12 things I have achieved this 2012

1. Got married
I guess wedding is one of the most important thing for everyone’s life. As much as I am having a dilemma that if without the wedding, my no. 2 is surely my biggest achievement. But honestly, I am glad that after about 9 months of married life, we are still loving. I do not know if we will be like this forever but at this moment, I know Kk is the one and only man that can make me that loved. Many people look down on me (thinking I will never be a good wife) and speak bad things behind me like I love to spend, I don’t do housework, I only eat good food and so on. I do mind starting as I think it reflects badly on my mum. It is like my mum never bring my up well. But as times goes by, I discovered that what matters it how Kk and me live our life.

I was then I realize how stupid I was to mind these petty people. One can never clear rumors because the more one clear, the more it looks like one is finding excuses. Yes, Kk has been very supportive and always console me. (I do feel that I am can’t let people gossip on certain things)

I know many people will say how serious can being married within a year get, but trust me I been though quite a few uncommon yet serious situation.

PS: In case you wonder, it has nothing to do with my parent-in-law.

2. Took a photo with Cheesie and Audrey
My love for Cheesie grew these 2 years, I guess maybe she is what I want to be. This explains why till now I love Japanese culture so much. Nope, I dun only love the fashion and cosmetic. I love Japan as a whole. (Maybe not their man) If I haven’t met Kk, I might be a farmer in Japan now, doing dish washing as part time. My mum’s friend’s sister is doing this in Japan.

Of course, Cheesie is the closest blogger that I feel is able to take the japanese culture out and into Malaysia and Singapore. I followed Audrey also because of Cheesie. However, it later developed into a liking too. Unlike Cheesie, she is witty and adorable. Both Cheesie and Audrey is two different character and styles but they are similar in their love for Japan like me.

So don’t ask me who I love more. I love them both as much at this moment I blog this.
I think a pictures speaks a thousand words. I just blogged about it so there is actually no need for me to repeat it right? If you haven’t seen that entry, feel free to read them here.
Not only did I have their photos but I had their autograph too!! How cool is it?

3. Met up with Fion
Fion and me know each other indirectly through Cheesie. She is one the person behind Cheesie’s fan page. She tweet me to ask if I can follow the facebook fanpage. Then everything started, it was an impromptu thing that we decided to meet each other real life. She is one with her own character, though she like korean stuff and Micheal Jackson, she also love Cheeise like I do. I am glad to meet someone like her in real, she is fun, chatty and friendly.

4. Went to Hong Kong for my honeymoon

I actually wanted to go Taiwan and Hong Kong together but I then decide that it is okay if I can just go half of my honeymoon first. I bought voucher from groupon and this will also be my last time buying travel vouchers. There is just so many hidden cost and after the cost adding in, I think I can find a better deal elsewhere.

But we I did enjoyed myself. I have yet to blog about it because seriously lack of time. I will try to finish my wedding series soon la. It has been very long already.

5. Stop all Facebook games
I can’t remember when I stop playing it already. I think after this year’s Chinese New Year, I totally did not play ever again. Just like how I stop being a couch potato, I stopped playing games and watch youtube videos, blogging and twitter.

I never thought I could stop this habit of mine because I just love to play game so much but I guess I really do not have that much time to play now.

6. Move house (twice)
First revision of my design

Second revision of my design at Kk’s brother’s place.

Never move house in my life before until this year. I got married and move in to Kk’s place on June and because his brother getting a new house plus the rental contract expiring in end Nov, I move house again. I will be staying there until my BTO house is ready and I will move in and hopefully no more house moving forever.

7. Found a new job
Ever since I resigned my job last year, I did not plan to work but as an adult, it is hard not to have income and keep digging to my saving. I got a job last year but the project end this year Nov and I managed to get another job in mid December!! The pay is good but because I am currently saving for many things including going US to see Bing, my house renovation and maybe my online blogshop.

8. Do my own housework

I have been doing my own housework ever since I stayed with Kk. I think I enjoyed it better than I expected. I have yet to start cooking because I hope to learn it when I move to my new flat next year.

Of course, I hate the waiting of laundry at night because I am already feeling exhausted and I still have to wait for it to finish. The cleaning part is quite okay with me since I am only cleaning the room that I am staying.

9. I am still with my iPhone 4s

Maybe you will think I am crazy but yes, I got a tendency of losing my phone during year end. It has been my curse until I got my iPhone 4 and now iPhone 4s. I still looking at it to ensure it is still with me now. Haha. I guess apple broke my spell.

10. Almost finishing my part time degree
If I did not fail my module, I would have completed by this year but.. I failed not only 1 but 2 modules so I will have finished it this December. I am proud to still continue this degree. Honestly, I do not want to continue anymore. Everyone told me studying a part time degree is easy but it is really not.

11. Selling away unwanted stuff
Can I say I cheated for this item. I went to do a flea yesterday so I guess, I do fit to say I am selling off my unwanted stuff like finally but it was quite sad yesterday. I shall blog about it next year. I will continue again next year.

12. Slim down (but came back a bit this week)
I finally signed up gym again this Oct. Initially I wanted to sign Amore but too bad the pricing and lack of gym buddies make me choose fitness first again. I have been busy for the whole of Dec so my weight seem to increase a bit after the 3kg of weight loss.

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