My new “portable” camera

My G11 decided to betray me before I did. It must have known that I was ogling on other camera and got jealous. 😛

This is the second time something happen to the G11 LCD screen. I seriously dunno how did it become like this. My friend told me that my screen got into contact with water which I have no idea how water get into my bag. The camera was in the pouch and the pouch was in my bag. No rain no water in between. I guess sometimes when the relationship is about to end, all the ridiculous thing will happen.

Actually I was thinking to get Panasonic GF6 initially as Cheesie bought this camera and it looks just amazing. But but but!! I have some concern with the screen. Unlike Canon powershot G series whereby u flip in and out easily. When u flipped GF6 back when it is facing the front. The structure kinda of popout. You need to push in after you flip it back and I being a not so gentle person might break the camera in no time.

In addition, I was able to pay lesser money for G1x as I am loyal to Canon. I was quite reluctant to pay for another S$160+ for repair and so I paid S$634.00 for the new camera. The suggested retail price is like S$799. (Used to be S$999 when it was just released) So without considering much, I told the person I want to buy G1x. I have actually wanted this camera since its released like 2 years ago. I know it is OLD but it has good sensor.

Photos of my camera

My new baby, G1x. It just looked like my ex lover, G11

The free gift that I received from the Canon Shop. (Leather pouch + 8BG SD card)

The parts taken from the camera~♥

Closed up of the camera~♥

Video of the unboxing and some mini review observed

I will do another blog post and video on the review of this camera so do stay tuned. Thanks for reading~♥

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