6 Goals for 2016

Initially, I didn’t want to post this out since after I finish drafting something major happened that was out of my expectation and does affect some of my goals this year but nevertheless I will still blog it out since I spend some time to write

1. Passed my JLPT N4

I have always love Japan and its culture. (Not so much its working life.) I came into decision that I will retake my Japanese Language at Ikoma after researching online and find that they are nearer to what I wanted. I am weaker in my grammer and many reviews online said they are more grammer orientated. My decision to go back to study amaze many people since now most people are more Korea orientated.

I took JLPT N5 last December so I would like to clear the next level (which is N4) this year. I am so anxious to brush up my Japanese language is because I wanted to stay in Japan for 2 weeks to 1 month in 2017 so I need to brush up my Japanese language to be able to live there.

2. Get a driving license
Getting a license in Singapore is really not necessity in Singapore. I don’t think I can afford a car and Singapore’s transportation is quite convenient. But since my brother manage to get it, I figured out why shouldn’t I get one as a form of challenge to myself this year.

3. Live a healthier live
I have failed many years wanting to slim back to 49kg but it seems like an impossible task for me. I think if I can be healthier to do exercise more often and drink more water. This is also good attempt for me. I want to slim a bit also because it is getting hard for me to get clothes outside. Maybe time for me to ask Kk find a job at the western countries if not I will not have any clothes to wear. In addition, I am often sick last year which I suspect had something to do with me not being healthy.

4. Find a job
I am quite clear what I want to do this time round but without money, talk is just cheap. I decide to find a job and earn some money to chiong again when the time comes and not live by my almost non existence saving and Kk’s money. We have big plans to save and go overseas next year.

5. Cook at least twice a week

This should be easy and I am just continuing what I am doing now. Recently become lazier because the coffee shop around my place opened so we usually take away when I am lazy to cook. But since I am going back to work, I try to challenge myself to do this twice a week.

6. Blog more often

I blogged 3 times last year!! It is such a waste of money. Just as I am about to be able to earn enough to cover my hosting I slack off. I need to blog much more to make this less wasteful. Cynthia still ask me go event but sometimes I a bit pai seh to go because my blog is laterally death. I feel a bit bad sometimes that I feel like I am those lau auntie go event and con free gifts. I still love beauty stuff and I don’t buy less despite not blogging so I shouldn’t waste it.

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