly, I will be writing a complain letter to HDB of their poor behavior and if HDB does nothing, next time such thing happens again, I will do nothing too. 🙂

PS: this is way off my limits. I believe they must do something with regards to the dust and debris. Imagine a kid stepping on the sharp bits of debris? Just too dangerous to think about it.

Future Food blogging

I will be also blogging food entries too. Since airmeli.com do not only blog beauty stuff but my thoughts too, I decided to make it more interesting by blogging food too. Look at my size, blogging food looks more reasonable for my size too.

Actually decided to blog food also because I love to eat and recently I am getting busy and rarely attend beauty workshop and events. Ever since I reduce going to events, my photos on beauty items reduce drastically. It is also because I overbuy too much last year and this year really have less addiction to buy them since I got too many similar things. Not to forget I dun have a house yet and will be moving house again next month so I don’t really buy beauty products unless I need them. Okay, I do have exception too like JS item is more of a collector items for me so I am still buying but I stock them at my parent’s place.

Anyway back to writing food blog, my friends always say I eat good stuff though I don’t think so but I guess is because I love taking food photos. I also discovered that I really been to lots of places but due to time constraint sometimes I only post them on my instragram and facebook. Sometimes if the entry dragged too long, it seems to also lose its meaning to blog too. My friends always think I can remember all the food I eat but honestly, my brain also quiet limited space la. Especially Korean BBQ and Sushi basically looks the same even with different shop so it sometimes is a chore for me to remember too.

Since I blog to record the event of my life, I figure out that I should blog the food that I love and don’t like about this restaurant. Sometimes I tend to mix up the X and Y item which sell nice food. For example, shop X item is nice buy Y item is not nice but certain shop Y item is nice but X item is not nice. The food I will be blogging is usually cheaper to medium range.

Bad Neighbours

Still remember the bad Joo Chiat Neighbour?? See the below footage if u have forget about them.

Why do I show you this? Because I smell an upcoming bad neighbour. I saw the letter below from Daniel Ong to his neighbour.

Firstly when I look at the letter, I really think Daniel is messing with the wrong person. Secondly, I know things aren’t this simple. The way the letter was written looks like he is under a lot of stress and he did make some language here and there. I think as a DJ, his language should be fantastic so this letter is more like a casual complaint letter to his neighbour and hoping they can have a bit of empathy to what is is going through. Also he is just trying to add some humor to his complain letter where his neighbour took it personal.

Due to my background in the construction industry, I understand more rules and regulation when it comes to doing construction/rebuilding. Though I believe that it is not possible to drill/hack every single day, but I guess the timing they worked really interrupted Daniel’s normal life.

Below is the reply letter from the neighbour

Great. I can have my popcorn and see good show. No doubt I think Daniel is childish in the way of expressing his frustration to his neighbour, the neighbour’s reply is even more childish. I would say in this situation, instead of replying in letter form and making this whole incident big, he should just sit down with Daniel and applogised or work things out instead of being aggressive right? But then what I always think is these rich people will NEVER admit their mistake. I mean since you are doing construction, isn’t it better if you can drop your neighbours a friendly mail to tell them you are doing a re-construction?

There are many ways to solving a problem and refusal to admit mistake and be proud is always the worst way to solving problems. Let me tell u what Daniel should have done before writing the letter. Firstly, if they start noisy work before 9am, just call NEA at 1800-CALL-NEA (1800 1155 632) esp when he tried to talk to the contractor a few times. Secondly, if the noise disturb normal life it most likely means the decibel is in the unacceptable range and you can also get NEA people to come down to confirm the noise decibel. If it is exceeding the limit, NEA will issue fine to the contractor. Trust me, most contractor will be good after getting fine.

I saw this SGAG and I find it really funny.

My neighbour of my current rented house will chomp something daily but she does it like maybe for 15 min so I usually don’t find it a problem for me.

Cooking curry is a problem is my parent’s place. My mum dislike the smell on clothing but she will just refrain from hanging his clothes outside during the time she know they will be cooking curry. Just an extra mile and problems can be solved.

Karaoke is not okay for me but my neighbour will only sing during that certain hours on a weekend afternoon which I will usually go out. I haven’t have Mahjong crisis yet. *touchwood*

As for the recent Malay wedding, it is not so much of a problem to me. I mean chinese also have our furneral at void decks too. I am always quite understanding to this. I will just on aircon and the noise get much smaller and just listen to music with ear piece and no more noise pollution. Joss paper is quite okay with me because nowadays they have designated place for you to burn or if we burn outside our house, we will buy those with caps so the burned paper will not create too much mess.

Renovation is a problem but usually hacking will not take more than 1 week. I think the scary thing beside renovation is lift upgrading because they are drilling and hacking for 3 months!! At least this is what I experienced in my parent’s place life upgrading. But as contractor, they played around with the rules. I actually wanted to really complain but my parents always say they dun want trouble so I kept quiet. The problem then was they are hacking early in the morning and stop all the hacking and drilling in the afternoon. I wanted them to do it in the afternoon instead because 9pm is just not justified especially on a Saturday morning. 🙁

So Singaporean be more accommodating and enduring to others, always think how and what you are doing will cause problems and trouble for others. That’s how my dad taught me though it is hard and many don’t practice it. I always try my best not to be hard on others but sometimes… You know… Hahaha… I think we Singaporean getting less patient with not only others but also people near us. Maybe is the stress but sometimes it is just us being hard on others.

Sorry for such a long ass blog entry. Idea just come and I just blogged.

Sunday Johor Trip

Kk decided to go to Johor this week. Firstly to help his brother with the lightings they bought from Johor and secondly to buy the Olive Oil pills. Singapore do sell it but at a higher price.

Initially was to go there on Saturday but because his stupid client representative, he came home very late. Poor hubby working to 11pm on a Saturday. Since he proposed to go himself, we still went on going despite him being exhausted. We drove there and had our favourite Ba Ku Teh at Shun Fa Ba Ku Teh.

Detail of the place
Shop Name: éĄșć‘è‚‰éȘšèŒ¶
Address: Jalan Sutera 1, Taman Sentosa
Operating Hours: Open daily – 8.30am-9pm (Closed at Monday)
GPS: N01°29.428′ E103°46.077′

I did not take photos of the Ba Kut Teh as I was too hungry then. I went to search all my photos and to my horror, I discovered that I have never take photos of their food before. Therefore, I will do a blog entry on them next time I go there but the Ba Kut Teh here taste fantastic and no where can I find it from Singapore yet.

Next, we went to Ah Kun’s (3rd Brother) place to slack… 2nd Brother lights is at his 3rd brother house as there are quite many of them as it is impossible for 2nd brother to bring back them himself.

My Kk is still exhausted from his late night.

Then we went to have our lunch with dinner since we had our brutch at about 11am so by 4pm, we are hungry. We went to Han BBQ.

Detail of the place
Shop Name: Han Korea BBQ
Address: 76, Jalan Molek 1/28, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru, 81100
Operating Hours:
Mon – Wed: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Thu: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sun: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
GPS: 1.5283957° (Latitude), 103.7891789° (Longitude)


The food we had there.

I will blog more about this shop in another entry. But the food there is not bad and quite cheap especially after converting to SGD.

We went back to Singapore. Initially I wanted to watch movie at JB but bec Kk’s brother got a dinner appointment in Singapore so we went back. Before going back, we went to Caring (Pharmacy) to get Kk’s Olive Oil Pills. Apparently, u can ask discount from the staff there but this time they decided to make us join their member. Since I foresee Kk will be buying the pills from here whenever he go JB.

We went back and watch Taken 2! It was just an average movie. I was slightly disappointed by it. On the whole it was great but some parts is just illogical. Seriously, I would really want such a handsome father but not a secret agent father. This movie increase the role of her daughter.

The part that I love is how his father can guess where he is just by listening to the ticking of the watch and her daughter throwing grenade to let his dad know where is he. But I hate the last part whereby the chief of the bad guys did not have anything to protect himself!! How can it be?? Too illogicial lah. At least a knife as a weapon la…

Kawaii Style: Kawaii Style Episode 1

I decided to blog about this show. I did not actually watch it on TV but I watched it on xinmsn. I really love Japanese culture and fashion so watching me bring some “touched” emotion because seriously, I think Singapore now is getting a bit too Korean. (There is no wrong with Korean stuff but I just love Japanese stuff more. :P)

Host of this episode:
Joanna Peh – Host
Nicole Ishida – Model (BEAMS section)
Anri Okamoto (Shiseido and old shop)
Chihiro Oide (Special cheese shop)

First brand they recommend is BEAMS. I did a research on this brand and below are some of the details of this brand:

Beams is established in 1976 and headed by CEO and President Yo Shitara, Beams maintains to be the pioneer of the fashion industry in Japan.


Beams is a brand of Japanese clothing and a chain of Japanese clothing stores that carry Breams brand as well as other clothing brands.


Beams clothing, found in company stores, is part of a mini fashion chain which has recently grown to department store status with outlets now scattering all over Japan. Some of the Beams department stores span over 7 floors with hundreds of products such as interior goods, furniture, galleries, clothing, shoes, and accessories.


The types of clothing offered under the Beams brand include wardrobe classics, shoes, bags, accessories, men’s and women’s casual, along with custom tailored pieces. The logos and artwork are often characterized as abstract or cartoon in nature giving a fun twist to upscale clothing. Far from following a prescribed patter of prestige, they set their standards to best serve the ever changing styles of life for new generations of Japanese consumers. Popularity of Beams clothing has been driven by the outstanding quality received at a reasonable price.
In May of 2005 Beams began developing its operations abroad. They first opened up a store in Hong Kong initially beginning as a ladies’ clothing shop. Since 2006, Beams stores have expanded to several locations in New York, London, and Paris.


In 2006, Beams celebrated its 30th Anniversary in Japan with special promotions, limited edition clothing items, and advertising campaigns.

Above taken from: http://www.virtualjapan.com/wiki/Beams

I must admit that this brand is not a common brand found in the Vivi/Mina/Popteen magazine. If I am not wrong, I did see this brand from Nonon which I rarely buy. Their clothing is simple yet they add small details to make it look attractive and stylish.

This is actual a plain long top but after adding studs (seems the in thing this season from the magazine I read) and the demin on the sleeves. Looks special, right?

Next is the dress Nicole chosen for Joanna. A simple prints but because of the soft-ness of this material (and Joanna’s good figure) it looks great on her. I too liked the ribbon details on the bust area.

The full view on the dress and the co-ordination. Though it will be hard to see boots coordination in Singapore, but I think Singaporean should really try this look.

The set that Joanna wore at the end of the show

I like this part of the top. (Not to forget this salmon peach colour too)

Next, the show did a very summarised report on TGC which is also known as Toyko Girls Collection. This TGC is for the 2012 S/S at Nagoya. It is reported that 35,000 people was there for the event.First model to walk on stage is Nozomi Sasaki for Urban Research. (You can see the video here). It is reported that Black is the colour for next year S/S in terms of Japanese fashion is concern. Black can be mix in between to create a stylish feel.

The brands that participate in the TGC 12 Nagoya:
Another Edition
Avan Lily
Demi-Luxe BEAMS
Fabulous Angela
Jewel Changes
N.Natural Beauty Basic *

I have summarized some main brands that you can see in the magazine, my favourite 2 brands Liz Lisa and Cecil McBee.

Liz Lisa X Tsubasa Masuwaka (Bunny ears)

Cecil McBee has Rola. This is one brand I would really hope to see in Singapore.

Next, Anri Okamoto introdouced Shiseido Ginza. It is opened in 2011. It is like a full shiseido product showroom and testing place. As we know Shiseido has lots of brand under its wing like Shiseido, Majorica Majorca, Maquillage, Integrate , ZA and many more so having all the products under the same building is sure a clever idea. Anywa, the first floor is beauty square which consist of all the makeup brand under its branch. (The Majorica Majorca has a magical house in there.) Second Floor is for skincare and they have also a hair saloon. Third Floor beauty parlor where they have specialist to analysis your skin and recommend the colour suitable for you.

Details of the place
Address: 7-8-10 〒 104-0061 Tokyo Ginza, Chuo-ku,
Tel No: 03-3571-7735
Opening hours: 11:00 to 20:00
Direction from Metro:
About 7 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station
5-minute walk from Shimbashi Station, Tokyo Metro JR ·

Next, Chihiro Oide introduce a special cheese shop. It is so call the taste you cannot find in Tokyo. It sure looks delicious
Image taken from their official website

Details of the place
〒150-0047 東äșŹéƒœæž‹è°·ćŒșç„žć±±ç”ș5-8 1F
5-8 1F Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒 150-0047
Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00 (except for Japan Public Holiday and Sunday)
Direction from Metro:
(1) 6 minutes walk from Exit 2 of Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
(2) 10 minutes walk from Shibuya station
Next, Akibahara’s maid cafe (@home cafe) is recommended as they got co-operate with Japanese talented designed, Keita Maruyama to do the design of the maid uniform.

The maid dress is indeed extremely cute. nice puffy sleeves, white apron on top on their dress and the lace at their sleeves and the kawaii big ribbon behind. I do like it but I doubt I am able to wear them. I don’t think there is a XL maid right?
Image taken from their official website

Details of the place
Address: Click here as there are a few shop

Next, Anri Okamoto recommends the old shop in Japan. They will be recommending the 321 year’s Sasanoyuki ~Negishi~. Their famous dish is the soft tofu. They are loved by Shiki Masaoka and Soseki Natsume. They placed high emphasis on the water, soya beans and gypsum water which are the key ingredient of making tofu. They come with set too, you can order Asagao Gozen (2,600yen). In addition, another dish to try will be Ankake Tofu. (It comes in 2 bowl because it is so delicious that the royal family ordered a second bowl after finishing the first bowl)

The end part is where Joanna wore the set recommend by the stylist from BEAMS as featured earlier in my blog.

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