Apologies for the not posting daily

I did not forget about my promise for posting a blog post daily but sometimes there is just so many other factor that will affect my blogging. Today will be the day that I will compensate with the missing post. Total 4 more post including this post. I just came back from my secret mission with my business partner which is also my sister, Nikki!! (Okay, her blog is super lack of post)

Photoshoot with our lovely model

I am going to open a new blogshop with Nikki this time. I will still be doing spree on Lovely Star Shop. (Talking about it, I need to update the spree blogshop). I edited the photos already but I will be releasing it in 2 – 3 batches. I don’t believe in launching everything and go MIA for 1 months. I rather release it batch by batch to make people anticipate it and also I dun have to be that tedious to manage all the stock. I have limited stock per design and many design might not even have a backorder. Please grab the design that you like while you still can. 🙂

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