I am back…

I maybe missing for a long time in this blog, that does not mean I am ignorant about what is going on around. I am sorry for those event I went. I will be back posting some of them this few weeks. I don’t want to be those “bloggers” that go event for freebies. As much as I didn’t mentioned, I start to blog lesser and lesser after one incident. I was young¬†ignorance back then and couldn’t handle the stress and the bitching from other bloggers. I guessed recently I rethink about this blog, I am pretty much lost in this blogosphere. I am always inferior with my figure, not so much of my looks. I am not as attractive as other blogger so I don’t think anyone would read my blog. This thoughts just continue and I start to escape from this blog. I got lesser and lesser motivation to blog.

Few days ago, I happen to see one of the newsfeed about Marshmallow girls getting popular in Japan. All along I have always love Japanese fashion culture but I could never attain them. I was never as slim as them even before puberty. Since Secondary 2 when I happen to read popteens then, it really opened up my view towards fashion. However, Japanese fashion is just too small and expensive for me. Recently, more and more Japanese brand opened up store in Singapore. For example, Rose Bullet, Dip Drops, Jrunway, Lowrys Farm, Global Works. I can occasionally fit in some Jrunway clothing, Lowrys Farm and Global Works clothing. I feel happy able to fit in them but still those pretty ones are never make for me. La Big 3 inspire me to be positive even with my size, I can also do something. If they can do it, so can I! (I just ordered La Farfa magazine online.)

Today, I post to ask what should I blog for the first one. I really thought no one will reply me but.¬†Fion¬†replied me!! I really thought no one will reply me so I am very touched that she replied me. But I really can’t do a blog entry for that one. My house is now really in a mess after housewarming so house tour might take a while. I promise will do a stage by stage home transformation here.

In the meantime watch my first house tour first.

As much as I thought myself to be useless, I went to search my stats and found there is still hundred coming to my website. I thank them for coming to my website. Most of the keyword that they searched are still beauty related words. I will continue to blog about beauty and skincare. However, I will be adding food and maybe fashion.

Thank you for reading~

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