Thoughts on SMRT strike

Have been wanting to blog about it since Monday, but my father-in-law is in Singapore this few days so I have been busy bring him around Singapore. Anyway, let’s go back to this topic.

I am not sure anyone in Singapore do not know this. SMRT Service Leader (driver) went on strike on Monday!! Seriously, anyone in Singapore who had the right mind shouldn’t have done it because

Strikes are illegal for “essential services” unless they give the employer 14 days of notice of the intent to go on strike
link sources

Singapore haven’t been any strike since 1986 and I guess this time the strike really caught the union by surprise . Honestly, they had been too complacent. It is quite a taboo to talk about political things in Singapore. I am one of the rare people that actually have my own set of thinking with regards to politics. I do think PAP is doing a good job managing Singapore and making Singapore attractive to other country in terms of business and finance. But it really do fail in terms of making Singaporean’s life better.

In Singapore, the inflation rate is usually higher than the increment of our pay. If you don’t know what it means, I shall explain in layman terms. If the yearly inflation is 5%, your increment of more than 5% to have increment. Any lesser means a reduction in your pay. There are many people out there getting 3% increment and not knowing that it is actually a kind of paycut in disguise. This is the main reason why people change job often, if the working environment is good, no people will like to job hop. (I know there are exceptions, some people just like to job hop)

Image taken from TOC facebook.

I find it ridiculous that China driver demand to get the same pay as the Malaysian or even Singaporean in the future. Many people might not know but workers also have different pay based on their nationality. Guess what? China worker get the most pay!! China worker starting pay is around S$22 per day and the poor Indian worker is getting around S$18 per day. See the difference? So does it means that the Indian workers should also demand the same pay as the China worker since they are doing the same things.

Seriously, I do believe they want to step over the Malaysian position in Singapore’s workforce. I strongly agree that their pay should not be more than Malaysian. The reason is just simple, Malaysian is paying their own accommodation in Singapore. The housing in Singapore is very high, even fore a Singaporean like me. Even if the Malaysian did not stay in Singapore, imagine the time they spend travelling to and fro? Don’t they deserve some kind of money compensation?

I am not against any foreigner working in Singapore but if the foreigner wants equality. I will voice out how unfair these China people are. They are just plain selfish and fighting for only their rights. To me, since the company is providing them accommodation  I think they shouldn’t complain. See how the Indian have been living here? When you are in Rome, you do what the Romans do. I do think believe that the environment should change for them but they should change for the environment to contribute to Singapore’s economic since they decided to come here.

PS: I seriously think that the ones who started the strike should be prosecuted.

Promise 2 more blogs before…

I know I have been MIA from again…

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything interesting. Just a preview, I went to Marble collection at AFA 2012. It is awesome. I swear I will attend it again next year if they still have it. Then, I went to KL to attend Kk’s best friend wedding. Seriously, this is the first time I attended a garden wedding. Lastly, a haul blog entry that I have really been putting lots of effort. As I mentioned that though I didn’t go to the opening of Jrunway, I still bought 3 items there before its official launched.

Just another quick update, my father-in-law is coming to Singapore tonight. He is helping with our house moving plus he will be doing house-warming ritual too. Since I managed to clear all the assignments yesterday, today shall be packing for the move tomorrow. I might be going IKEA later to get cupboard. Still yet to decided which one to get.

Choice No. 1: BORGSJÖ Shelf Unit with panel/glass door

Choice No. 2: Billy Book Case

Choice No. 3: 2×2 Experdite with 4×2 Experdite shelving unit

What do u think? Which one is the best? This cupboard must be fit the space of L:77 x W:37 x H: 190. Argh!! Headache ya~ Not my house still must think for them. 🙁

The reason I didn’t went Jrunway opening

I am typing this post and feeling very upset. Reason being I really wanted to go to their opening and because my own fault, I was unable to attend.  Still decided to blog because I did intend to blog about their event. I also have a blog entry that I plan to finish by this week regarding their opening. Do stay tuned ya~

Why I didn’t go because was because….

Firstly was delayed when I went back to my parent’s place to take my formal wear for today’s presentation. My UK flag bag snapped when I almost reached my parent’s place. Then my mum was still very kind to iron my clothing so not good of me to rush her right. Then she need some time to sew my bag too. I let her take all the time thinking I still have a lot of time.

Secondly, my dressed up time… I was all sweaty as I ran my way from bus stop to MRT station  I had to bathe and I underestimate the transport time too. Still I ran bag from my bus stop and I am left with like less than 2 hour before the event. I spend a total of 1 hour to bathe, makeup and blow dry my hair.

Thirdly, I was stuck in the damn jam. It was a wrong decision to take a cab from Jurong at peak hour. I swear MRT will be even faster than this cab la. By the time it reaches town area, it was almost 7pm.

Lastly, when the cab was at Bukit Timah road, I discovered that I only brought my camera and phones with me. I left my wallet at home. (not to forget my makeup pouch too). I have got no choice but to ask the driver send me to Kk’s working place which was also around the area.

It was then I feel, I am not destined to attend this event. All the bad things happen all at one go. I then decided to just have dinner with Kk. Even if I reached there on time, it is quite pointless too. I saw that it is flooded with people and I also saw that getting the confirmation email of the voucher do not guarantee you a voucher. (Honestly, I saw something nice there when I went there a few days ago)

Something I learned from this is that I got very poor time management and I still not used to staying in Jurong West area. I keep on thinking that going to any place take less than 1 hour. I need to brush up on my makeup skill too. I do not really want to be late again. If I know I can’t make it, just don’t signed up.

Before I end,  just to show my #ALOTD – Airmeli Look of the Day for yesterday’s event. First time using Jewerich lashes for this look too. Please dun pick so much because I didn’t really have time to make my makeup look event. 😛


It’s November!!!

I give 3 exclamation mark because it is my birthday month. If there is anyone reading my blog, can say Happy birthday to me?

Time flies and my work project is ending and I need to finished my school work and day work before the 15th if not I will expect to be busy before the end of the month. I just discovered that I got an assignment to submit this Friday. This is just shit!!! I don’t even know where start from.

I secretly hope Kk will give me a birthday surprise. If he does so, I will be also doing my first giveaway that is opened to Singapore and Malaysia. The sad news is Kk don’t read my blog and so the chances isn’t that great afterall. My surprise doesn’t include a birthday dinner but I hope that it is more of the effort he put in.

Anyway, my birthday present this year is a partially sponsored note 10.1. Kk will pay $350 and I pay about $350 too. (He used Singtel S$300 voucher)

*Me with my tab*

As for Kk, he bought himself a note 2 but Samsung is so lousy that the set he is holding is faulty. (It cannot read his SIM card) so send in to repair shop le. Don’t scold be stupid, after I send in then Kk say can 1 for 1 exchange at the shop… Kk bought an iPhone with his contract and sold the iPhone 5 to his brother so that explains why he did not test the phone at the telecom shop.

*me with the 3 devices*

I also bought my first purchase from Naruko Singapore. Will blog about it next week.

P.S.: Not sure if anyone noticed, I changed my blogskin again since it is fall now.

JRunway is now OPEN

Blogged about Jcosmeland Carnival yesterday so will blogged about Jrunway’s Opening in Singapore.

I bought 1 item from Royal Party and the other one from Spiralgirl!~ I then went to do a research on these brands. Honestly, I love Royal Party clothing!! It is feminine but not too lady. It adds a bit of sexy to their design but not to the extent of slutty!~

Brand concept

to create a simple, glamorous, basic and glossy look for all the scene and a imperial sexiness touch to produce a dramatic wardrobe.

Taken from:

ヴィンテージを匂わす洗練されたファブりバックセレクトや加工へのこだわり女性らしい魅力と誘惑を放ち 常に自分を追及し続ける強い女性を表現

Translated version: To give out a fabulous  sophisticated vintage aura. Committed to woman by selecting and manufacture product to represent a stronger woman who will pursue to its feminine and seduction.

*I am not too sure if I translated it correctly or not. I use google translate with my understanding of words to do this translation so if it is wrong, just leave a comment for me to change.*

Taken from:

Item that I bought

1. Royal Party – lace printed top with V back and long back chiffon

Photos: Copyright (C) Fashion-Co-Lab. Co., Ltd (I got them from online so I don’t own this photos)

 Honestly, this top looks unflattering in photos but when u wear it, I just can’t tell myself to let go!! 
2. Spiralgirl – 4-way Cardigan

Photos: Copyright (C) Fashion-Co-Lab. Co., Ltd (I got them from online so I don’t own this photos)

As usual, look like a normal cardigan but… It is not the normal cardigan

Photos: Copyright (C) Fashion-Co-Lab. Co., Ltd (I got them from online so I don’t own this photos)

You can wear it in 4 ways, I have attached the 3 other ways. It just rock!!

Photos: Copyright (C) Fashion-Co-Lab. Co., Ltd (I got them from online so I don’t own this photos)

Though it has 4 colours but Jrunway only offer 2 colours. I am kinda of sad bec I like the red one. So on the safe side, I still get a boring black one.

This is how u wear them with Japanese explanation.

So this is how I bought this 2 top. I went on to the accessories area and wrong decision bec it make me spend even more!! Oh man!! I saw a bracelet.

Honestly, this is the most expensive bracelet I got. I personally don’t like to wear bracelet but the design of the bracelet is so cute~ I just can’t wear not to buy bec it is rose gold colour which is my favourite colour for accessories. Gold and silver is just too common. With my skintone, I look dirty in silver so I usually get gold ones. So this special colour that I usually see only in gold shop. I was sold within 1 min.

Photos taken from Jrunway’s facebook.

See the amount of accessories they got!! Faint!! Lucky I got chubby hands if not I really want to own all of them!!

They also have a corner for makeup corner. They consist of several Japanese cosmetic brands like Kate, Dollywink, Brigitte, Decorative Play Girl

This is the photos of the Japanese models during their visit to Jrunway

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