Thank you for everything

I guess death is closer than what I thought it would be.

This photo was taken on my 21st birthday. I am not someone who will post strange photo of myself. I couldn’t bring myself to delete this photo then and it was too funny. This was some of my first few album of photo where I first uploaded to Facebook.

The reason why I decided to blog about him was because he passed away yesterday. I was quite upset then. I thought Kk was lying but he was not. How I wish everything was just a joke or a mistake but my heart sank when I was confirmed.

He was a special friend to me. I dun have any uncle friends before him. To me, he was really an uncle. But unlike normal uncle who preached and complained a lot. He was different and funny, maybe a bit crazy. He is really a youngster by heart living in an uncle body. He taught me a lot during my attachment, some tips and tricks on how he work that I don’t know then. As I was naive then, he like to talk dirty with me but most of the time I just don’t get his dirty joke. Yet he finds it funny. This also make me less worried for my attachment.

I went back for holiday job and worked another month with him. It was one the most enjoyable times of my life where I really know more about how things work on site. I worked Tuas then, he arranged a supervisor to bring me to work daily. He ensure I was well fed. It was years later that I know the free lunch I had wasn’t free. He treated me lunch for the whole month because he knew I was poor.

I can go on and on talking about him. One thing I only did for him is call him personally and wish him a Happy Birthday on his every birthday. He told me that he like people calling instead of messaging. He said he appreciates the thoughts that was put into wishing him Happy Birthday.

Many things happen which makes me less close to him. I don’t want to go in detailed what happened. Unhappy things should just be left in the past. You will always be remembered especially on your birthday on 30 September! Rest in peace.

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