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Just paid for my domain subscription for I have paid for this domain since 2009, I am thinking to retain as long as possible because airmeli is a part of me. Even thought it is not as updated as often as last time. I have always said I want to blog back but I am always lack of motivation and I don’t give priority to blogging as compare to last time. Nowadays I buy lesser though I still buy products from time to time. I am just lazy to blog them out but will still share them with my friends if I used a great product.

I was reluctant to share my feelings here because I have made this blog into a review blog. But since airmeli is me online, I figured out why not share some of my thoughts here.

2 weeks ago, I made a massive decision that I feel I should put in more effort in doing it. This time round is serious business. As most of my friends know I have been doing Taobao preorder since n years ago. (I start doing since 2007 which not many people know then.) I also planned to have an online shop but honestly the competition is so intense out there. I took my time and slowly do up but 2 weeks ago, my partner and I decided to go ahead to do business. I am now accountable to my partner so I feel quite stressed. I have the responsibility to ensure it doesn’t fail too much.

So if you are free and stay near the west, do drop by here.

Blk 354 Clementi Ave 2 #01-227 Singapore 120354
Opening Time: 0930 – 1800
Off Day: Wednesday

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