No more dance of the month

I find it a pressure to do a dance of the month video. I don’t dance that well. I rather make it into a vlogs so that it looks more casual. Hence, I will be doing more vlogs videos in exchange of not doing the dance of the month. I decided to really record my life down because of Judy and Benji in “itsjudylife” Sometimes I will watch their old vlogs and it is like a growing stage for them and me as well. I want to do a record of my life like how they did but due to my nature of my full time job (some confidentiality), I am not going to vlog daily. I will try to vlog once a week on a Sunday in particular. I will blog on other days if there are events or just in prompt too fun events that I am going. This post will mark my first vlog! I hope that in the future I would just watch these videos and laugh about how silly I am.

I am still really considering if I should be making my vlog to public. I really need advise on this especially in the context of Singaporean or Malaysian. It is really not a customs for normal bloggers to have a public and I have seen many people do but die off after a while. I want to keep it going till I am old!! So just leave a comment below~❤

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