Jrunway Fashion Testing

I am not a fashion blogger but I will blogged about Jrunway again. (See my previous one here.) Seriously, I really hope more people would support this store. Jrunway is the first Japanese multi-brand store in ASEAN that have a few Japanese Brand in one shop. I have been going on and off but really did not blog much as I didn’t took photos at the store or I just lazy to take the photos when I am back home.

It has been months I last stepped into Plaza Sing since now my degree is completed and I have been busy with my work so Plaza Sing was quite out of the way for me. Still I have been tracking Jrunway on their facebook and they have bought in AZUL by moussy, Philter and so on. Like Japanese store, with purchase of a certain amount there will be novelties items. Jrunway has been doing this too now!


I apologise first for being fat. All the clothing are so pretty and small, I hardly can wear them. The photos below are some of the few items that I could wear. 🙂

I really liked the puffy sleeves but too bad, I am just too fat.

This is a top by Royal Party. I love the details of the clothing. I didn’t expect it to be so short and I dun have nice tummy so didn’t get this piece. If you are a skinny, I totally recommend you to get this.

I like this sleeves of this top too but unfortunately this is even tighter than the first one.

I am a batwoman!! I really love the batman logo top!!

Another closer shot.



If you have bright eyes, you should have noticed that this the right top is the same one that I wore. But when I bought there was some discount on it so I did not paid the S$49 if I am not wrong.

I really love this top’s design but too bad even wearing black it looked fat on me.

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