Post Valentine Day

Decided to update a post on my post valentine day. Kk and me decided to celebrate our valentine day later. He didn’t say anything about valentine day on that day. I was kinda of bitter that he did not have any form of action on this day but honey told me a harsh fact and that woke me up. She asked me what do I want out of Valentine Day? She say I do not want flowers or present, I just want public affection. She said I wanted everyone to see how much Kk love me. Honestly, I don’t deny because I did want him to show how much he love me in front of everyone. However on the actual valentine day, we were still at Malaysia. (Kk celebrate his Chinese New Year to the 9th day) Honey said to his hometown people, spending money of flowers is the most wasteful thing to do. It also adds pressure to his brothers too. She also said as a wife of a eldest brother, I must be thoughtful to this.

And so, we celebrate our Valentine Day on the 20th. Well, they always said if your special one is good to you, then everyday is Valentine Day.

We were just back from KL. Carrying our luggage and I stood in the lift staring at the buttons. I suddenly laugh hysterically because I totally forgotten which floor we stayed. Okay, after 2 weeks living in Malaysia. I felt strange in my own country. Kk looked at me in shock and laugh too for my forgetfulness.

Kk told me he bought a small bouquet because he want to save the money on our removation so well… Excuse accepted.

We didn’t really have those fancy restaurant, we just had Japanese food because I was really craving for it. I didn’t get to eat Japanese food at Malaysia at all.
Our Valentine Day dinner at Jurong Point’s Ichiban Sushi.

We then went to watch the wedding dairy 2. We did watch wedding dairy and seriously this movie is somehow talking about us indirectly. I would think it is more in depth as compared to the previous movie but the laughing factor is just as much. Do watch it if you have not.

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