Blacking out my blog tomorrow

I value my freedom for blogging whatever I want so I shall black out my blog tomorrow till before I sleep. I think this is my peaceful way to show my support to hope that the internet will be free from government control and regulation. I oppose to MDA’s latest licensing scheme. I know how the government tries to brainwash us gradually. Believe it or not, this is Singapore way of introducing regulation slowly and hope that we accept like the predecessor. No. I cannot lose the freedom of internet press!! I maybe a superficial lady that blogs about anything but the idea of controlling something that should be free scares me. We might be following the footsteps of China.

I won’t be attending 8th June Hong Lim event as my family is strongly against me doing such things. Therefore this is my way to show support. If you are using wordpress and want to support this, click here.

Thanks for reading~♥♪

Late work again

I wrote something about my work some time back. I really haven’t been blogging recently because I am exhausted to do so. Though I have successfully cleared my degree but my full time job seem to get more busy. 🙁 My progress of work is not even 2/3 done and it is going to be midnight. (at the time of blogging, it is 11pm) This time is really late, my usual working time was 8 plus but now it is like really late. I am exhausted while typing this entry.

I work in construction line and I am quite used to working late but this is the first time I work till so late. Feeling speechless because of stupid builder. I am pissed with myself sometimes for being such a lousy good person. In order to prevent delay in the builder work, I still give the green light to proceed with the work. I absolutely know it will end up this way so I shall stop complaining since I am the cause of this myself.

So do you all know the reason why there is no lady working in construction site now?? The environment is harsh, the people are rude at times, your boss usually more demanding and hot tempered and your working time is much longer than normal working people. Many Singaporean do not have the determination and will to work in this kind of condition. The least you expect a lady working under such condition. This is the reason this industry is flooded with foreigner. Many people thought only architect is the one building the house but the actual fact is, it is the whole team of engineers and contractor who make it possible. But usually the credit always go to the architect, engineers and contractors are always the one to clear the shit.

Only at times like this I feel restless so do pardon my complaint and thank you for reading~♥♪

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