Move on…

3 months is not a short time but it is not easy for me to pull the hand brake. I read from somewhere that really is interesting and describe on my situation now.


(Love coffee doesn’t mean one should open a cafe.)


(Like to shop for clothes doesn’t mean one must sell them)


(Interest and ability is really 2 different thing.)

I love buying things and I know how to get stuff at a cheaper price. I love fashion too. But I don’t have the ability to sell them. That’s my problem. This person further elaborate that if one don’t have the ability then one is just wasting hard earned money. This is pretty much what I am doing for this 3 months. She recommend to work related field and learn the ability.

That’s why I move on. It is not easy but I have to close my shop because business is not all about guts only. The business can’t self substain. I am going to liquidate all the clothing. For a start will put up the clothing on racks and sell and a cheap price like $5 or $10. In the meantime take photos of the clothing and sell online. Lastly still cannot clear, donate it off. I will be finding a related field job next year. As I got 2 major long holiday I need to get and I don’t to be unfair to the job.

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