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Diamond Lashes X Watson Workshop (plus mini touring of Blisshouse)

Photo taken from Diamond Lashes Singapore page

A few weekends ago, I went to the Watson x Diamond Lashes Workshop. I dated Mia as she recently become a blogger and she is just like me, a beauty junkie. Though it has been quite sometimes since I blog about beauty stuff but I really still bought a lot of things despite my lack of blogging on beauty stuff. I actually went to the previous workshop that diamond lashes had. The previous one was a really short one and I didn’t really learn much since I am good in applying half lashes and since I am a lash junkie. I know how to take care of them too.

Photo taken from Diamond Lashes Singapore page

This time since it is Larry Yeo who is teaching, I thought it might be better. But I guess it is just too many people and not enough attention for everyone. That’s my view after the workshop. On the whole the workshop is informative and I like the hands on but it is my first time wearing bottom lashes and I dunno why I just couldn’t apply it like I did for the top. The helper helping me also struggled a few times helping me to apply. (I guess my eyes is the problem one. :P)

This is one of the prettiest workshop location I ever attended.

When is my turn coming? Hmm… Larry is really attentive in teaching but there is just too many people for this workshop.

That’s me!! The bottom lashes done by one of the helper. I know both side lashes look uneven. 🙁

That’s Mia and me!! But somehow she said she look pretty much the same with or without the lashes.

I did not haul anything because I actually have quite a lot of diamond lashes before they are even launched in Singapore plus I bought quite a few from the previous workshop already.

Totally appreciated because I was starving after the workshop.

Other than Fullhouse, this is the next theme restaurant I went to in Singapore. The Fullhouse in Singapore is just nothing much compared to the one I went in KL. Anyway, just to show the interior of blisshouse as I was walking out. I did not dine in so I can’t do a review on the restaurant but I will visit some day.

Perfect place to camwhore. How I wish my future house have such nice cupboards.

They have a place where u can share your blissful moment~❤

A tree trunk in a restaurant?!?

I do not want to know what causes the bubble foam.

This is another place that I think visitor will sure want to take photo there.

Want to be Cinderella?

Where is the bird??

Bye~ That’s all if you interested in this place, details as shown below!

Blisshouse Theme Restaurant

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21,
The Central, Singapore 059817
(Just next to Clark Quay Mrt)

Monday – Sunday 1200pm till 11pm

Phone:  (65) 6225 5532

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