My Work

Ever since I pledge to blog daily, I have been squeezing my brain to blog. I am also blogging more personal thoughts and feelings.

Whenever I have a new follower, I will stalk them. Yup, stalk them. I will also go to their blog to see what they blogged. I know I sound a bit like some pervert, but I want to know more about my readers (even those who accidentally visit my blog and comment). I also want to know what interest them.

Especially now blogging is my assignment. Sometimes I really don’t know what to blog. Today I shall talk about my work. I hope it doesn’t bored you. However, I will not go into some confidential details of my job.

This is one of the day, where I dressed up for work. Usually don’t wear so nice. 🙂

My full time job is working in construction site. My position shall keep as secret. My job scope is to ensure everything the contractor that is built is according to drawing and regulations. Yup, it is heavy responsible for me. The pay wise is quite good because I need to endure the heat, dust and sound during the construction which explains why I got good tolerance with this against all these. I guess I am under my dad’s influence that one must work hard to succeed. My dad is a crane operator so everytime when he came back from work, he is dirty and smelly. But I never once complaint about it. I know all these is the effort he put during work. I guess seeing him like this inspire me to be responsible too.

When I started working, I was worked as a office engineer, I learned calculations. Honestly, I hate them. I hate office work. Later, I was posted out of site. I swear it was the happiest time. I learned a lot, no matter is what practically happened or how to work with others. The responsible of this previous job is lesser than what I am working now but the working time is irregular and the pay is significantly lesser too. I then changed to my current job after working at the previous company for 5 years.

One of the main reason I resigned was because I reached my maximum space. I can no longer climb up and yet i can’t go down. I have been helping those degree certified engineer with their work towards the later part of my time there. You did not hear wrongly, I did their work. I was always rejected from working as site engineer is because I am not qualified. Sometimes I am bitter about this because I feel I am not that given a chance. My ex company has been nice to let me do challenging job but ultimately the degree engineer claims all the credits.

Another reason is I am starting to develop this comfort zone. I have a dream that I want to fulfill. I will blog about it again some day. That’s why I decided to resign to work in a more regular working hours as this job is able to claim OT and I always tell them I dislike working OT. Well, you can’t blame me. I need to study, blog and do spree. Not to forget I delegate 8 hours of my time to sleeping. Sometimes I feel I am superwoman, I need to multi-task my work.

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