Might be the last time buying from Lazada

I haven’t been blogging for more than 3 months and I never expected this will be the first blog post that I will post because I am really very upset. Maybe you do not know but I am an expert online shopper. Before Taobao and qoo10 (Used to call gmarket) are famous in Singapore, I have already buy from these websites. Of course, I buy from many other websites beside these. I am usually a nice person when it comes to waiting for online items to be here. If the item is shipped from Singapore, I do expect it to reach in 3 – 4 days’ time and the maximum tolerance I give is 5 days.

This is the first time I made a purchase from Lazada. I was recommended from my friend to buy from here. I happen to see the promotion of Wi-Fi SD Memory Card, since I lost my previous one so I went to make my first purchase with Lazada.

I ordered Macbook Pro on the 16th and guess what? It arrived on the 18th! I order this SD card on the 12th and it only reached on the 22nd. Seriously I don’t expect Lazada to be as good as Apple’s delivery but the time taken from order to my place is just too long.

In addition, I almost freaked out when I received a message on indicating that “my product(s) from order 3000028519 has been shipped. You cannot blame me for freaking out. If you have waited for your item for 5 days and you receive a message that your order has been shipped. From my understanding, this means that it was shipped to me and I did not receive my items. It was only when I went home to check the status that I saw “Your product(s) has been shipped with Lazada Express (LEX)” that I understand that it was with LEX.

If you think that’s the end, then you are wrong. They finally delivered on 22nd at 1945. I left my house at 1900 for dinner. Usually the courier will call me if they came and I am not around (you can’t blame me for leaving house as I have waited for them one whole day at home). I returned home at about 11pm and was horrified that my package was just left outside in between the door and the gate and LEX didn’t bother to call me when no one answer to the door.

Not only did they not ensure the item is delivered to me safely, my package was opened. I did not know why did this happen, I immediately went to test my SD card and lucky everything was alright. However, the experience with Lazada really stop me from buying from them in the future. I have also emailed my complaint to them yesterday evening and till now I did not receive any apology from them for suck lousy customer service.

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