Asking for sponsorship?

Let’s talk about this topic today in this post. It has been ages that I have a sponsored blog post. I used to like to try products, I still do but I preferred to buy them myself. Before my other beauty blogger friend start bombing me, I will be giving a disclaimer. I am not saying all the people who get sponsors lied about their products, most of my bloggers friend out there who are honest and hold a good integrity in their blogging. I wouldn’t say I am an expert in blogging, my english sucks (I had bad my grammer and limited vocab list.) but that doesn’t stop me from blogging as I really put in effort in all my post and I am proud of it. I do snake some post at times but I never snake a review post.

The main reason why I was so pissed that I even have a post regarding this is because of a newbie blogger asking for freebies. I am usually a peaceful person but I detest newbie blogger asking freebies. They are the one spoiling bloggers image and make us like some greedy person. Of course, this is not the first time I see such thing. I had ever see before GW openly asking hair sponsors. (Dun ask me who GW is, those who are in the beauty blogging industry should know who I meant) But today, I got pissed because this person, Aqeysha Muhammed started faming Malaysia’s Etude House.

How can someone be so shameless?!?
Decided to fame Etude House for not reply!?!

These are the screenshot that was captured by my phone with regards to what this person did. The first photo is her later request to ask for sponsorship. Out of curiosity, I clicked and I saw her blog only have 7 post. 6 of which was just written on September. *give her a round of applause* The next picture was that she complained Malaysia’s Etude House did not reply her?!? Honestly, 2nd photo was a older comment of hers and there are also a few other comment that Malaysia’s Etude House don’t reply to her but see her changed in attitude?

This is a classic example of cheapo to the max.

If she is so pissed with Malaysia’s Etude House, then why bother to ask for sponsorship? For most bloggers, if we disliked certain brand, we will just not blogged about it. It doesn’t matter to us at all because there are just so many similar brands around this market. Why stooped so low? It is such a disgraced to have people like this having the title of a beauty blogger. Many of us work hard and published post. I am not saying it is wrong to ask for sponsorship but not when you only have 7 post in your blog. If you are a newbie beauty blogger reading, please take a minute to think why did you blog? If you blogged because there are freebies then you shouldn’t have start blogging in the first place. Even xiaxue took sometime to make it to be Singapore most influential bloggers before people start sponsoring her. Let me say something blunt, if you are not famous or have your own style of blogging then who are you to ask for a sponsor? Do you seriously think brands would even reply u? Just take a minute to think about what I have said.

Jrunway Fashion Testing

I am not a fashion blogger but I will blogged about Jrunway again. (See my previous one here.) Seriously, I really hope more people would support this store. Jrunway is the first Japanese multi-brand store in ASEAN that have a few Japanese Brand in one shop. I have been going on and off but really did not blog much as I didn’t took photos at the store or I just lazy to take the photos when I am back home.

It has been months I last stepped into Plaza Sing since now my degree is completed and I have been busy with my work so Plaza Sing was quite out of the way for me. Still I have been tracking Jrunway on their facebook and they have bought in AZUL by moussy, Philter and so on. Like Japanese store, with purchase of a certain amount there will be novelties items. Jrunway has been doing this too now!


I apologise first for being fat. All the clothing are so pretty and small, I hardly can wear them. The photos below are some of the few items that I could wear. 🙂

I really liked the puffy sleeves but too bad, I am just too fat.

This is a top by Royal Party. I love the details of the clothing. I didn’t expect it to be so short and I dun have nice tummy so didn’t get this piece. If you are a skinny, I totally recommend you to get this.

I like this sleeves of this top too but unfortunately this is even tighter than the first one.

I am a batwoman!! I really love the batman logo top!!

Another closer shot.



If you have bright eyes, you should have noticed that this the right top is the same one that I wore. But when I bought there was some discount on it so I did not paid the S$49 if I am not wrong.

I really love this top’s design but too bad even wearing black it looked fat on me.

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